Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++!


Don’t mass craft!!!

I think my brain would break if I even attempted anything else…



As much as I dislike not doing a masscraft I do have a few exceptions!

  1. if I’m short a few items for something big that I really need, like a few days ago I was making some more power coils, yes, I did mass craft power coils, and needed a handful more machined gold/silver. Since it’s an item I don’t use all that often outside of power coils and since it was the last one on the list and wanted to turn the craft on before going to bed I did a few singles to be able to start it.
  2. some forge materials. Since the creature trophies can be rather rare I rarely do more than a Bulk craft for some of them, tho have to admit that past few days I’ve been hunting more and was finally able to wait until I could do some masscrafts of 2 out of the 3 items that are on my exceptions list…

Thing is, doing Bulk crafts until you can do Mass crafts on a regular basis can be a good idea


Sound advice, but I can feel my eye twitching at the thought.


Updated OP with details of Testing 204.2. This version will be published to Live shortly.


Not sure how well surfaced this one was, but I’d suggest tweaking the patch notes around emissive sign text a bit:


Ooooo…more goodies.


Love :sparkles::sparkles::heart_decoration::sparkles::sparkles: the updates that are coming :slight_smile: :grinning::star_struck:

I rarely post, but I was noticing that the new signs are really dark. Even the lightest ones (white). I think I was hoping the metal ones would have at least a low level of illumination or chrome effect (like refined metal).


I think color text on signs should be for everyone. Is not a cosmetic thing like chat colors, is part of the building experience. Can you reconsider that?


Isn’t the visual experience exactly what a cosmetic thing is? The colour of the text those not change gameplay in any way.


I mean, until now, you cannot see the difference between a building from a gleam club member and a standard player. After this, you will.


Yes, and no. It would also mean that it would be okay if gleam club members have access to certain block colours and non members don’t. What does it matter? It’s a visual experience, exactly what a cosmetic thing is!


Personally… I don’t care :wink: really. But I understand your point. And if different colour blocks are in your opinion a p2w thing, then different text colour on would be too.


There is a fine line here. If you have 2 builds, right next to each other. both small shops. One, with a “Shop” sign you can’t read in the dark, and the other with an easily readable glowing neon green “Shop” sign… then the one with the sign you can actually read gets the business at night-time.

Some would call this a clear advantage.


I’m part of the gleam club, and mostly because I want to support the game, but even if it not the case, the autofuel beacon is a good enough feature to pay for it. IDK, we already had a lot of noise about the P2W thing so, is this really needed?


easily solveable with a well placed light block/mesh


Peoples idea of what P2W means, is somewhat different than what I’m pretty sure it’s meant to mean.



“That word you keep saying…I do not think it means what you think it means.”




Swatting aside valid concerns by nitpicking on p2w aspect is cheeky at the least.
I’m not fuming at the sign text but i’d be lying if I said i’m not:
A- Annoyed that i will have to pay money for a colour on sign text now
B- Worried at the precedent this sets as further down the line as income dries up there’s a potential for more decorative blocks/special colours to be locked behind paywalls.


I never said it’s pay to win, it’s just something that’s suddenly quite different then it was before. Chat text colour and how your character looks does not affect game play at all, but how your build looks and thus how your signs look could mean one attracts more players than the other and that does sound like the start of a very slippery slope to me!

Truth be told, I do have gleam club and am sure to extend it when the time comes so I’m not worried one bit one way or the other :wink: