Testing 191: Balance, Fixes and Polish!


just answering @Oggieogham question about forge being available in this update;
this one is only balance etc. but still quite big and looks interesting of course:sunglasses:


Sometimes the test servers are wiped and updated from the current Solum state. So if you don’t have a base there you might have to restart your characters especially if they were on another planet at the time of the copy.


I think there are some great changes and game polish in the update. But, I think this is not really a great decision. Or at least I don’t see how it is helping the game to improve game play. Do we really have that many millionaires that have made that cash solely on traffic in a few months that we have to severely nerf those that barely get traffic income because they don’t own plots in the big city traffic areas.

Now people are being expected to touch each beacon plot area every 7 days or they start losing cash potential. It is already hard enough to get cash and this adds to the burden. Not every can log in once a week and this really just will help make people not try to build anything in an effort to create cash. It is like we are creating competing priorities… try to make people build but create things that limit the reward and force people to fight even more for the quality traffic areas.


Anything about Fibrous Leaves and Sackcloth…?


Yes. The numbers are actually very high.


Where are Hunters, Ground Bashers, Stone Throwers, Worms, coin locks, donation boxes, forges, guild system, NPCs, quests, decorative elements, blink, dark matter, colour pallets, guardians, Titans or many another thing was planned early?



They will probably be in a content update named something like “Forging ahead” instead of a bugfix and tweak patch named “Balances, fixes and polish”.

I think it would be hard to argue that the 188 update added an immense amount of content, and that the point of early access is indeed to try and balance / fix as many things as possible - as such this update is huge as far as patching and balancing goes as there were several issues identified since 188 went live.

The forge will come, and it will no doubt change everything we thought we knew again as well as introduce a ton of things needing fixes and balancing. A similar update can be expected after the forge drops.

Content then balancing, this is what we can expect and more will come!


It was relevant three years ago. Not now.

I will grow old before it will happens.


Yes, that has been on the roadmap and development updates have been posted regarding the status of some of those. In this case the answer would be a shorter “not in this update” if that was a question.

Ps I’m not sure about NPC’s being planned actively




You missed out parental controls too. :wink:


thanks for all of these <3


It all sounds great and I can’t wait to play it when it hits the live servers.
Very pleased about the brews & seeds balancing. Now we just need a little more love on the fibrous leaves which are still unbalanced IMO.


Whoohoo! Reusable containers! And the added durability makes sense too, so they can only be used a certain number of times.

Now that is excellent! Makes a lot of sense to do it this way as it prevents being stuck not being able to craft a diamond spanner to repair your worn out workbench coils. Would it also be possible to repair all connected coils in one go, like with the spark cores (maybe just as a ‘correct’ gem spanner perk)?

So glad this is fixed now!

Excellent! Now I just need time to create some more prefabs!!

So many other great things in this post, I can’t mention, otherwise I would just be copying your complete post word-for-word!! haha! :smiley:


There have been some short term changes as well. Drop rate increased and quantities needed but this should be less of a problem when new worlds are added as they’ll be more abundant.


ok, thanks Luke. Looking forward to getting stuck in when live in a few days time :wink:


I think this is the best thing in this update, my ocd will be calmed… :smiley:


Not if I can help it…


Second! The burden of keeping the beacon fueled should already be enough. The real consequence of nerfing beacons is that it drives dependence on the economy even further…