Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


They should create NEW useful recipes that use stashed resources. I’d love to have special star berry blocks, or a new potion from star berry concentrate that allows you to swim deeper. But adding to existing recipes is lazy imho.


Because it was something different. I’ve spent over 600 hours of my 1200 hours hammer mining, and still spend the majority of my time hammer mining. Bomb mining was a great way to break the repetative tink tink. Lets face it, explotions are fun.


Increasing the cost & difficulty won’t fix the issue, though - it just means that fewer players (the wealthy ones) will be able to do it.


Consider how we would have felt if the game launched with these new recipes. I suspect most of the recipes would not be a problem at all.

The real challenge here is that a lot of us planned & gathered for the old recipes, and those plans were thwarted


My idea for bombs is basically don’t eliminate the resources while mining with bombs, but allow for two options with bombs altogether,

  1. Weaken blocks & resources with bombs finish them with an aoe hammer.
  2. Mine it all with bombs they won’t be normal drops, and just be drops for resources, instead of being normal drops, they would be reduced drops or better yet a new type of drop; a “shard” variant of it’s original resource. Expanding on the idea, the shards would be able to compact into a the compacted version of the resource. In order to further amplify the prospect of bomb mining, we could have unique recipes be related with only their shard counterparts, things like wearables, but instead of being purchasable only by cubits, they would be craftable.

On the idea of wearables and how to switch them to your wearables (the specifc word escapes me) would be kind of like a wearable token and you use it to add it to your wearables, once you wanna trade it, you can just right click it to turn it back into a token.


If I’m not mistaken the word you’re looking for is outfits.


They were used for food before so they had a use. if The wanted them to have more uses they could have added additional recipes for the same end item, like they did for syrup instead of adding them to existing recipes. Create alternatives and options versus complicating existing recipes.


This is the argument I made. Don’t mess with the existing recipes. If you want to make a use for less used materials, create new or alternate recipes. Oh, Gravel doesn’t have a use? Let’s make it an alternate recipe to make stone or refined rock. Use gravel instead of rock as an optional recipe. Just an example.


I think hammer mining is too op.
I prefer use axe to mine.

Please buff axe to deal the equal damage as hammer.

This is the same logic when u guys talking about bomb mining.

Hammer is better than axe this why majority people now use hammer to mine.
Before the patch, bomb is better, so we use bomb to mine.

You can still use axe to mine in current patch, but how come no one use it ?
Because its slower than hammer to get the gems/ metals/ coals

If now axe deal more damage to rock / gems / metals / coals.
People will start use axe to mine those things, and there will be new name call “axe mining”


You sound like a chisel miner.


Exactly. But chisel mining is slow as well.
This why no one asking for nerf.
Not because it looks weird, is because they don’t jealous for those people who use that method.
They can get similar amount resource at the same time.

Also they think this is balance, because now everyone suffer the same situation with them.
They love the feeling, but majority people in the game don’t like the slow grinding.


I think you misunderstood. Or maybe I wasn’t clear. That wasn’t sarcasm. I hate RNG in crafting with a burning passion. RNG in drops is one thing, ain’t nothing wrong with that, but I want consistency in crafting.


Ah. I did misunderstand and read it as heavy sarcasm then. Sorry.

I can agree. Random drops are interesting. Randomness in crafting is not.


This is getting to be a rather heated discussion about high tier vrs low tier players. While I am one of those low tier players I am not going to add fuel to the fire. Instead I am going to point out something that everyone has missed up to this point. Longevity of the resource pool.

Bomb mining removed a lot of material to expose the resources that were there. Strip or branch mining removes a lot less. What is going to happen when the area regenerates? The area that was bomb mined will have a higher propensity to regenerate ores and gems just because of the number of blocks that need to be replaced. If this change causes the majority of people to abandon bomb mining due to resource loss less blocks will be regenerated and as a result rare resources will become even more rare like we had with the surface resources. This is why I feel that the change to bomb mining could be detrimental to the game long term.


Interesting point! Although resource regeneration happens whenever a chunk is fully regenerated, whether a large or a small area was destroyed/altered. The regenerated resources depend on the total available at that time on that world, so should in theory not vary regardless of what method was used.

Bomb mining does however remove (on average) more blocks from a chunk than branch mining, so regen would take longer after bombing to complete.


Does regeration happen to every block in the chunk or just the blocks that were changed? I guess that is a question for the devs. Also how large is a chunk? Is it 8x8x8 like the plot size or is it from mantle to build height like in in Minecraft or somewhere in the middle?


You were playing before this patch? Does that make you part of the elite? Each new patch will change something, giving you an advantage over anyone starting after you.

When new content comes out, should people who have played longer (regardless of playstyle) be penalised for having the materials / power / machines / skills to craft new items? Progression will always (and has always) take time. Some changes will make it slower, some faster. Will you stand by players who complain that “new players” will now have an easier time gathering surface resources than previously? Is it unfair that the elite as you call them had to struggle to find resources for foods and forging that are now more plentiful?


It is not fun if I am destroying most of the ore and gems. When we were doing it before most of the gems we found where in the blast area and already damaged. I can’t believe that the way it is now will do much more than blow out whole mountains to get very little. One of the reasons I know this because if your crit was too high then you destroying most of the stuff and not getting seeing much of anything. We made that mistake and to drop a point out.


Resource regeneration doesn’t work that way, it’s a separate process. New blocks don’t need to be destroyed to spawn resources into an area, resources can be created on existing blocks. The algorithm makes sure resource density stays in pre-defined parameters and redistribute resources to other parts of the world if one area is being over mined. The engine will even reduce or increase specific resources spawning depending on the rate they are mined.

So in short, no bomb mining does not cause more resources to spawn in an area than strip mining.


A chunk is 16x16 from mantle to max, and is indicated in the debug menu. All blocks receive new resources as far as i know, if not your comment is very relevant; bombs would give a greater area for resources to regen in.

Edit- havoc has the answer :grin::+1: