Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


I could kiss every dev right now! :kissing_heart:


It “would” be feasible to ignore beaconed resources from the maps… but would also mean that if you were the one who beaconed the resource, you would also not be able to see it on the map as the maps can’t be tailored per-user.

On the other hand, if you put a totem-ammo into the atlas you can compare against whether that part of the world is heavily beaconed to think “there’s a lot of resource here… but its probably beaconed” and look elsewhere.

@james what do you think? This would also affect the world-places menu listing of resources as that is based on the underlying data for the resource maps too; so that the places menu would be ignoring beaconed resources too. I lean towards not showing beaconed resources as an overall positive.


Holy hell this is a fantastic patch, and the notes are :ok_hand:!

However folks, please go forth and test it, and let’s give the devs the quality feedback they crave!

(We’ve had a lot of patches where the community gets excited, but then there’s an uproar about something that we didn’t realize until actually playing with it. Let’s get that out of the way before it hits live :P)


I love the fact I’ll be able to use wooden and metal signs.

Overall a pretty good set of patch notes!


This is the kind of patch that I like! Lots of bug fixes, a very strong focus on balance and quality of life, excellent additions to the GUI, and neat new content. I also like the fact that you added something special for Gleam Club members that is not OP. Keep up the good work!


PLEASE give us a search in the knowledge tab and recipe tabs. It’s so hard to find things!


Gah, I just finished updating all the tool stats on the wiki and now they’re out of date. Oh well, back to the grind.


I’m happy with the direction of these notes, as it looks like we have a patch where things were only added or improved upon.

I’m glad to see that durability was taken into account on the tool front. I have a few concerns about the changes though, particularly for the gem tools:

  1. Scalability - Dmg is still the most critical stat for tools, because of the way armor works. It would appear that with the increase in durability and DPS at the same time, this will remove some of the issue on t5, but there will likely still be issues with high armor blocks on t6 (and t6+ and above if we are going there, and if the trend of adding armor to blocks continues).

  2. Diamond remains vastly easier to obtain than the other gems, almost 30-50% easier by most accounts. I’m thinking it may still be easier to just use the more plentiful resource to get the highest dmg, and use an inexpensive speed brew (to make up for it being slow). This may change with newer worlds, but with the algorithms used for distribution, like only on shorelines or only on flat areas underwater, PLUS the fact that other gems are spawning in a larger altitude range than diamond (with seemingly the same density), this may continue to be an issue going forward. *

  • I should note that I have recently moved to using emerald 3x3, dura, dmg, with a speed brew. The added cost of emerald over diamond is not important when the forging itself makes up 90% of the cost of the tool. So maybe this is unfounded. More testing to come for me.

I will do some trials on the test server with the new tools and see how they play out, so that I’m not just an armchair general here. No matter the results, it’s far better than what existed before, so awesome!

I think the Alas changes are magnificent. As are the changes to gold / silver / titanium, they wll have a solid place in the lineup for the t1-t4 worlds now, and since scaling isn’t really a concern, this is great.

Will reply with more feedback to come.


Ah, can’t sign up for gleam club on the testing server with fake money or otherwise - would it be feasible to grant all testing characters access to it?


Brah, I feel your pain. Any wiki this early in the life of any game is going to be like trying to bail water out a sinking ship with a bucket. Good luck and godspeed.


Sounds like a very nice buff and bug fix patch!


Preview of the signs, for those that are curious:

nitpick: the gleam module (and sign) feel like they should have their padding reduced a bit - compared to the other signs at least


Will the sign still retain the emitting colored text even after your gleam club membership expires?


yes, the restriction is on adding the colored text only


Im assuming you can modify the text while keeping the color after the gleam club expires but cant change the color?


I am not 100% sure, but pretty sure you would not be able to edit and keep the colour after the expiry


When editing a sign without gleam club, the hex code I enter is stripped; seems like you’d lose colors if you edit the sign after gleam club expires


Thats a bit of a bummer but thanks for the info! :wink: @nevir @lucadeltodecso


Seems pretty reasonable - people could game gleam club a bunch with that


Gleam signs have transparency? Do they also take on the color of gleam used in creation? I can’t help but notice that all gleam signs have been pink in these images. If they take on the color of the gleam used to craft them, then…

Quite simply, gleam stained glass windows are now viable.