Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


…all the Bokoblin came back to life as well!


I am so looking forward to the atlas update in particular :smiley: …I’m going to hopefully have a go in testing this weekend to check it out … as well as the new signs … looks like a really good update :grin:


The trouble with that kind of thinking - “math and fact” to paraphrase - is that it assumes everyone values that the same as you do. Where you see a clear winner that means there is no point farming something else, I see an opportunity to get a tool which is nearly as good and perhaps isn’t as heavily populated at peak mining times by other players.

That’s just one example. The problem with basing everything off maths like that is although it’s technically correct, it’s often different in practice. If all gem tools were adjusted to perform exactly equally in terms of durability loss to mining it would be a boring choice and at that point you may as well just have one gem type.

I’m not saying you’re incorrect, I’m saying everyone has a different lens and what’s best for one of us might not be as valuable to others.


Cool list of thing on update.
First time after 1.0 I did jump to test server to check out some of the things… I mean new signs :smiley:
Because recent deluxe purchase I was able to test colors on signs, and those work like on gleam club color chat, so easy to use :slight_smile:

Hard to say much about tool and weapon changes, to me there is no point to test those in unknown worlds. But what I can say is, awesome that slingbow durabilities are increased. Changes to topaz make it interesting choice instead of emerald and diamond, feels like now all planet types have own power gem type.

These knowledge and GUI additions are great to me these are best thing on this update. Still missing search but all these things should make many players playing much easier when client is able to show information better and faster.
Now that game knowledge shows everything I think some craftable/have skill indicator or filter might be good to knowledge. And crafting skills on skills showing unlocked recipes finally in this skill system, very nice!
Nice update now just waiting it to come live :slight_smile:


Do the hex codes count against the character limit on the sign?



Great looking update, can’t wait :smiley:


Looks like a great update. Here’s hoping a last minute fix to the footfall might slide into this as well.


Damn, that’s a little disappointing :frowning:


Do a little bit of math. If you don’t count the hex values, a rainbow text could be 9 times as long as a regular text. This would need further textvalidation and parsing and bigger datatypes in the DB or other persisting worldstorage.


Nice Update sounds very interesting.
But i have a question: are there any news on the Linux Version? @james


Awesome so many things to like !!! :grin::grin::grin:


Question about this. What happens if the day you place the sign and color code, you were Gleam Club, but then the next day you weren’t?

A, would the sign still be colored?
B, If you open the sign would it lose the color?
C, if you open the Sign and change the text, would it lose the color?
D, is this just an excuse to keep people paying money to keep their signs colored?


The only metals that make signs are Copper and Iron. They default to black. So, no emissive signs unless you change the color.

It seems that glowing signs are to be limited to a few colors of Gleam signs then, for non- Gleam Clubbers.

I was just pointing out they should have made that clear. something like “Metal signs will Glow for Gleam Club users”


Yeah that was annoying, always have 9 atlasses with me (part of the ‘travel kit’) and looking for the right one sometimes is a pain when some of them kinda look alike at a glance. Especially on PS4 you then move the cursor to the upper right atlas, click triangle, see the name, then the cursor resets to the middle one, arghhhhh! I get why that is done, it’s better in most situations but it wasn’t in this one and so many times have I wondered why it wouldn’t show me the planet name when hovering over it!


Jump up to Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++! and read from there - I think it answers your questions


Okay everyone! Get your wallets out! We need to clone her, they can then work in shifts! While we’re at it, we need to clone all the devs! Come on! You know we need this! Pay up!



LOL, I should have scrolled 1 post further I see… Ah well great minds and all that…


Since this update seems to have to do a lot with the atlases I’m going to ask here before I forget:

Is anyone having trouble getting a Rosetta nox into their atlas? I couldn’t do it with my 50/50 atlas on Angel 1 the other night. I even tried going out to get a “fresh” one.
I’ve been able to put items in atlases before, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t just fumbling it, but I could be wrong. Admittedly I was very, very tired. Also, on ps4.

I seem to recall there was an issue with them not showing up on shelves before but it seems to be fixed. Maybe just another nox issue?


You should rather put the proper leaf into atlas (inky one?). You can’t put gathered plants, nor boulders into the atlases :slight_smile: