Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


I would be nervously be waiting for it to break.


Awesome updates!!

I have only 1 single request for the future:

Please create a way for us to “Max craft all possible” with one click. For example, I have 3000 trunks in my inventory and I want to make them all timber. Right now now I have to click the button 3000 times, and that takes like 15 min lol. Or if I am running around filling all my refineries with mass crafts of refined stone, I have to click 30 times on each machine. This would be an incredible quality of life update. Thanks for all you guys are doing, the game is awesome!!


Oh, ok, You have made the translucent Gleam Sign.
So you will make the new glass window that can automatically splice gaps?
But at least before it appears, white and cool blue Gleam Sign will become a substitute for glass windows.


It looks like “Night Azure” refined metamorphic.


Turn on accessibility options, then press square and the PS button at the same time, it will zoom the screen in. You can move the zoomed part with the right stick. Normal control of a game is not possible until you exit zoom tho but have used it a lot when something was too small (looking at you The Witcher 3 on release!).


It’s black :slight_smile:


Diamonds are easierto get than rubies, so tbh ruby tools should be a bit better, so at all, having all gem tools being the same is boring, maybe i want more speed that i then in trade cant 1hit on t6 or t7.


Ah, ok. I only said as i have a few of the colour i mentioned and they are also shiny like metallic.


i was ok with using iron … and im still using it for some stuff. u get tons of it, it has great stats and great forge efficiency.

low forged iron is still on par with unforged titanium.
I cant understand the emphasis on gold and silver tool stats when not the stats, but the availability of gold and silver on lower lvl planets was the main problem for those tools and still remains. people in mid-game need precious metals anyway for alloys and machines more than for tools. Maybe the economy will fill those holes now that those tools are better… lets see. For me its great, cause i get stacks of this stuff and gonna fill my shop stands :smile:


No tools nerfed :heart:


No ’tools’ nerfed???..



No weapon or tool has been nerfed with these changes - per the devs


Does this mean the same “technology” can be used now to create seamless glass like those gleam signs? What about tinted glass too? PLEASE SAY YES haha xD


They’re on the to do list.


Nothing against your post!

My slightly cheeky implication was that the devs specifically stating there was no tool nerfing may imply there is nerfing in other areas!

Just trying to gently stir the pot :shushing_face:


Lol I’d probably have an aneurysm if they nerfed the other tools/weapons :rofl:


They nerfed flint and gravel.



Not meant as a whine but to encourage the use of gem tools how about making them easier to craft? Turn them into shards and use the shards to make the tools?

Using mass crafts only (who wouldnt) the titanium tools aren’t too bad of a jump from iron as you turn the titanium into alloys and increase the quantities

But for gems to mass craft gem hammers you need a very large amount of gems which until then (ignoring buying 3x3 hammers from shops) you need to mine with normal titanium hammers making it quite a struggle to get enough gems.

The progression from iron to titanium is bad enough but the progression from titanium to gems is another order of magnitude…


I was thinking the other week about the tool costs in terms of a task list as I play primarily solo. Although of course sometimes I use coin to shortcut time costs it’s something I consider about value of tools and what it means in terms of player time investment to get to different tiers of game experience. (I think about this a lot because it feels too me like too much of the fun of the game is behind progress gates with minimum time investments.)

Anyway so I fiddled around with a task list by tool to think about the progression jump problem in another way besides just “X is hard to get” which is my usual frame of thinking. I was going to add estimated times to task but it varies so much between people it didn’t seem useful. This is what I jotted out thinking about iron versus titanium:

Iron Hammers


22 iron bar
--mine 22 iron ore
--coal for heat incidental

29 stick
--harvest 6 trunks

8 sackcloth
--harvest 16 fibrous leaves

8 glue
--gather 8 sap & 8 bones

Titanium Hammers


22 titanium alloy*
--mine 21 titanium ore
--mine 42 silver/gold ore
--also iron/copper ore for smelting
--coal for heat incidental

29 stick
--harvest 6 trunks

8 cotton cloth
--harvest 32 fibrous leaves

8 enriched bonding agent
--gather 8 sap & 8 bones
--80 ancient essence
----gather 18 medium fossil or 72 small fossil
--40 fresh essence
----gather 80 raw meat/other
--harvest 8 shimmering orb


500 power
--5 workbench coils*
----4 iron furnace base
----12 machined copper*
------mine 100 copper ore
----4 compact diamond*
------mine 40 rough diamonds
----gather 12 ancient tech components

* plus spark costs along the way

I guess if one did the same with iron versus gem it’d be the same jump but larger. It made me think more about it not just being about damage/durability but value in terms of time to get to the mine, not just when I’m in the mine. Also possibly about why players might make the choices they do when facing the “gem wall”.


Don’t mass craft your first set of tools. Problem solved.