Testing 187 - Report issues here

Oh, I’ll try that, thanks :thinking:

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Furnaces aren’t working correctly:

When you put two ingredients in, only one of them is cooked.

Shift + Left Clicking various items from character storage to storage blocks crashes the game, encountered this with a Portal Token, Half used Iron Axe and Copper Ingots so far

I’m not sure this is entirely correct. Anyway ate some food until energy bar went to max, still hearing that hunger sound. Very annoying. It seems to stop only if I max out energy bar by eating and than not moving in any way. As soon as I do anything it starts again :slight_smile:

odd, i don’t know why it would continue to play like that, maybe it’s just another bug then :thinking:

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Thanks for help either way :slight_smile: It seems to be about hunger.

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@james @luke-turbulenz @vdragon super serious issue. Putting half discovered atlas into shop stand(in my case 72% vulpto with ancient component marker) makes the game crash. It even prevents you from entering the sanctum as when it load blocks from the world, crash happens again.

The engine recipes are still marked as a future/not implemented skill

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I crashed trying to move an item from a smart stack to my right hand slot - it crashed on 3 attempts of starting the game after that (becomes unresponsive when sanctum loads and crashes right after).
I submitted crash dumps after the first crash in game and the ones after failed game restarts.

EDIT: I went back to live version and then again moved to testing. Still can’t play. Crashes right after sanctum is loaded. Live works fine.

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  • Shift-clicking a gleam lantern into a storage block crashes the game for that player.
  • using the totem revive augment during combat crashes the game for all players in the area.
  • Pressing N to accept trade requests doesn’t always work - I have to press E on the player and manually accept.
  • Settlement prestige is a little bit outside the realms of everyday math…

For the Atlas description, it says Undiscovered regoins instead of Regions


the tutorial wants me to craft a minor beacon fuel with the crafting table but that’s not an option i have.

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Same problem so I logged out and checked here. Better get busy unlocking that Skill!
Required 30 skill points to get to - 20 in the Core skills then straight to Common Item Recipes unlocked for 10.

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I think some of the craftable items are in the wrong place. Signs, slides, lanterns, gleam lanterns, locks, plinth, request basket, shop stand and trampolines are craftable in the refinery rather than the workbench.

I’ve been suggesting they be called “goorts” for two years now.

When I went to sancturn to change characters, game crashed on me. I’ve submitted the crash dump.

To be more specific, the character I changed to was in Therka, after launching the game again, I was on the character I wanted to swap to.

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Game crashed when i put lamellas from desert mushroom in my hand, after that game crashes every time i get to the screen that say i am logged in.

Send in some auto crash-reports.

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Slightly off topic here:

I just noticed something in your screenshot @Stretchious. The fifth entry for the top settlements entitled “Epsilo Prime” is actually the Portal Seekers Epsilo Hub. The reason it is named “Epsilo Prime” is because I accidentally annexed it when I had my workshop too close. I had named my workshop settlement “Epsilo Prime”. I have since moved my workshop and it no longer reside on Epsilo. If someone from Portal Seekers would like to rename it, feel free. I am no longer the warden and never intended to be in the first place. Then again, if you like the name, keep it! It’s cool with me either way.

EDIT: Also, just wondering. In that same screenshot, how is it that “aquatopian empire” is both #1 and #5 on Solum?

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I could not get the atlas to work on solum. I already have discovered all 50 regions so I couldn’t try discovering one there.
I went to vulpto, and discovered a new region there and the atlas filled in some, only 7 regions discovered there, but now the game crashes repeatedly after running for maybe 10 seconds.

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“EDIT: Also, just wondering. In that same screenshot, how is it that “aquatopian empire” is both #1 and #5 on Solum?”

The changes to the settlement algorithm likely caused the empire to break into two parts, and both parts will have the same name until the new mayor of the two change it to something else.