Testing 199.1: Hot Fix


Is there an ETA on this patch. Get between 20-30 mins game times then it crashes and i’m not sure if my stamina is bugged or i just really hate the delay between last action and start of stamina regen.


Mine does this on live it’s impossible to use the menu it closes every half second. Pointless update if I can’t use the menus.

Noticed it’s worse with more planners saved to the worlds menu.


Yeah, eating foods all the time is annoying and highest possible food that players that have invested to increasing stamina without losing good food buff is prime steak :frowning:. Maybe this some design way that players are mean to remove some rubbish from world :smiley:
I feel that food buffs are ok, energy pool drain is too fast.

Or make it work so that bomb explosiong stops to adjacent blocks and that it would be same with mobs. I don’t want to die to them while mining and they do their kamikaze somewhere on surface :smiley:


This is a bad comparison because it is a city and would actually require team work to develop and build it. We should not be comparing the individual person’s plight and issues with having to work hard versus what a group of people that actually help each other as a team could accomplish.


Not to mention, the city in that pic was built by a paid professional build team (I don’t know how many members) and was completed in a dev mode with infinite blocks and flight. It’s technically possible, but namely a paid promotion.


Yikes. I thought that city was one of the worst lookin’ things I’ve seen in boundless so far, the community pictures I’ve seen posted in the forums in the last month have far cooler stuff I think.


I’ve got a friend who crafted me some 3x3 titanium hammers. And alongside I used some titanium bombs to soften the blocks.
About 40 minutes of hotspot diamond mining: 13 titanium, 14 diamond, 4 gold.
1 hour of hotspot topaz mining: 10 topaz, some tech devices.

Suffice to say my progress is on halt because I won’t mine again after that, but the good thing is your game is so diverse that I can spend all my time building cool stuff ^_ ^ .


I got 40 amethyst, 100+ silver, 100+ gold from 1 hour of only using a 1.5 titanium bombs. So maybe your hotspot wasn’t that good or your technique was different perhaps. Do you have max dexterity? Max mining power?


I’m not saying this is “good”, I’m jus’ lettin’ you know what’s possible. Whether or not that amount is “good” for a level 25 person is up for debate.


I have to say I am seeing the same kind of output, but I was mining for hours and hours, still fairly disappointing tbh, even though I came out with enough for a couple of new coils…it just felt just a tad too far to the grind side of life to be enjoyable…


Is this on PS4? i just had a 1.06 update. Still have the PLACES>WORLDS display bug. EDIT: Just noticed that chiselling blocks is not adding anything to prestige on PS4 either. Tried Stone square, iron bevel and copper slope chisels and none added any prestige.


I have never tried to bomb mine [Noob]

I actually take great joy in Hammer mining.

Maybe the solution is to not nerf the bombs but instead improce the hammer mining to compete. AOE hammer as standard would be nice and useful, maybe have it as a skill or epic skill. I know atlas is the source of locating seams but it would be quite rewarding for hammer miners to have 'clues 'as we dug such as xx gem will always spawn near xx type of ore etc. This would give us something else to be loking for as we dig those tunnels rather than endless corridors of dug out tunnels waiting for the shiny to arrive.

Found my first diamonds a couple of nights ago, totally by chance as atlas would not update and remained blank no matter how often I requiped it and relogged. They looked like silver ore so was a nice surprise when they were diamonds. With atlas not working though, I was very lucky to have found them but like water used to drop from the roof or wall in minecraft which gave you the clue not to break the block, if things like diamonds as an example wold puff out a little smoke once in a while or even have a resonating sound, it would be the red rag to the miner knowing that they were close by.

I just feel the bomb miners have [had] it easier than knocking blocks apart one at a time.


I’ve run into the black atlas problem as well. To fix just pop the resource out (R3 on ps4) then put it back in and it should work.


aah ok, i tried different resources including copper, when that showed up black i knew it was a bug.
Didn’t try removing resource completely as to be honest, had no idea how to do that on ps4 - now I know - thank you.

It was quite annoying. 1st time on surfin safari, ran for my life for ages , grabbed a mountain and dug in only to get a black atlas and no way in hell I was going back out again :stuck_out_tongue:

I did find an absolute ton of Shadow Orbs though. No idea what I use them for yet and maybe worthless but they lok cool oh and 4 diamonds = happy chap [easily pleased]


Your yield seems to be better and probably worth it if you found 40 gems in one hour (i’d say thats reasonable enough to keep going), no I havent got maxed out stats. I’ve got 5/5 hammer skill + 3 dex + 8/8 power and 4 luck. I have the feeling it wouldn’t be that much better on a special character that’s spec’d with max stats.

Yeah I found it dissapointing as well, I thought hammer AOE would be the solution, but not really it seems. I just didn’t want to sit and wait for it to get fixed while my progress halts in terms of coils, but after today I think i’ll have to. It’s just not worth the time if I can build cool stuff instead. Just gotta deal with the long crafting times without coils for now.


chiseling blocks for prestige only effects the % bonus to prestige… it doesn’t directly add prestige per chiseled block. In addition, there are diminishing returns which creates an effective cap on how much of a bonus you get from chiseled blocks (26 some-odd % iirc)

TL:DR if you already have a lot of chiseled blocks then you may already have the maximum you can get out the chisel bonus, and simply need to add more blocks to get more prestige / expand your beacon to shake up the balance of the bonuses :wink:


With this new fix, what changes to bombs were made? Cuzzz im not noticing anything different than before.


None. They’re just being creepy and looking over our shoulder :smiley:


And I say that we SHOULD be comparing this, because it’s a reminder of how incredibly small our own pool of resources is. I’m really tired of being told on the one hand that I should have an extraordinary amount of freedom and build fantastic things, and then on the other hand being told to curb my expectations because something is “endgame” and “endgame” only happens at some predetermined point that’s always in the future.

You spent $5000 on this game. Take a look at the picture, plot it out, and tell me what portion of that build you could actually create in your current situation. And then tell me how many more of you it would take, “working hard”, to reach the finish line.


I don’t give two $h!+z how much they were paid… If I had the ability to build something on 1/5 the scale, I’d do it for free. I’d PAY for the chance.

But I’ll probably die before my 120th birthday, and I’ve got other places to be, so I’m not gonna sit here cooking bricks all day.


Smoke Bricks Everyday!