Testing 193: Centraforge!


@Oggieogham Have you tried deleting the chunk cache? That worked for me.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata???\324510\local\chunkcache\data.mdb
where ??? is some number.


That fixed it thanks!
That could be what made the colours on test look wrong also.


will this effect elemental spawning in the future?


Sounds like a feature


How does this work with the forge? Will it return ingredients used?




I struggled a bit to understand how it all works - also, game disconnecting a lot when trying to finish forging. At the end I managed to come up with some video material on how the forge looks in action:


Nice video. Thanks for making it.


We better see a very clear naming or “color code” listing in all items so that we can tell the difference. Otherwise it will be very hard to make sure you have the same colors for builds. Certainly more colors are nice but we need to be able to manage the inventory and everything decently.


The Forge, when you open it up to put items and ingredients in, it give you an effectiveness rating. The mouseover tip says:
EFFECTIVENESS: The effectiveness level of a Centraforge session derives from the Gear’s Flexibility (0), the Machines Power (0) and your Intelligence (20). The higher the effectiveness the more Boon points are added to create positive Traits. At lower Effectiveness a good outcome is still possible, but higher-level ingredients will be needed. At very low Effectiveness a good outcome is very unlikely.
It gives me an effectiveness of 20, When I inserted different slingbows it changed, for copper:32, iron:37, titanium:29, gem:25 for a silver chisel:32, stone spanner:42
When I started with an iron slingbow, the number next to the gear was 37. I see it was 57 in Boundmore’s video.
So it seems you would want high intelligence and power modules.
Does anyone know how to raise the Gear’s Flexibility?

My first attempt with the iron slingbow ended adding nothing, because I did not have enough ingredients inserted when I started, and only got one partial boon without enough points for it to be added.
You will want to have plenty of ingredients, because a “miss” adds nothing, and a hit only adds some points to one possible trait, so you will need multiple hits.

Not so sure the forge will be helpful for low to mid level characters to add traits.
Reminds me more of enchantments from Minecraft.


It’s pretty clear that different gear materials have different flexibility, and it sounds like the lower the tier the higher the flexibility, from the numbers you’re giving me.

Which makes sense. Wood’s going to be the most flexible, and gems like diamond, emerald and ruby would be the least.

Basically, the higher the tier of material you’re making your gear out of, the more power coils and intelligence you’ll need to cap out.


I don’t think Gear’s Flexibility can be changed. It looks like a fixed characteristic.

I also learnt that you do need to enter forging session with a lot of different ingredients to react to how the process develops and to have ability to go through more rounds.

Having high Stability is crucial as it allows you to perform more rounds. I reset my character later and maxed the 3 crucial Attributes - got 1800 Stability which gave me 17 rounds.

Maxed Intelligence is a thing. High Efficiency is very important. Efficiency shows you how much of Compound Boon Points you will get (so, Efficiency 60 lets you receive 60% of Boon Points from used Compunds).

Stronger Compounds will get you more Boon Points - I only used the weakest ones in the video. I played away more later and used the unstable Compounds - they give you Defect and/or Quirk Points, but also add Boon Points faster. If you are lucky enough you can end up without negative Traits.

Use different ingredients to contain negative effects or focus your Boon Points. Gums are used for the latter. I used 2 different Gums yesterday - one gave more chance to move points to Boon existing after the first few rounds and in expense of adding a new Boon. The other increased chances of adding Boons of a certain type.

If the forging goes arseways and you don’t think you will get a good gear, you have two options: 1. Close process with Setting Resin and get not so perfect gear. 2. Cancel process with Deconstruction Resin, losing the gear but getting some of the ingredients back.

In general, I love the Forging system. It feels a lot like Alchemy. It’s partially random, which creates that extra thrill when happening. And it’s about the only crafting process that makes you stand next to the machine and be present all way through (apart from setting time when you are finished with rounds). All of it is really FUN. Now just imagine the option of naming gear, so you can indicate what all your customized gear do (I made a titanium hammer I could call Noobish Titanium Hammer Of Light And Attraction as it requires lower mastery, it’s a source of light and attracts drops from larger distance).


It has a few more characteristics but fitting them all in hammer’s name would be pointless.
Here you can take a look at its stats and see how it glows (it has this flickering light, so there are brighter and darker moments).

Here with a different hammer - no glow. My character has no Light Source.


The light source boon flickers so quickly that- especially when swinging on a hammer- the flashing light hurts my eyes a bit. I can only imagine it’s even worse for a person with sensitivity to flashing lights. Can we please turn down the speed and frequency that the light pulsates?


I agree, it’s a bit difficult to work with that kind of light. Not very healthy for the brain.


Glad you warned me! I don’t want to run into that. With my TBI that I have I happen to be one of the less than 4% who got seizures with TBI. Blinking or pulsing lights can be a real problem and I avoid them everywhere in life.


Raised my INT to 100 and retried the same items in the forge, checking effectiveness before starting it.
The effectiveness level of a Centraforge session derives from the Gear’s Flexibility (0), the Machines Power (0) and your Intelligence (100).
It gives me a start effectiveness of 20, surprised it didn’t go up with more INT,
When I inserted different slingbows it changed, for
for a silver chisel:60,
stone spanner:76

Haven’t started it again yet. working on making power modules.


The base effectiveness never increases I don’t think. Intelligence should help, giving better effectiveness when a tool is put in.


hell yes :slight_smile: love the changes cant wait !!! epicness Turbulenz !!! epicness in pure epic form :slight_smile:


With maxed Intelligence and 1500 Forge Power I got Efficiency 66 for a Titanium Hammer. That was the most I got so far (I didn’t try iron gear which has higher Flexibility so I could get over 70 with them I guess).