Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Yes, get new update, thx :slight_smile:


Yes on Testing. Last one before the weekend now done.

Restart Steam to force the update.

Come hang on Nentari…


It looks like they are all worth 50 prestige for now…


I check tomorrow, the pub is calling…


This is hopefully the version unless something major is discovered.

(There are known issues - but we’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Things already being prepared for the update after this one.)


Have there been any work on lightning?
It looks softer now, less saturated, or are i dreaming?


Testing 210.11:

  • Guilds:
    • Restyled the Guild buttons to allow more space for Guild and Faction names as well as including the faction icons.
    • The Guild Beacons list is now just one list with filters for Aligned and Controlled.
    • All lists of Guilds and Guild Beacons are ordered alphabetically.
    • Added the Guild members amount into the Guild details in the Guild overview screen.
    • Added a button for Endeavour on the Guild Control Overview screen. This shows the Guilds total Endeavour and a description of what Endeavour is.
    • Added Guild Tag to Guild rename message.
    • Make the guild buff Helix Power Coil VFX the same color as the guild buff Helix VFX.
    • Fix a crash removing Power Coils that had been attached to a guild buff Helix.
    • Fix for guild engineers not being able to chisel constructions in guild controlled beacons.
    • Fix for players with guild builder/worker/engineer permissions not being able to warp into guild controlled beacons.
    • Fixed an issue with disbanded guilds remaining as blank guilds in your guild membership list.
    • Fixed issues displaying the guild settlement information inside general settlements.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by attempting to update crafting states on machines and spark cores in the same frame that they are being broken.
  • Fixed a sporadic server crash when starting crafts on certain arrangements of machines due to undefined behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue where portals visible through portals glitch out for a frame or so when you enter a world.


Well, there goes all my excitement.


Is it the refined rock/deco wood that decides the colour on the new blocks?

Decorative gravel seems like it should be the gravel though.

I think I saw a post about the colours somewhere, but can’t track it down.


Color from the rock or wood


Thanks :+1:


I feel bad that I’m pretty disappointed in the new block requirements. In all the time I’ve played, I’ve never had the mats to make Super Enriched BA.


I know I’ve seen you can have primary and “secondary” guilds. Does all your endeavor go into just the primary or is some put in every guild you’re in? Not sure if it’s been answered already


@james, its over midnight Friday night. Go home and get some sleep…


I feel you. That was my first reaction.
I got a bit more relaxed about it when I saw the single output is 4 blocks and the mass of 50 doesn’t ask for too much. So at the moment I’m only slightly disappointed with the super-enriched bonding agent being there.


I’m so ready for this update! When already!!! The suspense is killing me. :nerd_face::+1:


James, have you addressed concerns about using coin as the primary fuel for the guild machines? Right now coin is the most unreliable resource in the game, and it seems (to me at least) like these should be fueled by something a guild can ban together and collect.


Agree, got a chuckle out of me over those two lines. LOL


Whenever I see a big black rectangle pop up on the left side of the screen I keep getting excited and hoping it’s the ‘server will go down for maintenance tomorrow at…’ message!

Who else has this? :smiley:


It just popped up! @AeneaGames