Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


They do! That was just the default color for that world, I think


Time to farm some gleam then! Cool blue should make a decent basic window… but I want to experiment with some nice amber shades too.


Thats awesome! Didnt even think about that.


Great work on this one, team. Super excited for those new signs.

I think at this point they should consider adding window props, as people are already using doors as windows, and with this addition - signs too.


This is great but what about titans and action!? And more costumes!


Props in general… decorations, more functional blocks! Always down for this kind of stuff!


Yeah, this seems to be a pretty important point. I wonder if there should also be a pass made against resource density/distribution as part of this patch?

The way the game is set up makes it feel like no gem should be more common than any other type, but in reality we don’t seem to be quite there (lookin’ at you, rubies)

It is hard to understand how much of that is driven from player behavior (we’re biased towards diamonds, and thus will gather more anyway), versus how gems are distributed


The thing is, rubies and diamonds are the only two gems that don’t overlap at the same altitude and spawning area. At least on Serp they don’t. In addition to there being less spawning points for Rubies doesn’t help.

I think if we had actual Burn worlds that made it easier to get Rubies we wouldn’t have that problem. I don’t really know. There’s much to be desired with higher tier worlds.


YUSSS!! Now we’re talking!
I love updates like this!!

ok I was worried about this wording at first, but after reading more it is all explained. thank you!!

Ahhhhhhh what a horrible horrible tease :sob:
(with the picture. got SO excited. I freaking LOVE colours.)
it’s ok. i’ll live :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww you guys!!! :heart:
this is perfect!!! :heart_eyes:

ah, haha awesome, thanks :smiley:
liking the tool changes! >2000 dur. :ok_hand:

ooh very nice! this will save MANY cleanse points!! Thank you!!

yay! glad you guys built yourself some of your own QOL improvements! :smiley:
helps us too!
just curious. does this work on mac as well?

yay! I’m sure many players will appreciate this. me included :slight_smile:

hoo!! this is a big one! THANK YOU!!!

These were probably needed :wink:

hmm… I didn’t experience any of this, but what I did notice was the grass would sometimes freeze and then vibrate and then randomly switch between waving like normal, perfectly still and vibrating. Thought that was pretty spoopy… was hard to tell if it was a bug tho lol.
It did succeed in creeping me out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I harm lots of animals in testing…
sorry… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
speaking of testing… time for me to hop on!

GREAT update devs!! Thank you!!!


I find the diamonds are easier to obtain on level 5 planets, but when you bring level 6s into the mix it switches it up a bit. I got about 200 diamonds every 15ish minute trip tonight on Serp (thank you again for the regen fix devs!), where I get in excess of 350 Topaz and Sapphires on Cardass or around 250-300 emeralds/ammies on shedu tier during the same time frame (One mega speed brew). I still only get about 150-200ish diamonds on alcyon since its focus is on rubies and the diamonds and rubies don’t have a lot of overlap like the other t6s do. I can get a bunch of rubies really fast since they are really packed into the hotspots, but only for so long since the spots are few and far between compared to the other gems. It’s also safer to farm diamonds on serp and switch them since I agree that Alcyon leaves much to be desired.

The primary reason I see more people farming diamonds is the increased entrance cost to farm on a level 6 instead of a level 5. As more players hit endgame forged equipment, I think the gem market will start to spin a bit since it is easier to acquire the other gems in larger numbers on t6 planets and may even go up depending on the resource distribution on the level 7s and 8s. Though we will still see a large amount of diamond/emerald tools for current endgame since you can make them one hit the stone on a level 6 planet with a good damage roll.

I would just hate for them to spend time on a distribution pass to have to redo it again with the 7s and 8s down the road. If we were severely lacking one of the gem pairs, I’d be all for it. However, I’d rather them use the time to continue development on other things and do the resource pass all at once if they feel it needs to be tweaked once all the tiers become available. (or temp resource planets/comets)

Just my experiences and opinions. Milage will vary. :smiley:


What are the requirements for the various signs? Will noobs be able to make wood ones?



Wood Sign Timber Nail Ink Spark
1x 5 2 1 200
10x 40 16 8 2000
50x 180 72 36 10000

Metal requires 500 power:

Metal Sign Iron/Copper Bar Nail Ink Spark
1x 5 2 1 400
10x 40 16 8 4000
50x 180 72 36 20000

Gleam requires 1000 power:

Gleam Sign Gleam Nail Ink Spark
1x 5 2 1 800
10x 40 16 8 8000
50x 180 72 36 40000


Good job guys! Big Thanks! :heart:


Can confirm. These make great windows! Cool Blue Gleam is probably best for a neutral look. I can easily imagine shops with text on the exterior windows advertising their wares.


Woopwoop! :grin:


What about forge stuff not showing stability and vigour cost?


Yeah, I’m a little curious about this as well because I remember the devs (might have been @jesshyland?) talking about how partial transparency with blocks would be too difficult a load on the server to render.


not sure which ones cost stability and vigour, but i did see some that stated the debuff, like for example draining boon compound 2 says it has a vigour drain of 50 for 5 rounds

@PendragonTheNinja well it’ll work, but you’re gonna run into the mesh limit with sign windows too.


Well i guess ill keep my notebook for a while longer…

But listing thos in the item description or would make new players ventures into forging alot more rewarding.


so many good fixes!!! yes!
great work guys!