Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Yikes. That seems a stretch even for pooled resources given experience of recent income levels. I think this system will end up on the Pretend It Isn’t There list. :slight_smile:


They attach to the top or bottom block of the helix. I did not test if there was a max you can put but the highest buff require 800 power and each coil provides 100 power each.



cheers for that - were there advanced power coils available to craft, that would give 300?

if not than maybe 4 pieces per end is max (total 8), or maybe it’s more (connecting up to 6 per end) for some future high end helix and buffs?

do they look like other power coils and is recipe very similar?

sorry for so many questions, trying to get ready over weekend


No advance power coils, and i know you can place more than 8. They do not provide any benefit only beeing able to buy the buff.

They look like the extractor coil for now. So blue

Recipe is using these mats : refined titanium, each refined gems, ancien tech devices. ( i do not remember the exactnumber of each)


Boundless Empires is here! Enjoy The Update Everyone

omg more high end than I expected - super-enriched bonding agent? :sleepy:


You the GOAT lol. Im guessing a mass would be like ~288 rock, ~18 bonding agent, ~36 of the 3rd mat?


Nice to see the requirements for the new blocks.
Wicker seems pretty RSS heavy though lol


Should add, each of these recipes for “Single” craft creates 4 blocks, similar to bricks :construction:

New Blocks Crafting time are too crazy?

Good to know


Yea that wicker would be a pain. Maybe it should be refined timber instead?


That’s a nice straw man, but not actually what anyone is seriously arguing. It doesn’t matter if you build something cool, your effort for the build isn’t what is rewarded, especially if you build away from the main hubs as few will actually go there. The thing that gets you money is when you hit that “open portal” button to PS or Ultima. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if you just fill up a full plot near a portal hub/main town with enough disjointed blocks to get to 10k prestige, that plot is getting paid. The people arguing against footfall largely agree with you; your effort should be rewarded in game, not the placement of your build.

I don’t think anyone is going to begrudge the larger guilds their effort for running what are likely going to be the only relevant guilds in the game. But if everything is priced similarly to the grapple and run buff shown above (I honestly don’t know, I havn’t played much recently and I don’t usually go on testing), a smaller guild isn’t ever going to be able to run these at all, or will be running like 1 or 2 minor buffs. Maybe that’s the intent, but I dislike that it’s limited not really by how much effort the guild puts in, but how much money they have. If the footfall fix helps this, then that is awesome, but will have to wait to be seen.


Yeah. Other new blocks ask for refined rock, not decor.




288 for mass would be effect of 8 for single, I think. Assuming single is 1, bulk is 10 and mass 50.
So, maybe 216?


I love that they are using ingredients for the new items that haven’t had much use before :+1: . Gotta seek out some tangle and stop giving away creature mantles lol

Here’s the mass craft:


Ah, single output is 4!


There it is. Thank you. That’s a lot cheaper to make than i thought. And yes finally some use for all this gravel, refined gleam and creature mantle i’ve been hoarding lol


… and all that super-enriched bonding agent should hoover up some bones, tallow and fossils! Sap might become an issue - expect a blip on AoE axes?


Im rolling in all of those too lol and it’ll also create more demand for those items which can be obtained at a low level as well