Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


I read the previous part now I get it.


Updated OP with details of Testing 210.9.


:open_mouth: OH YES THIS IS SO GOOD




I’m not sure the process to add items to dev menu but maybe new items can be added. None of the decorative items being released are available in dev give. We must craft still…


Ugh, I keep seeing the blue topic and thinking the new update is imminent…only to be disappointed.


If only it wasn’t just for PC


So, any idea when it might be ready, James? Since I’m sure Sony can’t be the culprit holding it back still :wink:


This is a very heavy feature which touches on vital systems like beacons and permissions. One nasty bug could cause people to lose progress, have items stolen, etc. I’m glad they’re taking their time on this one!


Yes, that’s indeed more than fine with me as well.

Except, I would love to hear more about when they are aiming to release this.

First it was Sony’s fault why they couldn’t release around the holidays, thus it became first full week of January which is now almost concluded and we haven’t heard a peep about it except patch notes for the testing version.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s more than most devs communicate, they are still working on it to perfect it but I’m looking forward to it so I’m just like a little kid going “are we there yet? well, are we? there?” :joy:


Hey Everyone.

The release will now be early next week. Sorry! We tried really hard to get it done for this week, but in the past couple of release candidates on Testing we found little issues that really needed to be fixed. And the fixing cycle requires us to follow a submission process with PlayStation.

On the positive side - the release already includes quite a few improvements based on feedback from players on Testing. The details have been shared in the release notes. So this will hopefully be more like Guilds 1.1 than Guilds 1.0 (or Guilds 0.9). Honestly it’s this additional development (often called feature creep) that introduced the issues and delayed us.

@a13o is correct that this release does contains some significantly different systems. Both Guilds and Messaging are universe spanning systems. (If you add a player to a guild on World A, and someone else removes another player on World B - then everything needs to be sync-up in real time.) Previously every system was isolated within a world. Only the portals were special and linked worlds together. The Guilds and Messaging have hence required new universe wide architecture and systems. We don’t want to release this late in the week where we risk destabilising the game over the weekend. So we’re trying to be mature and sensible and grownup and will release early next week.


It’s for the best. I know we were all hoping for this week but better to wait a few days than have an unplayable buggy game over the weekend. Luckily i have a large project to keep me busy during that time :smile:


I prefer the extra polish =D. Happy to wait for awesome things =D


If this is marble, I pray for strength to replace my entire marble-resembling ice palace xD


It is, and the reflections are amazing.


Updated OP with details of Testing 210.10.

The new blocks are described as:

  • Decorative Marble: An exquisite decorative Block Crafted from a certain type of Rock. Artists of the Oortian period created fine statues using similar materials.
  • Decorative Mosaic: An eye-catching decorative Block made up of smaller Blocks called Tesserae, a handy fact to impress other Citizens with!
  • Decorative Refined Gravel: An unusual decorative Block created by compacting certain materials. Useful for building stylish roads, walls and for grazing knees!
  • Decorative Wicker: A pretty decorative Block made from vegetation. Ancient Oortians created large Wicker images of themselves many moons ago; not many survived due to close proximity to Lava.

And we officially can’t do any more Testing point releases because we’ve hit the character limit on a single forum post. Guess we’ll just have to release it. (Early next week.)


The new blocks sound interesting :grinning:


Hahahaha. :grin: love those two bits.


Nice the new blocks are coming soon :grinning::grin:
Thanks for the good work Dev’s :+1::+1:


I do not know which colors will be available in the LIVE version of the game…I typed random numerical values into the color input to view the blocks…that being said: