Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Time to start tearing up the floor i just put down smh :joy:


@james will the up coming update include aoe spanners just wondering


deliver quality not speed… good job!


I’ve just gone from “Next week, yay! The update should be fun” to “OMG OMG OMG NEW BLOCKS WANT NOW NOW HYPE!!!”.


This wouldn’t by chance fix the issue where you can fall off of chiselled blocks while creeping?


No, creeping will still only work on full-block boundaries for now


Is there a toggle for creep?


People are having a hard time keeping up with portals…I guess the game will end up with two main Guilds …Ultima & PS…until they can’t or won’t maintain/afford them anymore. The helix machines run 24/7 wearing down the spark generator and coal - the same way portals constantly consume oort. Plus they cost a ton (granted, they shouldn’t be cheap). This doesn’t seem enjoyable. :unamused:


The 1 week Duration refers to the fact that, after a week you lose it all and have to rebuild it? or?


You have to fuel it again as far as I know


Even though I didn’t have enough guild coin or endeavour, the spark generator still got worn out and I had to fix it. The helix quit spinning…so I guess it stopped.


As seen in the image, it had almost 400k spark/fuel.


How long did it take to wear it out roughly


According to my screenshots, January 4th was the last day I was on the test server (besides today).


Ok so a couple of days isn’t terrible as far as wear


I feel this way to about footfall. If I build something frikin cool, and I get a ton of footfall over to it, screw the guy that says I don’t deserve it because I have more coins than his rock and weed on a plot.

There will be so many players complaining that bigger guilds and the money they are spending, on the perks for their guild is unfair compared to their tiny guild. People complain now that players with decent footfall have more footfall because of picking a choice location and building something worth seeing on it. Even though they own a rock and a weed they want the same perks or for footfall to go away, because their jealousy feels like the system is unfair.

My pessimistic self thinks no matter what happens there will be the same ones complaining it’s unfair to them, even though they could put in the same efforts.

Humans are their own enemy.


Love the new blocks.




That decorative mosaic looks amazing! So excited for this update.

Re: buff costs don’t forget that every member is capped to 500 endeavor per week so you’ll need at least 8 ppl in the guild to keep the mega buff going indefinitely. Once you got 8 ppl, the coin cost is 20k/person/week. Hopefully that doesn’t seem like a lot because this update also contains the Daily Footfall change, because this update is gonna be awesome!!!


I’m really glad this update is going to include some new blocks as the guild feature for a predominantly independent player is of little use/interest.