Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


The Helix machines use Power not Spark.


So they have there own coils too? Or just generate it themselves? ( Im not in testing so no idea)


But that’s why there are weaker/cheaper guild buffs available- for smaller or more casual guilds.


You need to add Power Coils to the Helix machines for the higher level buffs.


Can’t wait for new blocks!!!


More coils! I may have to increase my Helix machine storgage build then :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes - but remember that Guild Helix + Coil investment is supposed to be shared across a guild.

(Yes - you can be a 1 person guild army and do everything yourself. But the expectation is you’ll be collaborating with others. Hence the Helix stuff is pretty expensive.)


Can any of you helpful testing folk share the ingredients for the new block types? Wanna stock up in preparation.


Majorvex put pictures up on the gyosha mall discord channel and I put it roughly into words for someone on the boundless official discord general section where someone asked


This is what I put in case don’t have discord

They all take super enriched bonding agent. mosaic is refined ign rock & creature mantle, gravel is refined sed rock & gravel, marble is refined meta rock and refined gleam. The wicker is decorated wood & tangle


Awesome… thanks!


Does the color of the rock or the color of the gleam matter?


Rock :volcano:


Thanks for this. Does anyone have the numbers of how many of each are needed for a mass craft?



Did I miss it in release notes for testing? I mean helix power coils.
What’s the maximum coils that can be connected to a helix?


Probably 24 like with the rest. More interesting to know would be how to make them!


maybe - however, helix takes more blocks than 4 from what I saw, so…
5 to be exact


It appears to be missing at the moment. We’ll make sure it’s added for the release.


yeah true, forgot about that.

But I suppose that means max of 30 then?


then again i dont think power coils connection would look good on the rotating part - it seems to me the end parts will be for that, meaning only 2 blocks for power coils? just guessing - the animated helix looks awesome and I just cant see it going well with the current zaps from coils; so I was thinking that maybe 12 coils is max for helix?

all that is just mumbling of an ignorant though :blush: