Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


I agree, its stops me from switching guilds depending on what I wan to do that day. So I am primary in guild 1 because they have damage buffs, then I switch to guild 2 so I can use the crafting buffs. While these buffs are not in place yet, the developers have said they are adding more guild buffs and I think it is an exploit to be switching guilds before every task just to gain a buff.


If we allowed characters to receive active buffs when switching primary guild then the bigger guilds would be able to create enough factions that permanently had all the buffs running and players would switch as required.

A guild is supposed to be something you align with for a decent duration.


Cough, cough. A better option would be a cool down between assigning a guild to be your primary. Why you may ask? Because if a person assigning the guild as primary at the start of the buff has to wait a whole week before getting the buff while a person assigning the guild as their primary at the last day gets the buff almost immediately. A cool down between choosing primary guild well makes everyone the same. You don’t change buffs until the cool down is up. That to me ensures people to stick with a guild for a while not just because of the buff. My suggestion is 2 weeks-month. I hope that makes sense.

Edit: just remembered that it will pick a random primary guild if you leave a guild. So I guess that would have be fix before my primary guild selection cooldown idea. Still something to think about in the future.

Edit: grammar and wording to better explain my point.


I need to be able to change guilds as I want for other reasons like management, etc. So the buff is a minor thing to the larger needs. A cool down would impact that.


What does that have to do with what I am saying :thinking: you can switch between guilds but choosing a primary is different that only effects buffs correct. I think I either don’t understand how it works or you didn’t understand what I was referring to.


You can be in and manage many guilds.

I think the only things the Primary Guild selection gives you:

  1. is the buffs of that guild and faction, and
  2. it labels your character as a member of the Primary Guild: ]I[ James.
  3. and your XP generates Endeavour for the Primary Guild. (Thanks @Gorillastomp.)


Question about this, does this mean if i pm 10 different people that i get 10 extra channels for 30 days(after last message)? We can close them right?

  • endeavour goes to that guild right ?


It just means that messages are kept for 30 days. After this time the messages expire and are removed.

Correct and updated.


I think I do understand what you are saying as far as a cool down period, but how long do you think that should be? If the point is to avoid an exploit (as it seems the developers do not want you to be able to switch buffs at will) then why is a maximum of a week a bad thing? Do you want members of a guild you are in and maybe managing to be switching every other day? If they do then as well as switching buffs every day, they are also not consistently having their xp go towards the Guild’s endeavor which is needed to run a buff.


im also curious how we can do this? @james


I was directing that to Xalda.

A maximum of a week is plenty good. But not everyone will have week cooldown, that’s what I was getting at. If youre in a guild with several factions I know when each buff is being purchase and how long it’ll be until is up so I can switch my primary guild right before is purchase to the faction with the buffs that I want STILL because I can simply plan ahead to get the buffs I want in a rotation so the system is still being used. But for new members coming in who don’t have a guild who don’t know when the buffs they can get stuff without buffs because they weren’t camping the timers.
Now image my suggestion goes into play and you can get buff immediately upon choosing a primary guild. The timer cooldown starts for let’s say a week even if the buffs lapse of change you got to wait 1 week so folks can’t jump between primary guilds by watching the timers for EACH buff that best favors them, the only buff the player has to worry about is their own personal one.

All I am saying that you can still mess with the system even if they put that feature in place. If is left like that honestly I’ll probably use the buffs how I described above. I would also like folks to keep the same guild as their primary and donate to keep those buffs up not folks just being able to switch to my guild when they know my buffs are about to be repurchase.

I do want a cool down. I just think what they are doing is not the BEST way to do it as I explained above. A personal cool down for primary guild selection is BETTER than what they are doing which is a cool down on EACH buff only restricted by “having that guild as the primary guild selected at the time of buff purchase”.


Maybe I am wrong… I thought you needed to be primary to manage things… but maybe not. I’m fine with a buff time out or something but I’d prefer to not allow people to have buffs unless they were in guild at time of it being set… also just nothing that slows being able to switch around between guilds.


Updated OP with details of Testing 210.4.


We’ll email out a form to fill in. It’s not been sent yet.


We considered a cooldown but it does have a downside. It’s more confusing for players (they might expect to be able to switch at anytime if they can early on) subsequently we would need to add even more GUI to show how long the cooldown is and explain that to players.


any chance to increase allowed number of signs in full name of guild? 25? or 30?


I think this needs to be implemented in a different way…what about new players that join the game & a guild? They would be penalized for not playing the game sooner. They were not there when the buffs were purchased, therefore they would not receive any? :thinking:

Some guilds will obviously grow to be larger than others - if you want to prevent/oppress guilds from becoming behemoths, then simply have a maximum number of members per guild/faction. I think factions & child factions are unnecessary and will over-complicate permissions, beacons, buffs, etc. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You could make it so the cool down is there from the very beginning to remove miss understandings.

Does this mean the GUI will be updated to show that you can’t receive the buffs until they are purchase while having that guild as your primary for every buff?

If the guild purchase their buffs in a pre determined schedule wouldn’t you be able to do the same? Like every week on Wednesday faction A has damage buff and every Thursday faction B has durability day so mine/hunt on every Wednesday and go build on Thursdays but there is no actual cool down because buffs are renew on a specific schedule. The only requirement is to have that guild your primary right before the buff is repurchase. Correct me if I am wrong? That’s how I would do it, but it doesn’t seem like that is what you all want to allow :thinking:


Whats the point of being able to join multiple guilds, if you lose the buff each time you switch between them? Might aswell make it so you can just join 1 guild.
And add personal chat channels, like in ffxiv.