Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Super-enriched bonding agent for a block?! I’ve got a lot of ignoring to do in this update. :roll_eyes:


They are kind Teal greenish.

left extractor coil - right helix coil

Helix Accept a max of 24 coils.


I tried several times to get mine to accept more…it will only take 8. Ima try again…


they only attach to the top or bottom so you have to place them around the top block or bottom block


Ah. Makes sense, ty


maximum coils on helix is 8 :wink: the level 3 buff need 800 power thats why you cant connect more


This is going to be quite an update. We will have, at least, the following going on:

  • People crafting new blocks and sourcing mats for them causing new market forces
  • People forming guilds and racing to get buffs
  • Viceroys, Wardens and Settlements changing
  • Changes to income
  • Global chat
  • … and most importantly, it looks like I’ll no longer get stuck on my slopey bits

So much change! Exciting times!


sure they only need 8 but you can connect 24 to it with no benefit thought.


12 on top, 12 on bottom :+1:


i have tried it too, yes my mistake, you can only connect on first and last block and only 8 coils has any effect

and for the fun XD killing wildstock with a coil XD


I’d have to check again, but I think they all only require 800 power…so 24 coils are pretty, but prob overkill lol


0/200/800 power the buff need


Remember there will be more helix types in future so maybe more expensive buffs too?


you need for every buff a new helix so you need never more as 8 coils each helix


Being able to select any color for the plots is SUPER duper handy :+1:


Are the new blocks affected by type change chisels?


Has anybody determined Prestige values for the new blocks?



ten characters…


Second time tonight i get the message server is closing, and get the “your client is out of date.” when i try to restart. But no patch downloading when i get online again.

Is there updates happening?


restart steam