Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


Good update. Now I have more reasons to use silver/gold tools. Silver was my favorite (beacuse I don’t used titan/gem tools yet =p) (only not in T5 worlds), but it have small durability, so I used mostly iron tools.

And finally I got normal atlas! yeeeee!


Awesome work!

However, this one is a bit misleading:

If black is not emissive, and metal signs default to black… Then the colored text necessary for an emissive metal sign are a Gleam Club only perk, yes?

That would be like saying in the patch notes: “Colored text on signs is now available”. without mentioning that little detail about needing a Gleam Club beacon.


Signs are meshes, not blocks, so they use a different shader that supports alpha tranparency. AFAIK there is a limit to the number of meshes you can place in a chunk so hopefully gleam signs won’t prove too taxing for anyone’s machine to handle.


Okay, thank you for clearing that up. :slight_smile:


Although no new content, with updates like that I feel that people making this game really care, and that is really rare in my opinion. Even If I don’t feel like spending few hours a day in game anymore… it’s a game I’ll be coming back to very often (beside once every for weeks to fuel my beacons :joy: )


This is a great update, lots of small fixes and improvements! I’m especially happy with the ability to move something to the top of the que in a machine. I’ll have to test out the new atlas!


There is just one word on german i can say here: BRING! :joy:


So each Gem has different damage, different durability, and one even has a different action speed?

Why? Gems should be all the same, except for the color, why are they all different? It’s the same with Silver and Gold. Gold has the higher damage, and is find near Diamonds and other needed Gems, so Gold will now might be made alot, but Silver will still be a very rare thing unless someone specifically goes out of their way to make Silver Tools, just to swing their hammer a little bit longer.

Also the Stats had nothing to do with why Gold and Iron were useless. it’s because of the pointless grind. Why grind up everything needed for Silver and Gold Recipies, when you’ll be getting a lot of Titanium Ore along the way which is can be made with the exact same Recipie, and only takes 30k investment to buy 2 Adv Coils to get the power needed to make it.

If you wanted to Balance Silver/Gold and Titanium Tools better, you’d make Silver/Gold Recipies easier, more in line with Iron/Copper.

Or, the much more likely to happen, you Nerf the heck out of Titanium Tools Recipies, and make them more inline with Gem Tools.

Changing damages and durability isn’t going to change much, as why waste all the resources to make those tools, when you can save them and use them to make Titanium instead. After all, other than Power needed first, Titanium Tools are the exact same as Silver and Gold, just needing Titanium Bars added as well. Too bad you can’t get other Recipies to be that simple of a change.



I have to disagree, each Gems Tool/Slingbow should be relatively different (but equally effective) otherwise the market would just get saturated with the ‘easier’ to farm gems - like topaz for example. You also have to think of the different types of playstyle people prefer. For example, I prefer the fast action slingbows which is why I use Silver Slingbows. But its also fun to use a Gold Slingbow and use a Crit Augment +Strength Brew for some fun bigger numbers.

I think the point of making the Silver + Gold items more effective is because you can find them on lower level planets, compared to titanum. So imagin you’re mining for iron to make some tool/weapons, then you run into a small pocket of Silver / Gold, you now have that bit of excitment that means you can make a more powerful tool/weapon which is gonna help you progress further.

You could wait and not use your alloys till you find the next upgrade and just use that instead, but you could say that for the upgrade itself and you’ll just wait till you find gems. I think the point is, its not a race to find gems, but to enjoy each step of the progression :slight_smile:

The point of changing the durabilities is because before, there was no point of useing a faster action speed (lower damage) tool, because it going to break faster so you will get more ‘blocks per tool’ for the slower weapons. But now the durabilities have been increased, it means you can you use those faster weapons, and not feel like you’re wasting resources :slight_smile:

I hope that clears up any confusion and didn’t across aggressive :+1:


Well there is also this:

I haven’t tested but I’m guessing if you use a dark enough gleam/metal, the sign text will be light/white and will be emissive.


@lucadeltodecso can colored text be placed by a GC member on signs in non-GC members beacons?

My concern is that if we have an economy spring up around GC members selling sign-coloring services, some would view that as p2w.

Edit: Tagging @james as well since this seems important


Updated OP with overview video by @Jiivita.


For Silver and Gold, I feel they should he different, yes. But for Gem, I don’t think they should be, because they are the best of the best. Every Gem Tool should be the exact same but color, and should be higher damage then every tool, faster than every tool, and last longer than every tool. Especially when there are so many gem kinds.

If they were going to split the gems, then there should only be 1 Gem, instead of the… 4? 6? However many we have right now.

And I brings this up, because look at the other tools:


Then we get:

and so on.

It breaks the pattern, it breaks the balance. The gems, and Titanium, aren’t Paired to be balanced. With 1 being slower, and the other being faster.

They complicated it, broke the system, made each Gem different from each other, on top of each being easier and harder to find, and Titanium doesn’t have a matching pair either and left alone too.

It’s as if they created the tools up to Silver, maybe added Titanium as the top tier best tool ever. Then later on just stuck Gems at the top for no reason, and ignored everything before gem tools, just giving them bigger numbers without care for balance or reason. It’s a mess.


Hey again, @jesshyland.

People are currently using doors with transparency as windows - such as regular Gleam doors, and Ornate Wooden Doors. With the addition of these new transparent Signs, I imagine people will also be using Gleam Signs as windows.

Since we’re already using meshes as windows, perhaps you guys could just consider finally putting this glass issue to bed, and giving us mesh windows? We’re all aware there is a limit to how many meshes can be placed in an area before you’re told you can’t place anymore - it’ll be just down to player discretion which meshes they want to use on their build.

(I think the current limit is 500 per chunk, which is still a hefty amount)

I love all your work, and I know you’d work wonders given free reign to design the windows you originally wanted, without restriction.


Actually, the gem system works pretty well. especially with these few minor tweaks to shore up durability issues and increase the low-end damage. You use the different types of gem tools for different applications. It isn’t complicated or broken. Once you get to that point in the game, you will see its not nearly the mess you think it is. Keep on, keeping on, Jiro. :smile:


This is just your internal rule set about patterns though. I take each material on its merit when I view them so more variety without obvious winners is preferable to me. I would imagine a lot of people are like me and don’t have an expected progression path baked in at the outset.

I feel I’m not being that clear, I mean: “Is Ruby worth mining?” is a question I ask myself, but never “Where does Ruby sit in the progression and is that in keeping with my expectations?” The former directly affects my play time plans and what I want to achieve.


Window meshes are somewhere on the Big List of Stuff For Jess To Do but it’s a pretty long list and alas, I am but one woman with only so much time in the day. It certainly is something I’d like to do though.

Ability to shape glass is necessary

We need to clone you.


To me, the question is always “Which tool has the highest Durability compared to damage” and to me that is the most important question. Because look at the patch notes tools again for example:

Out of just these 4 tools, Topaz is straight up the best tool there, and the only tool worth buying and using.

Why? Because while Sapphire and Ruby do more damage, they break faster. And when you’re at the point of 1 hitting a block, damage has no meaning.

Iron, Silver, Titanium, and so on. Damage has meaning, cause even with Max stats, they can not 1 hit blocks on certain worlds.

Gem Tools, with Max Stats, can 1 hit on nearly every world, and the ones they can’t, if you can afford Gem Tools you can afford Strength Potions as well to make them 1 hit.

At that point, Durability is the most important stat, because the longer the tool lasts, the less money you have to buy replacing them.

You’d have to waste more money over time to buy Sapphite and Ruby Tools, compared to Amethyst and Topaz, meaning if you use the 2 former tools, you’re losing money over all, and more often as well.

^ that isn’t opinion, that’s math and straight up fact. Topaz is the best tool there out of the 4 seen and their stats shown.


content is king!

nobody can say the devs are not listening to the community after this changes!

oh damn i missed that :frowning:
any screenshots?