Testing 191 - Report issues here

Cuttletrunk push/pull attack thingy (the tornado-looking one :joy:) sound persists after they die again

just crashed twice while trying to run testing,
booted up with 2 of my alts and neither had any locations or beacons I could warp to, finally switched to my main (ctrl-64) and the portal on the left went orange, cracked and then crashed just as the portal would have opened.
Here is a screenshot from the frozen state:

I then restarted the game and was able to look through the portal once it opened, it went to Epsilo (I was in the Hive) so I walked through and after about 2 seconds the game froze and another crash.
Here is a screenshot from that freeze/crash:

My guess is a corrupted chunkcache folder. I will delete it and retry.
(by delete I mean rename/move in case you want me to send you the file)

[edit] I think that fixed it. I’ve been playing for about 20 minutes now, wandering and crafting in the same area. Let me know if you guys want that chunkcache file :slight_smile:

I actually have an issue that 191 seems to fix. On the current build (and all previous builds since I joined), I sometimes get weird UI glitches that come and go while playing. I haven’t reported it before because my computer is 5 years old with Intel HD Graphics 4000…honestly I’m amazed the game runs on it at all! Anyways, these glitches seem like they might be cleared up now in 191, which is fantastic!

Here’s some examples of some of the UI glitches I currently see in 190 (again, these aren’t present anymore in 191 as far as I can tell):


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I just want to know when will this version to release to the main test server. lol
I collected a lot of resources and wait to after update to start processing (with new recipe

James said this over on omni’s thread

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Thx for your reply


Sure, if you can send us that file, that would be great.

Some of this stuff hasn’t been implemented in game yet, but the Forge will be in game soon, so things may be subject to change.

Thanks for the update, I’ve added the additional information to the database.

We can’t reproduce this one. Can you recall as much information as possible leading up to the issue (e.g. cuttletrunk type, world)?

Thanks for confirming it’s working correctly for you. Be sure to check the live game once we move the update over to it.

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Come to think of it, it may have been staging. I believe it was munteen and an elite cuttle, but the fact it was staging may invalidate it…