Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


i’m off now its 2:30 I need some sleep :slight_smile:



Uh could we just get boosted to level 50 or somethin’? It’s hard to test things if we have limitations in the game. I didn’t realize the testing universe would put me back where I was in early August lol.


You do realize that no one started at end game? That all the items that people have, they collected, same as anyone else. Why is collecting before and collecting after really any different? I would argue that people that already had waxy earthyams went to a lot more trouble since regeneration was broken.

You don’t see, also, that in a couple weeks, the person that starts today will be in the exact same position that you claim to require more grinding now, if they want to? The items didn’t magically appear in anyone’s inventories. It doesn’t matter all that much if the effort is spent before or after the change, the effort is more or less the same.

And difficulty is never a good thing? I’m sure I am not the only one to have used cheat codes in some game in my youth only to render it so easy that it was no longer worth playing, and then abandoning the game out of boredom. I suppose it’s possible that you’ve never experienced this, and always loved cheat codes and found infinite lives to be equally as fun as challenging gameplay, but not everyone agrees.

And as to this point,


They didn’t add food items using waxy earthyams because they already existed.


The thing is, nearly all miners are interested only in whatever strategy gets them ores the fastest. So unless you can find a perfect balance, you’ll always have players gravitating towards one or the other. That’s why I’d prefer to see a system where bomb mining complements hammer mining instead of competing with it. My proposal for how to do this is here:


If people played for fun, they would still be bomb mining, but everyone has come on here and complained, which says to me they weren’t bomb mining for fun, they were bomb mining to skip the grind.


My point is you repeat titanium bombs. You can also forge iron bombs to be 3m. That is why I wanted to clarify as to which 3m bombs are easier to make than titanium bombs you are refering to.


Thanks I missed that typo, I fixed it :slight_smile:


First the first paragraph. Everyone started the same time, (unless they backed the game), yet not everyone plays the same way. Some people are builders. Some people are crafters. Some people a miners, other lumberjacks, and others are cookers and shop owners.

However, the only people to make it to high tier quickly, are those that can gather and craft. The person I originaly quoted, do you remember what he said? That he had collected the stuff by chance, but didn’t have a use for it. Since he didn’t have a use, he wasn’t cooking it, so most likely not a cooker and instead just a normal crafter.

Being a Gatherer and Crafter, he’d have to gather a lot of materials and did a lot of grinding to be able to craft all his own stuff. Probably put a lot of hours and work into the game. Most likely high end tier’d already.

But not everyone that started at the same time, is high end tier. And even they are, they might not be Gatherers, or crafters. They could be, Oh I don’t know, Builders. Or just Gatherers and part time builders, maybe even Mining Gatherer and Shop Owner with a tiny bit of builder to make his shop looking nice.

Or could just be a casual player, or a kid, or someone with a job and not a lot of time to play.

You assume everyone plays the same way, does the same thing, collects the same resources, goes to the same world for those resources and everything. But they don’t. I’m surprised you even think that, concidering there are a lot of people upset with just that one change alone, adding Wax to Decoration Blocks. Not including other changes to complicate recipies uselessly that they are upset about before but was during alpha and beta and had to begrudingly accept.

People could play this game for months, years even, and never reach Mid tier, let alone High Tier stuff because of the way they place goes against what the devs want.

This segways into two other situations you didn’t think about. First that people will stay long enough to get to the higher tier. A lot of people play MMOs and never get to the highest levels, or those that do don’t grind up the highest level crafting or raid gear. Some people like the extra work, some people don’t.

Second, is that the people not making it to high tier? the people forced to go out of their way to get these materials now instead of it just being a random byproduct when gather soil or peat and other stuff? Those are the majority of people, not the minority. Those are the highest number of people. And because of changes like this, forcing them to do more, and get less or the same result as before? That’s going to make them not want to stay. Especially when the higher ends have it so easy, and the lower tiers are forced to work harder to match them.


I couldn’t get my forge to work, does the forge itself need power?


I never said everyone started at the same time.
What I said was that no one started having full endgame stuff, all skills, and a lot of spare items.

Everyone, no matter when they started, started naked and with nothing but a totem. Everything else is acquired by effort, and you’re dismissing that effort by saying ‘but he’s a gatherer’ or ‘but you’re already high tier’ as if those things happened by magic.

Anyone that puts effort into it, will get there. It doesn’t matter if you get there after a week or after five years because there’s no prize for getting there faster. You decide how much effort you want to put in, and you get rewarded for that effort in the exact same way that everyone else does (with some few exceptions like bomb xp abuse).

Don’t want to gather? Mine, or build, or do whatever, get coin, and trade for the things that you don’t want to put effort into. I’ve never been forced to participate in any activity in game that I didn’t find enjoyable. The ones that I want to skip, that’s why we have coins.

The higher ends only have it so easy because they put the effort to be higher ends. Nothing happened magically. You want to be higher end too? Pùt the effort into it. And if you don’t want to be higher end? Then why complain about the people that do.

But please, stop dismissing the effort that people have put into getting to the point where they are now as if it was nothing compared to your struggle to find waxy earthyams.


No, the forge only needs ingredients that will be consumed by the forging process, and some item (or stack of items) to be forged, in the input slot. You have to move the items into the forge inventory, otherwise it doesn’t work. Maybe that’s why it’s not working for you?

Adding power coils to the forge increases efficiency (how many boon points you get from each component used, up to 100%) but otherwise it works just as well without coils.


Use those resources to build craft and sell until the end of time. :grin: and there will be new worlds to pick from by then, so I’ll gather some more and again and again.


Yes I placed the ingredients into the deck and hammers into the slot but it wouldn’t start, it was greyed out still and said place ingredients in, i’ll log back in I probably did something stupid.


I started at release and I am still using iron tools and weapons… I just religiously whack every plant I see when exploring planets, which I do quite often.


You also absolutely need enough setting resins, 1 for each item in the stack. :stuck_out_tongue:
I never tried without 'em, but perhaps that’s why it won’t start.


Some of these changes should have happened ideally before the game was officially released.

What we have now, is the “Elite”, who profited from bombs and obtained more gems than they can handle, and the “Peons”, who will need to work three times harder to try to at least reach the status the “Elites” have already accomplished.

Another point that others have mentioned multiple times now, is that “Gems” are meant to be upper mid tier at most. With many more levels of world difficulties beyond level 6, and new tool tiers.

As it is now, it will take a very long time for new players to progress from start to the new established mid tier. Also many people got practically robbed after the servers went live, since they did not originally see the change to bomb mining, and never got around to adjusting the gem prices or flat out removing it until the market stabilizes again.

As far as the market goes for all things involving gems, its nearly doubled at a minimum. Stuff like that should not be happening in a sandbox game where the players determine the price of items…

End point, all these changes doesn’t really affect the large groups that are already established or the hardcore… it simply punishes the starters and those who play for recreational purposes.

Whether it is a MMO or MMORPG doesn’t change the fact that your crowd enjoys voxel games in general and the sandbox theme brought in via the MMO aspect. The majority of these players enjoy building and crafting, but not to the point where it truly does seem like a second job to accomplish something… anything… As it is, I hate having to build skeletons of my true intentions just because it is impossible to farm all the materials I need for certain things within a time frame that I would consider reasonable.

Am just rambling now… am tired…


Good post, good points.


You have the tenency to make assumptions about large groups of people. I’m sure you think you are right, but for myself you couldn’t be more wrong. I have tried the bomb mining, its now slower than using my hammers, even with my 3x3 hammers on a t6 world. I’m not using it because its literally just throwing away something the devs may one day make useful again. It slows you way down for no gain.


Pardon me for not enjoying a form of in game gambling. I’m here for the building and exploring, not the reskinned slot machines.


Why did you start bomb mining in the first place?