Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


Thank you for the explanation I did not know the algorithm for the regeneration process.


It’s probably one of the most sophisticated parts of the game, along with portals and warps.


As always! I just wish more people realized this :smirk: /s


Quite the contrary, I believe bomb mining was a fairly simple and fun way for newer players to catch up to the current end game players. Bomb mining also kept the prices for all things involving gems fairly low.

I did not personally believe there was anything truly wrong with the grind before. The amount of work required to achieve centraforged bombs and gem tools in general was no small feat as it was.

It’s funny how even with the so called bomb mining exploits, gems weren’t exactly cheap at any point in time, yet now after the latest changes the prices are almost ridiculous.

I am not opposed to things getting adjusted and refined, but I am highly opposed to bomb mining getting crippled and thrown out the window.

It is currently a far cry from an equivalent forged hammer as far as time and efficiency goes.

Buffs and Nerfs should be handled in moderation. The bomb radius could’ve been nerfed, even the drop chance could’ve been nerfed…

Anyways, the Nerf doesn’t directly affect me one way or another. I have plenty of coins and gems set aside. It’s the new guys or those that didn’t get around to trying it that will suffer because of the changes… It’s sad for them. I believe everyone plays for fun and to get rid of stress, or I would hope they do… and I would never want to force my playstyle on others.

People will usually always gravitate towards whatever works best, unless they genuinely enjoy a different alternative.

Also, their numbers for what people were finding while bomb mining was probably skewed to begin with. After all I don’t know of many people that were using fully forged gem hammers to mine at the time that bomb mining was happening. It was slightly more efficient and easier on the eyes and wrist to use the bombs. Meaning they had nothing equivalent to truly compare the results yielded by both tools before they decided to pull a shotgun on the house fly buzzing around.

I would suggest they concentrate on fixing real problems first, before creating new ones which is what has happened.


I think anyone who think bomb mining still work need to start hosting the gems business.
Also set the same price as before or even slightly higher than before.

If the method still work there is no reason gem / gem product become crazy expansive now :joy:


What made you think that the servers have improved? Its the same laggy unplayabe state it was before, in certain parts even worse.


Servers are definately better than before patch.


@Steggs101 Just because you guys doubled the output does not make it balanced or less grindy. The original recipe still involved compact clay, which is a grind in itself when clay isn’t a resource you usually deal with at all for anything other than bricks. To top it off, you added even more resources that no one needs / uses because they’re seemingly in not a single recipe to extend the original recipe. That’s horrible. Before it was comp. clay and stones. I don’t remember the exact mass craft amounts of each but it was tedious enough because again, clay. Now there are 144 ash and 144 mud that were added to the 216 stone and 36 compact clay (260 regular clay for 40 comp. clay). You’ve more than doubled the ingredients required just to give us double the output… It’s still a grind. A very annoying grind that was unnecessary other than, “Players have a lot of a certain thing so we want to get rid of it.” Nope. Not even worth the effort to find ash and mud and collect a mass amount of it for 50 bricks, on top of the 10k spark (before any reductions) that it takes to make the mixture alone. For those who are already at the point of refining, compacting, etc., we already have enough things to collect. For every 900 trunks = 2,500 timber which only gives ~434 refined wood. It’s the same for stone. The refined wood and stone looks a lot nicer and gives a decent amount of prestige so naturally, that’s the way most people go unless they just don’t care much about the looks of the store / house / whatever they are building. I’m not certain how many blocks my current main store is but I’ve made over 10k items in my refinery (per the achievement) most of which were stone and wood. That’s pretty much what I’ve constantly kept cooking since I made my refineries a few days in. I am tired of looking at just refined stone and wood, so I was going to do bricks and of course the night I actually decided to do so thanks to my mass crafts of stone and wood being done, the recipe gets changed to be even more of a grind than just doing stone or wood. My craft room, which had to be split onto two different levels because of the excessive amounts of power coils required for crafting, is 195 blocks on one level. I’d need 8 crafts of brick mixtures just to cover the floor in those two areas alone.
1,728 stone
2,074 clay soil (288 comp clay)
1,152 ash
1,152 mud

That’s only half of my building not including the outside / walls. How is that not grindy? My store isn’t even big compared to most of the stores around so I can’t even imagine having to craft for an even larger space.

It’s pretty annoying that the excuse was “players had a lot of these items so we made them useful” in already existing recipes… Why? As someone else suggest why not made adobe, clay bricks, mud bricks instead of pushing some ridiculous grindfest recipe change on us? Compact clay, mud, and ash only exist for the brick recipes, otherwise they’re useless and for me they’re going to remain that way because I refuse to craft bricks at all now.

I appreciate the efforts in fixing things and addressing needed changes but bricks and gleam recipe changes were not necessary.


It’s fixed for the next release.


“If you build it, they will come”

“If it’s fun, they will stay”


Bring back bomb mining!

I am actually totally in favor of this. Or buff hammers, Or make blocks require the same amount of hits on all planets (preferebly 1 for high level hammers) TEH GRIND is the problem. If i need 5 or 6 hits on a high level planet for a block i am going to have a serious motivation problem, especially when searching for rare materials like titanium, gems and hard coal. It just takes too long to find stuff

I was already experimenting with bomb mining the last month on the old universe and was very happy doing it again here. Its fast, fun, and brings in good results. Stripmining with hammers is boring, slow and has mixed results.

I do like te tip on adding the AOE buff in the centraforge, Will give that a chance. With the new world regeneration in am finding lots of resources so should be able to make lots of them boon compounds and gums.


I started at ps4 release and there is a serious grind to just aquire coins to purchase the bombs or aoe hammers


One thing about people having excess of stuff in there storage. I know I can’t be alone in doing that on purpose. I like seeing the stuff in my storage boxes and I do use a lot later on. I did not have a surplus of waxy yams. I just hadn’t got around to cooking with them. Now I would love to see some new blocks that use the mud, ash, and gravel. A couple new texture designs/ blocks would be awesome. And those really should not be hard for an art dev to make.


Test server fixes my issues!!! please move to main ASAP!


Hmmm… Would be real fun to see them someday.

Another question about it - cause all players i know are in all practice compulsive hoarders bordering illness - we keep everything possible.
Is that amount that much grater than everything else we stash in our stores?
I know i have stashed some ash and few others “useless” material in case i would use it for some buildings or decorations.


Forging is okay when it works. When it applies random effects you don’t want and then levels them first in spite of applying 3 levels of special and trait reduction gum, its really, really frustrating. Forging is the other reason I went bomb mining, because I hate forging.

Edit: In my experience forging more often does what you don’t want it to do. Despite all of the extra items you have to craft to “control” its effects, its still very hard to get the outcome you want out of forging.


When i forge hammers for mining I usually stack 10 effect gums (this way i will get damage buff) and 5 longevity (this way also durability will increase a bit).

3 gums are very low chance of seriously affecting the outcome and more like hazard then actually trying to get something useful.


10 is overkill 5 is plenty


Not in my experience, with 5 too much random still to my taste. 10 means nothing but effect will be added. 5 last time i tried gave me some random stuff with my effect buffs.

Usually i do 10 effect gum, which gives me both effect buffs, when i have both i add 5 longevity. Than max it all as far as i can get without breaking hammers.


I always do 5 special gum for the aoe boons and i can upgrade it as much as i want until i want to move to another one but i have no numbers about it, i might just have been lucky about it.