Testing 191: Balance, Fixes and Polish!


Unfortunately, I don’t. I know the ins and out of the mechanic and I can make assumptions about it, but one thing you’re going to have to trust me on is that it is not as simple as it seems and in order to correct it it needs rework.


Right and I wasn’t saying that there is a way to easily do this. Just stating something that a shady shopowner would do IF they had the resources.


I am not basing my opinion on my own schedule. I can log in 3 times a week easily. My opinion is based on relationships I made in other MMOs and this game where I got to know people of various age groups and backgrounds. I got to know people well enough that I learn that their schedules are tighter than my own but they are still here weekly or bi-weekly the this footfall system is not live yet.

I guess what I don’t understand is why is 7 days not enough? During those 7 days you will make coin followed by a decrease over time. You still make in game currency and when you decide to return, 7, 10, 15 days later or whatever you can start the counter again and coin will be there. But if someone is “inactive” do they really need 100k coin like Johny boy who is running a shop and portals and coin is leaving his pockets faster than people walk on his plots?

It’s not easy to get there, it took time and a lot of work to get there but it’s been fun planning things out. I connected portals to high traffic locations, I created portals to mines, I separated sections of my town in different beacons to multiply the footfall. On top of everything I placed request baskets on one side of my beacon and shops in the other so the city is designed to multiply footfall. So no… most people may not see that kind of footfall but will most people spend much thought.


Yeah I guess I don’t know anything about this game since I have only played since July of last year and have 1400+ hours in the game and most importantly have seen how it has CHANGED over that time. Not to mention the 47 years I have been on this planet and all the multi-million dollar projects I have run for Fortune 500 companies that deal with process, technology, mindset, culture change, application development for businesses, etc. as well as all other life lessons I have.

It makes complete sense to just “trust” someone that is making assumptions on things and isn’t understanding underlying dynamics of someone that I have never had really any interaction with.

I know you didn’t mean what you said in the way it came across but I responded the way I did to show how it really did come across…

Also note that no where did I say it was simple to fix or even implied it. My response was very specific that removing coin because someone isn’t logging into the game isn’t a way I would approach it and drives “part time” users away from the game over making them want to play the game. Lowering rewards based on other factors (prestige/coin amount) would remove footfall generated coin from the game just as effectively and not only hurt people that can’t get into the game regularly.


Should they rush the game and throw out big things like that all at once? Or should they take it slow and steady and work on this game with the love and attention they have from the very beginning? I’d be happy to play this game for ten years in Early Access if it means the final product will be what we all have hoped it will be.

Also, next content update will have the forge. We’ll have great new things to play with /hopefully/ very soon. ^.^


Didn’t realize you were that much of a big shot. I am only saying this because footfall and prestige are very exploitable at the moment. I did not want to mention this over the forums hence why I was being vague. You are correct that it does not directly relate to the issues you presented, but I simply responded to this…


@Okkelinor has been here with us for years now, I’m sure he knows that some great features take time to produce, but some of those features have been in development for years as well. I’d be interested to know what of those listed features are expected to be 1.0 release, and which are “on the back burner” for post 1.0 content.


I’m sure (s)he does know this, and I’d be interested in the same things. Okke’s comment seemed simply – to me – pretty impatient, but I meant nothing negative toward him/her as a person.

I think the developers greatly undershot how long it will take to bring about many of the substantial, game-changing updates that were talked about long ago, but have yet to be implemented. However, if you look a year back, and then two years back, you’ll see a huge amount of things that we currently in the game that were also talked about in the beginning. They seem to just have their own plans of when each update will be coming. :slight_smile: I honestly believe we’re still very far off from even the six-month notice of a world wipe for 1.0.


Yeah then if that was the point I completely understand what you mean by it will take some time. I completely agree with that. Plus because of the issue around limited players we are short on lots of data that can really help.

I definitely want a good economy and income model and support them with the time and input needed to make that happen. I just don’t want things that really force people to be super active in the game like weekly… but I certainly don’t want what we had before with builds and stuff just sitting there forever and people not getting into the game.


Lol if you can’t be bothered to colect your coins once a week… then you ether don’t really need the money OR you’re trying to game the system too hard =p… just saying =D


hahahaha :smiley:


You are already losing cash potential if you’re not logging in every day due to the daily bonus coin. Far more potential coin loss from the daily bonuses than what would be lost from foot fall penalties after 7+ days, and more than 14 days will in many instances result in expired beacons and total loss of the plot anyway.


Hey Xaldafax,

I wanted to give you a little extra information about the beacon footfall reduction that we are trying out.

With this change, the amount of footfall you receive will reduce by 1% each day after the 7 day grace period. Additionally, you will always receive at least one coin from footfall no matter how long you are away. Both these figures, the percentage reduction and grace period, can be changed as necessary.

We wanted to avoid the case in which a player builds a house in the capital, fuels it for 6 months, does not play for around 6 months then comes back to mountains of coin. We did not want to over reward people in this scenario.


this seems more than fair. if it were my choice i might bump it up to 3% per day.
I am the classic example of someone who has shiz to do. famaly is a full time job for me and work is a close 2nd but still I have time run my line at least once a week.
untell last week I have been letting my footfall collect on all my property’s since footfall came out. i will share those numbers in the coming days. *spoiler its a lot.


Is there a spot we can see the short term changes, and is that going to be apart of the next update? I personally can’t wait for that update because the leaves have held me back slightly I cave and buy them sometimes. Thank gosh for shops, it’s so easy to make a bunch of coin from mining trips/other stuff. Even if amount needed is higher we can use mass craft to get more bang for our leaves xD


Awsome!! its going to make the trading so mutch easier.


Awesome, thank you for sharing. As I mentioned to Luke in another post, this type of transparency HELPS us have informed conversations and makes feedback better and more aligned to what you all are trying to achieve. We actually see numbers and specifics so it helps greatly in giving constructive feedback of both a positive and negative nature.

I completely agree that we don’t want to reward people that act in the way you mention in your post. A sliding income scale based on game participation makes sense even though a general lowering of reward across the footfall base would remove the incentive to intentionally try to create a scenario where they can get traffic but not have to put game time in.

Of course currently you can only go away for 16 weeks at most now. So that isn’t as long as we have had before with 25 weeks. So you all have already greatly reduced “never playing time” and the income generated from that action. Additionally, with how hard it is to get 16 week fuel materials, likely people will at least have a 12 week or 8 week rotation in needing to log in.

Obviously that doesn’t fully answer the “never playing” and earning cash scenario. I think the 1% is more than fair but could understand it increasing as failure to log into game time expands. I don’t think the start of that curve should be as extreme as the end.

Ultimately, though, my biggest issue was with the 7 day rotation which it seems most people miss because they are active players and lovers of the game enough to that they are in it no matter what. But, that won’t be true for the average player and if it was something closer to 14 days then I could see it as more fair for a casual player without the system you all setting up starting to make people very frustrated because they can’t even go on a vacation without impact.

You’re already demanding a lot in people interaction, resource gathering, etc. This just adds to the perception of “grind with limited rewards” at some level for those that don’t understand the bigger picture and when we don’t really have a fully mapped out and functional economy model. Right now money isn’t as important as when the economy is up and running. Having a system like this is ok but it can have an adverse effect as well.

I just think we should give the benefit of the doubt to those that do log in regularly but play casually (a few times a month) and not assume they are just trying to make cash in the capital example you gave. 14 day start with a fair income restriction the following 2-4 weeks and then it increasing as people move into month 2 and 3 with the most severe being in the 4th month.

You are honestly completely missing the point with this response buddy. This isn’t about creating wealth or the amount each variation of income means can give you. Those are different conversations from where I am coming from. This is about game play and keeping people wanting to play but might be busy with life.

I and others would already expect to lose the daily bonuses because we aren’t playing daily and that is fair. And this isn’t about people ending up with expired beacons. This is about people that put a decent amount of effort into the game and want their efforts rewarded at some level but don’t have an option to log in every 7 days.

A larger percentage of people will play causally (a few times a month) versus every week. We need to be honest with that and expect that. By having a system that hurts them for not touching the game 1 time per week will drive them away because it is TOO demanding.