Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


Hahaha, ok now I feel silly. Thanks!


The heart is not enough. Love you guys!


Very nice! A ton of awesome updates and features! Can’t wait to see the atlases in action!


yep balance and why boost gems tools/weapons too? ppls skip others tools again when gems tools is better now OMG golds tools weapons have still crazy stats when i see how many hours needs to farm golds golds is now slighty better than iron hahahaha i think team waht balancing game must sleep or not mining hours in mountains when create this .And new ingredients to mid/low game no??? or more HC centraforge cheating?and waste time and mats?


Well that’s me set on a sky base with star views then. Testing gives you crazy aspirations now we have the give menu. :slight_smile:


Am I the only person who doesn’t like the borders around these signs?


I think it fits. Anything made of gleam is gaudy


The Iron, Copper and Wood ones suit me just fine. Those Gleam signs aren’t my personal preference, but I know a bunch of people who go in for that particular look.


Updated OP with details of Testing 204.1.


I don’t know what that means, but it sounds very impressive.



Can this filter have an effect on how the item counter looks? I don’t know how to explain it but they look different.
Anyway it’s not a big deal.


Well, I was playing a bit on the test server and the update is awesome. Lots of details that improve the game experience a lot.

Just one question.

Can you tell me which color is this refined stone?

Sometime ago, someone from the team answer me that it was a bug (I think it was Steggs) So, I want to know if this is the intended look for the refined stones or not, and if I get an answer I swear I won’t speak anymore about this :slight_smile:



Is testing over?
Is it out?
Are we there yet?



I can’t wait for this update to come out, super excited for it :grin::sunglasses:


Tried a vital orb in an atlas, I was on a small island in testing and a few hot spots appeared. I found each mushroom and within minutes the hot spots disappeared from the map so these atlases are for all intents and purposes now running practically in real time :smiley: amazing job Devs …The hot spots, even for individual mushrooms, are quite large in comparison to their actual size so hunting for underground items will still require digging in the general area to find them but at least you will know if the hot spot is still there then so is the resource, even if it is just one node.


Would it be a big code change if the locations list would be bigger? It’s one of the annoying things that’s still bugging me daily!!

In any case: keep up the good work! The patch sounds to be awesome! Hopefully coming out soon, monday/tuesday I’m hoping!


I asked about this elsewhere & got a response. Here: Are these Refined Rock colours as intended?


Ohh, thank you, you make my day.


Dumb question…but is there any way to zoom in on the atlas on the PS4?

I don’t mean pulling the trigger to lift it in front of you, I nean actually zoom in to a useful scale


those maps don’t exist in a better resolution… that’s the best you’ll get unfortunately. unless they make major changes to how the map is displayed/saved