Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


If everyone wants to build a cozy little town where everyone has their own cottage… let them.

If everyone wants to build a giant city that no one lives in… let them.


I don’t think anyone is stopping them. :slight_smile:
It’s just not, you know, easy.

I’m pretty sure once the rented planets are introduced, solo megaprojects will become more common (and probably easier).


That’s the argument right now… Plenty of us aren’t being stopped, per se, but we definitely feel like we’re being hindered beyond what we can tolerate. I happen to be one of those people.

“Not easy” to me feels like an understatement… It feels closer to “OMG IMPOSSIBLE NO EFFING WAY!!!1”.

This is my challenge to everyone who tells me that it’s not as difficult as I think… Give me half of your total plots, and give me half of what you net from gathering. Because if you don’t really care about that, then you could do the community and your planet’s landscape an incredible favor by passing that bounty on to someone who does care.


You are correct nothing is stopping a player from making a city like we were shown, it might take 2 years to gather everything , craft it and build it. But the expectation set when your promotional videos show these builds is not that they will be this time consuming. Maybe they should show what the average person can build in a month or so instead of these massive builds Show the small square builds and the starter homes that many players are in after a month of playing the game and not the collaberations of groups.


If this was a single player game or hosted on private servers there wouldn’t be an issue. But with MMO development, balancing playing styles is very different and while we’re playing in a sandbox, the sand isn’t always easy to get. Personally I enjoy the challenge, it makes even looking at huge builds feel all the more impressive. I could definitely understand how people might not like it, although I’m not sure if the game would be better if it were easier.


The game WAS easier, and it WAS better. That’s why people are upset.


Well, my long term house project will take 2400 plots or so by my estimation, once I get that done you can have the rest. :wink:

I mentioned this on a different topic, but I think the developers are still finding the balance between the two extremes, the ‘creative mode’ type of game (where there’s very little gameplay involved and the game ends up being a sort of voxel based 3d modelling program rather than a game, which is not very financially viable, and the ‘hardcore mode’ extreme where you have to fight 500 waves of enemies to get a piece of wood, and everyone gets bored and leaves because it’s just impossible to do anything.

We’re still nowhere near either extreme, but the balance between the two may still need some tweaking to get to a level where the majority of players are comfortable with it.


If I had a plot for every time I got this excuse, I wouldn’t be asking for help. Not exaggerating. No one actually wants to give me 500 free plots and 20 smart stacks of bricks and, given the genuine difficulty in acquiring said plots/bricks, I can’t say I blame you or any one of them. We didn’t create this scarcity - it was inflicted upon us.

And I can’t tell you what would’ve been the best financial move overall, but I can speak for myself subjectively. That’s all we’ve been doing and all we really can do, but at least I can tell you how I behaved…

I’ve played Warframe on and off for almost 3 years now, and spent just under $300 over the initial cost of… nothing. (1049 hours)

I’ve played EVE Online for about the same amount of time, and spent a little over $200 beyond the cost of a starter package. (727 hours)

I’ve got 687 hours in Boundless, and I’ve spent… $0, since buying it in Early Access. The money is sitting in my wallet right now, but I think that the Gleam Club is a poor value, and I think the Cubits are overpriced.


I think the challenge is in actually creating the build and in the use of materials. The grind to make the materials does nothing to impress me. A building made exclusively out of gem blocks might be the most difficult in order to actually have the materials to build it, but that does not make it impressive or even pretty to me. I have seen some builds made out of rock, stone and timber that are very impressive. Much more than a gleam tower that is the capital of one planet, huge does not mean impressive.

I will have to disagree on your last point, I think it would make the game better to see more of the impressive builds and not fewer. I think it will also be better for the game if those builds happen in the public universe and we do not loose the people that want to build to a rented private universe. I will agree they should not be easy. but they should not be overly time consuming (measured in years not months). If they require years then I am probably out of the public universe and onto a rented one with whomever wants to go with me when they are offered.


I understand your frustration, and @Kal-El’s, but dialogues about how to get the balance back to such a point where it’s not skewed towards the ‘too difficult to be fun’ side would be more productive with suggestions within the current model for the game, because to be honest, ‘make it creative mode’ will just not happen at this point.

That’s why I asked what a reasonable timeframe would be to build a megaproject single-handedly in your opinion.

You said ‘a couple months of play time’ and by your estimation, at this point it would take a year. That, I think, is useful information for the developers to balance things better, rather than ‘let everyone have infinite free blocks’, which I just don’t see happening to be honest (and it would probably alienate a good portion of the players that enjoys playing with the economy side of things).

Another productive suggestion (made by several people), ‘instead of adding more materials to craft existing blocks, give us new blocks to craft with the unused materials’.

Now, creative mode-like unlimited building, outside of private worlds, I honestly don’t see how it could happen at this point.

Edit: And I personally would be bored with it, but I can only speak for myself. :slight_smile:


And I’m telling you in all sincerity that I used to get by pretty well without unlimited blocks… but then they moved the goalposts on us…

Then I grumbled a little, but I adjusted to the new “normal”… and then it changed again.

This dialogue has been going on for a long time, and the end result has been a slow, steady march away from what I and other people have wanted for a very long time. I’m honestly done with productive dialogue - I’m just breaking stuff and hurling insults on my way out the door.


Goodbye Ingvar. Hope you find the game you are looking for. :slight_smile:


Me too. We’ll see how that goes.


I agree with your point and have made it myself. . add recipes and quit adding items to the existing ones. If they had not done that, I would have no problems (other than the introduced bugs) with the 199 release. If they think they need to tweak the number of bricks made in a batch, then tweak it, but I would have preferred they not add something else to the recipe. If they wanted another use for waxy earthyams create an alternative recipe for something that people are using that maybe has a high selling price to better balance the economy.

The thought that they might want to continue to change the recipes, adding things we might have been discarding like mud, I find very disheartening. Do I have to now save everything? If we all do that their metrics will say x is in abundant supply so we need to use it in a recipe. It creates a weird feedback loop.


Yeah, I think it feels kinda like they’re encouraging hoarding (next week this might be needed to craft diamond tools!) and punishing it (you have too much of this, now everything is more expensive!) at the same time.

Edit: Tho I think the change to bricks in particular ended up being less grindy, for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere. I can copy-paste my reasoning if you want. :stuck_out_tongue:


From a conversation i had woth someone else, 1x9 diamond hammers are significantly more efficient than bombs and dont meed any kind of buff whatsoever, as they got 3600 ores to my 700 in an hour, at least double the gems, and far more coal


Will the vigour catalyst be fixed or was it an intentional change?

It now only gives 50 vigour per ‘stack’, rather than per gum placed. For instance if I put on 5 special gum at the beginning, it will only give 50 vigour, rather than 250 it used to give before (50 X 5).


We’re unable to chisel Foilage with Gold/Titanium/Stone/Iron Chisels just slopes are possible atm, but we need atleast bevel back :slight_smile:


Dude, mudhuts for the win.


My two cents. Ages ago, i mentioned bombs not breaking blocks like the other weapon slingbows, and was pretty much crucified. Now, just about every thread i read someone mentions bomb mining and “the nerf”. So, if balance is what you’re after, then balance it, if removing it is what you’re after then remove it completely. Don’t have bombs break blocks at all unless forged to do so. Thus, you have “nerfed” the shear number of people able to access this Tech and slowed the progression of people just buying bombs and blowing up the planet. They can be forged to regen, heal, debuff, and cause extra damage to enemies and blocks. If their intended use is as a weapon then make it a weapon like the slingbow, i haven’t ever seen anyone mining with a slingbow(except in EA for that one week when they did damage blocks and it was awful), I’ve seen a few people attempt to use the Fists for mining, and they are handy in certain cases, but the topic here is bombs for the most part and i say topic, cuz i don’t feel like being crucified, again, or arguing.
Simply this: 1. Base bombs only damage critters(mobs enemies etc)
2. Add a boon that allows terrain damage
3. Have a max AOE that is smaller than 7m(that was ridiculous imo and said so on many occasions)
4. I like cubes in a square world, not “spheres” because the bomb exploded.
Or leave it. its your game, i just play it, and will adjust accordingly as time goes on. I’m all over this forum leaving advise and attempting to help when i can offering solutions to people’s hate of the grind, but i did truly enjoy bomb mining, just for the sake of it. The gain was nice, but I wasn’t over-doing it with 7m bombs and returning with thousands of mats and resources either, i did it cuz it was different than other styles and not swing hammer get rock swing hammer get coal etc. It was exhilarating to throw those bombs, and not know what they would reveal, or if they would crit and destroy the resources i was looking for. I did some experiments with resource regen, that i could not have done without bomb mining(well i could have but i would not have wanted to and i think that is the key to most things the WANT TO). This turned out a lot longer than I initially intended. And although i hope for some return of bomb mining, i do not wait for it. Give me more STUFF!!!