Testing 191 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 191 in this thread.


game crash when trying to take out coin- footfall from beacon and crash when trying to open the titanium furnace

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Restoring energy feat part three do not finish.

It maybe is that i got the buff after first berry, and have to eat one more to get part two.

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The well fed buff is the one you get from the first tier of “more advanced” foods like earthyam stews / starberry soups, the helth regen buff is the “full up” status that you currently have.

Maybe the feat intends to point towards furnace foods, or maybe it was intended to point towards “full up” and this is a slip up


Thanks for reported the first one, we can definitely reproduce this one, so this will be added to the bug database for someone to fix.

As for the second, it doesn’t appear to occur with all furnaces, but I did managed to get it to happen to one of my own furnaces, so there is certainly an issue here and this has been added to the bug database as well.

There’s an issue with this particular task, so we’ve made a change on our end and will push it to the testing branch.

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I took down the 2 furnaces and reset them down now thy are working

I noticed that unicorn poo (Shadow Orbs) is a bit bigger on shelves than probably intended

Edit: anyone mind telling me how to scale the image back? can’t seem to find how ><
Edit Edit: ok sorta figured it out… is there a simple way to do by X % instead of manually changing the dimensions?


Sometimes when cutting exotic leaves (only ones I had this problem with) you will fall through the map then start hovering about a quarter mile above the map. I’ll provide pictures next time it happens.

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Everything in the crafting menu or knowledge menu has the description “A boundless item” and then “Coming soon - more info about this item”
I also think that the creatures are all the wrong levels, especially if staging is on the same version at the moment, as there are lvl 1 and 2 creatures on Munteen…
Also: Furnace text goes too far


I did not know it was 2 different buffs.


This is a knock-on which has come about as we are making new configs for the new universe structure and the current worlds do not match that structure. We’ll be making special configs for these legacy worlds as a temporary solution.


Oh, is that the given nickname for it now?

Aside from that, I’ve added a bug to the database, especially since it appears to be not occurring on the live game.

Please do provide pictures and / or videos when it happens, as it sounds like something that happens randomly if that’s the case.

I’ll let one of the devs know about this.

This has been added to the bug database.


Sounds to me like we are about to have our selves a good old fashion land run. #landrun Kids get in the wagon!


So I noticed item descriptions for tools now display its current durability instead of just the maximum durability which is amazing…

However it doesn’t seem to take in account the durability reduction skills since each use reduces the display durability by one point… Either that or the durability reduction skills are not working properly :thinking:

Edit: Under the new Parental tab in settings… Player chant - “Player sees encoded text for non-friends” so this is rather confusing. What does it mean by encoded text?.. OH like the text is replaced with “******” type stuff? kinda confusing…

Edit Edit: also if an item is already equipped it at the 12 o’clock position (right hand) then that item cannot be replaced with a different item by dragging one down on top of it ><

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The item description for tools also no longer contains mastery info
Edit: there are also some typos (probably) in the english.json file, telling you to cook raw caustic protecting biryani in a forge, along with the raw criticaling risotto

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I had a look and it seems that the early Item Durability Bonus skills appear to not work the way they are intended, so I’ve added this to the database. How many of those skills do you have? Of those skills, which ones are not working for you?

We’ve changed this on our end, so you won’t see this option when testing is updated next time.

Thanks for the report, I’ve added this to the bug database.

We’ll get this fixed.


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Mistakes. I’m guessing it should say furnace instead of forge? Or is that some feature that the forge will have?

at first i had all but the last rank… when it was showing 1 point for each use i got the last rank to get the full 50% reduction… it still showed the same results