Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Well there is more than just the buffs, private messaging channels, permissions controlled through the guild, and sense of unity and belonging. Just having the guild system alone without the buffs is well worth it.
The buffs just further incentivise cooperation for the greater good.


Updated OP with details of Testing 210.5.


Does that mean the footfall check the settlement name, instead of the id?
Then you can change settlement name to reset footfall?


Thank you James, very cool.


No, its just the the settlements system runs in the background gradually recomputing the new settlements as its too expensive to do in real time, and if a rename or a footfall update happened during the recomputation, the delta would be lost but now correctly applies to the “in-progress being rebuilt settlements” too.

footfall wont be reset by changing names.


Updated OP for details of Testing 210.6.


PC only I presume?

Also, nice to see fixes for the event, does that mean we get to see release 211 before the event is over? :slight_smile:


Where can you acces that ?


When is this update supposed to go live?


I think “admin” is the key word there… sounds like you would need admin perms to be able to use them… but i could be wrong :wink:


But i feel rather important and all that! :smile:


How is this not being celebrated by looting in the streets!! :tada: mark this day as the end of lost settlement sections, thanks sooo much!


Yep, they are gonna be part of the developer console :shushing_face:


Soooo, this has been in testing for 2 weeks now and it usually never is. Now I get that unforeseen bugs and issues might have cropped up preventing a release last week, and I understand not wanting to do it on the 24th, but was kinda hoping for today! Since that’s not happening it’s rather doubtful it will be tomorrow on a Friday and next Monday is the 31st.

So I want to know what you guys are aiming for, next week, January 2? Or??


Blame Sony, they don’t like updates coming out over Christmas.


We’re unable to publish updates to the PS4 version between Christmas and New Year. We tried really hard to get the update ready before the break. But ultimately concluded a stable version was the priority and if something major was discovered then we’d not have been able to patch the PS4 versions.

We are targeting the first full week of January for the Guilds and Messaging release.

[Feedback] after a few weeks

Wait, what? People expect the devs to work over the holidays just so that they can enjoy a finer degree of entertainment on their own time off?

Just no.

The devs are people who put their trousers^H soiled loincloths on one leg at a time like (most of) the rest of us do. They deserve a decent break in which to rest and recharge their batteries and come back refreshed and more productive in the new year. I hope none of them, even james, have a single though of helixes and footfall for a full week.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children if they’re going to turn out like this.


My work usually shuts down between Christmas and New Year’s as well (except the military branch) so this is no new concept to me. As long as the game is still running smooth.
Most ppl have so much going on right now anyway, I tend to ignore or forget about game updates this time of year. So I’m kinda thankful there’s no major update.

Take this time to refresh!


@james Thanks for the update! Hope you guys can get some time off to enjoy the new year!


Thank you or the update James! I rather know then hoping it will come sooner! :slight_smile: