Testing 191: Balance, Fixes and Polish!


It’s Christmas all over again!!!

And @Okkelinor, have you never played those games that ONLY release content without ever really bug fixing or balancing (I am looking at you No Man’s Sky and Trove, among many, many others). Trust me, these types of updates are what separate truly great devs from all the rest.


To feedback on this, beacon footfall is the second largest income for most players, top of course are the feats but trading and daily objectives are a very distant 3rd and 4th place in comparison. We’ll be monitoring this closely and we will see how it impacts the game’s economy.


Try setting up a shop and maintaining it using one of your anonymous alts, and you will find out why.


I should have also mentioned the amount of money going in and leaving the game is at an intended level for trading and daily objectives. It is feats and footfall that are way above expectations.


Pretty sure it was enter you beacon, nothing about touching every single plot.
IMO if someone can’t log in once a week then they are innactive for an MMO?
Why should someone who hasn’t played in 5 months come back to 100k plus coin with little effort. This would make it so people are encouraged not “burden” to stay active a bare minimum of 4 times a both.

Yup ^ 4-6k a day of footfall is pretty good… I can’t Imagen being lower with this new update.


Because that player took the time to build something that attracted the attention/traffic of those people. It takes a lot of time and creativity to build something the reward for doing so is paid out over the number of times someone comes to see it. Thus adding value to the MMO gamespace. Even if that player is away there work is adding to inherent value of the game space, and they should be compensated. Making someone log into get it seems more like a real life time sink versus adding value to the game.


@Karko Sorta, now if one builds something nice, it obviously has more prestige than a rock and a beacon next to it. So the nicer one builds a tourist site, the more prestige, and the more value one gets from footfall. I did build statues to draw attention and cost me thousands and thousands of coin. So I get the deserves reward. This motivates people to build either something worthy that people want a portal to it, or to build near a city I think.

I do personally believe it should be 2 weeks instead of one week because many of us have demanding jobs and lifestyles or family circumstance that may prohibit someone from getting on in 7 days. When I worked 70 hours a week, I had times where I couldn’t get on for 9 nine days. Today I start moving and may not get on for 10.

This is not like the type of mmo that You are the tank with 200+dex that your clan cannot do without on your next raid that you have an “obligation” to attend. Let’s first see the numbers gained/loss before we get upset of Nerf.

I understand the motivation to be more active. Hence the THOUSANDS of DEAD plots from “that guy/girl” who signs in once every 4 months and you never see, that is plaguing the town build with an un-maintained plot of ■■■■ that’s in the way.


I am referring more of someone putting 2 plots infront of a Hub gate way and leaving and coming back to 100k for someone else’s efforts.

It does! It takes an active player to make some time consuming build that rewards coin from footfall. If everyone followed that yeah totally agree but that’s not really what happens, and they address that by the amount of footfall based on your contribution. What I see being nerf is someone who builds 50 beacons in front of supposedly active places being a barnacle to someone’s time consuming build and receives maximum reward.


Thank you dev’s for the update and listening to the hundreds of bug reports and misplaced opinions mixed within. Awesome stuff. Many of these bugs were driving us bonkers at times.


I would agree with a two week time for log in to match the beacon fuel timer. Although I am sure the 7 day is based on the average player activity or something along those lines. Keep in mind that it only lowers the amount footfall, it doesn’t go from 100 down to 0 once the 7 day mark is reached.


Perhaps footfall should only generate when a build is at a certain amount of prestige and perhaps beacons could have counters so we can see how many people pass through.


Its enough to visit the settlement to set all beacons as visited.


I’m all for hammering leechers. I think the 5k min will help to mitigate that. I just don’t want the legit builders to get hosed.


If I’m understanding the notes correctly, I think this will primarily affect those plot leaches and should not adversely affect proper builds.

I’d be interested to see a statistic of what average % of player income is footfall now vs after this fix is implemented on live. I don’t expect it will have a measurable impact on most players, and a heavy impact on a select few who relied on what is essentially an exploit.


We have been getting much more than this and can exacerbate this if we wanted to to get even more (dont hate us for this… we don’t want to…) At the moment the gain from footfall is not balanced. Both the currency generated from footfall and feats are sporadic and do not help with stability in the coin supply like Luke had mentioned. On a separate note,

I honestly do not think that shop stands are a good enough reason to visit builds. There should be more incentive and a different reward to build. Shops in my opinion should not even be subsidized by footfall. This leads to an endless cycle of predatory pricing if it scales too large.


This is the part I was referring to as hosing a legit builder.

You know me better than anybody. Sooner or later I will take a break, mostly likely keep fueling because of new mechanics. My build will still be a major attraction, in progress of being upgraded because the Jones have been busy while I was away, people will still keep visiting. This makes it so that I wont be able to capitalize on the work and time I am putting in right now.


It is not enough to dominate in sales. You want to take away our food stamps too. Jesus, you really are Walmart.


We are and we hope to crush you in every way possible (like we’re doing already :wink: )

If you would also read what I said more clearly, I am saying that we as a shop should not benefit from the excess footfall that we get that other shops don’t get.


I’ll be happy to relieve you of your footfall coin :joy: but in practice it’s fairly difficult to differentiate between a shop and a build with a few “display” shop stands.


So you have inside knowledge knowing the exact amount of people? I highly doubt in the overall scope of the players in the game that many have much cash at all. There is a select group of people that have the prime plots for the game currently and play the most. On average people are not able to get much traffic via beacons for the whole player base. There are key points people visit and there are many that people do not.

As mentioned I am talking exclusively footfall and not store or other traffic. And do we really need a discussion about the “correct” amount of people with lots of wealth in this game?

Luke, thanks for the feedback. I would agree that because we have challenges around the economy in general and the ability for people to make solid income from other means. Due to this people focus efforts on trying to play the “footfall traffic game” instead of some other game within Boundless.

I should have clarified my post in that I can understand the need to maybe adjust footfall but then you should lower the amount given like we had it before instead of creating a regressive design that focuses primarily on those that cannot play every 7 days. If we had a limit that was more 20 days or something that was more realistic for people then I could see. Or one where if people didn’t log in for a month that we start limiting cash… but 7 days is really not fair. You all play the game – it is your job. It is not my job and my life can’t allow a log in every week just to try to keep the top income I deserve for creating the plots and footfall stuff I worked for. If it was a couple weeks then I could see that…

I don’t know your age and what job and life requirements you have but once a week is not fair. I completely agree with 5 months or stuff that tries to keep people active. But unrealistic situations like once a week, etc just makes me not want to play the game and put reviews in telling people that this game either needs to be “your life” or you just can’t play it and make anything be worthwhile.

Those that are stating and thinking like this clearly don’t understand the reality of people that do not have prime property locations. Most people do not make that and never will in this game. The prestige reward is off and the amount of footfall you get is off – not that you haven’t logged into the game for a few weeks.

That is not the right approach to solve the problem.