Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Who does? I didn’t. Since today is a normal workday for most people it would’ve been possible to release today and I was just hoping to get a relase date.

Classy, very, very classy, ahem! Perhaps take a good look at what you wrote, sjeesh!


straightens bowtie and adjusts monocle before re-reading what he wrote

I stand by my opinion. I’m a software developer, I know how releases work. Expecting a release to be available after two days of statutory holiday that come after a two-day weekend, with a single working day in between which is unlikely to have been productive outside of a pub for local cultural reasons, would require that people be in and working on their weekend and holidays. That’s unacceptable in civilized cultures and we only relatively recently welcomed the Brits into that category so don’t scare them off.

Oh, and your mom. So there.


Looks sideways then whispers How about the new blocks, James? :smiley:


Idk about yall but im happy it wont be until the first full week of January. I wont be able to play until then anyway :smile:. Gives the team a chance to take a break as well. They’re gonna have a big 2019 im sure


which blocks?


Good for you, me too.

Bad assumption right here. I thought it would’ve been ready right before Christmas (which was correct, BTW) and thought they wouldn’t want to risk releasing it on Monday 'cos they would not be able to patch bugs until after Christmas (which was partly correct, didn’t count on Sony).

You then had the audacity to tell me that if one expects such things that my parents shouldn’t have had any children.


Combined with that little tidbit actually means that you’re not a very nice person and one then has to wonder if your parents shouldn’t have had any either.

Still ok with everything you wrote??


Keep it on topic please. Discuss the game. Take your personal quibbles to PM’s.


The ones from the roadmap I think.



Also, new blocks = new planets too right? :wink:

It seems the roadmap is saying the Hunter and new blocks will be the next update after guilds.


Updated OP of details of Testing 210.7.

HELP! Give us your opinion on protecting settlement identity?

Anyone else itching their neck waiting for this update?


Updated OP for details of Testing 210.8.


Those portal tweaks should hopefully help reduce the lag in busy hubs, looking forward to that :grinning::+1:


My GF will be happy to hear this. She was getting tired of not enough female oriented things in this game and especially sounding like an old man when her stamina went out.


That’s what I zero’ed in on too! So excited!


Looks like you guys are taking the time to get this update really complete before you release it.

That’s awesome!!

Can’t wait!


Under Beacons in Places the Guild Alignment section still puts brackets around the tag. Any ability to remove the [ ] surrounding brackets?

Under Settlements if you have a beacon aligned to a guild, you no longer see any player as Viceroy or Mayor of a settlement and instead see the guild. I assume this was a design decision (which makes some sense) but I’m not sure it was communicated to everyone. So I figured I would share. Basically under this design you don’t see a player unless you actually walk into the settlement I guess.


This is a pretty cool piece of info!


I don’t understand… :joy:


Can not wait for this update, any ETA on when it’s coming to PS4? :grin::hugs:

Happy 2019 to everyone at Wonderstruck & on Boundless.