Testing 193: Centraforge!


Will weather damage affect creatures without elemental prefix?


Sounds like Forge Power is accounting for ~1% efficiency per 100 power. Max possible power (AFAIK) is 7,200, so that would be +72%.

Assuming you maintain 100 Intelligence and that efficiency scales linearly with power, Titanium gear should hit 100% effectiveness somewhere around 4,900 to 5,156 power.


I’m trying to work out Intelligence’s effect from the stats you guys are giving. Annoyingly, either the material type or Intelligence itself appears to be a multiplier of some sort rather than being directly additive.

Further data needed to come to conclusions.


Updated OP with an overview of the Centraforge by @Jiivita.


Added 1500 power to the forge and retried the same items in the forge plus a couple other items, checking effectiveness before starting it.
The effectiveness level of a Centraforge session derives from the Gear’s Flexibility (0), the Machines Power (1500) and your Intelligence (100).
It gives me a start effectiveness of 20
When I inserted different slingbows it changed, for
silver 84,
gold 53, strange why it is so low
for a silver chisel:84,
stone spanner:100

I did a test last night before adding the power, with an iron slingbow, 68 effectiveness, using a effect and longevity gum to increase the chance of those effects, I used 12 level 1 and 2 level 2 pure boon compounds, only got 3 hits over 14 rounds, did add 3 potential effects, 2 of them (projectile speed, critical chance) had enough points to be applied, 1 (damage) did not.

Still, using just low level ingredients that didn’t require power, and no power on the forge was able to add 2 effects to an iron slingbow.
I’ll try some more items now with power on the forge, and try to make some ingredients that require power and post some of my results.

If you like gambling, it could be very fun just seeing what you can make.


The slingbows differ due to their different flexibilities. I guess gold is just not flexible at all…


If we could upgrade our characters. Put an Oortling inside a Forge. More Power or Action Speed? Maybe extra height? Or make him smaller - 1 block high, so he could walk through smaller door or a tiny hole in a cave.

Oortling’s Flexibility would influence Efficiency of course.
Off I go to more Yoga classes. :wink:


Updated OP with details of Testing 193.1.


@olliepurkiss have a look at the Boon Points Catalyst 1 & 2 recipes - the difference in input mats is so small that nobody will ever craft Catalyst 1.

Based on the patterns elsewhere the shadow orbs in 1 should be shimmering or the pulsing in 2 should be shimmering?


First part of Centraforge Tutorial - all about attributes, stats and ingredients that define forging process.

The second part will show Forge in action, explain the round concept and provide hints and tips on best ways certain ingredients can be used.


Well with the forge going to live soon, I am pretty excited about what the Lance is going to bring to the table for gameplay. It’s going to be pretty interesting considering the majority of creatures deal ranged damage of some sort.


I am not sure if this has been reported:

When using an item and you get to the point where it is fully worn down and it disappears, the next item in the smart stack does not appear. You have to rotate through your items to get it to show again. I saw this same thing happen on the “hunt” server. I was just on “testing” and wore down an axe to have the next one in the smart stack (which I had equipped) not show. I’ve seen this with different items.


Sorry, I’ve just realised I hadn’t replied to this.

You’re absolutely right – that’s an error. I’ve fixed it now, and it will be in an upcoming release.

Thanks for the heads-up.


I have a request for the forge. An option during forging to delete a boon you got that you really don’t want. that will open the slot to another chance at a different boon as forging continues.


You can do that with boon removal catalysts


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