Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Looking at an entity should simply stop showing the settlement / world notice.


Ok, will try that - but normally I’d see something I want to buy in a portal, enter the portal looking at it, and have to wait for that message cooldown - there is about 30ms where you see the entity details (price etc), and then the settlement popin.


Would be nice if there was a package that us ps4 users can upgrade to similar to backer.


Just did another update. Should fix the most common client crash and also added animations for the guild buff machines.


Update OP for details of Testing 210.2.


Is there going to have a Members number cap per guild ?


Ok, tested this (not in the test server) - and i can look at 50 other shop stands while the message is on screen, and it remains.


I feel like the buffs are so underwhelming…

There’s already an issue with how grindy the game is for casual players, I would have loved to see an Increased Damage Helix, giving additional block damage, which could have been an interesting and fun way to lessen the grind for new players.

I feel like that’s more important than a Lava Protection - do we really need that? Seems like a waste of potential for something more important.


yeah block placement buff seems to be an overkill

I’d rather have it replaced with sth else. Maybe spark cost decrease on decorative and/or building block stuff (decor wood and rock, bricks). Although I sense more helix machines coming in future including one offering buffs for crafters.
Maybe increased range of interaction, so. Or bonus to footfall? (I can hear protesters now :wink:)


They said they gonna add more over time.

For my part thought i feel the helix are too easy to make. It should be way harder or challenging to make. It should be something to get as a reward from playing as a group.


Am i the only one who thinks this guild thing couldve been a bit more simple?
Maybe im just used to those old guild things from other games but with this system i rly need to scratch my head


Yes. I feel same way.
I mean you need more time to make mass craft of powercoils than with helix machines.


how much do the machines cost? Max level ones.


My meaning was that it should work a different way. Sorry - it wasn’t clear.

You only need to create 1 guild and add members. It’s pretty simple then.

(But yes - there is all sorts of other stuff you can do.)


I guess running a guild is like forging, or building with decorative sedimentary - not for everyone and should be frowned upon from an appropriate distance!

Tbh though guilds seem easy enough, i can start a 2p guild to keep our settlement sovereign and do nothing else with it if i wish, much like my single 1x2 portal to my metropolitan shop isn’t comparable to the PS network. I like that it has layers of complexity. You know what else has layers? :rofl:



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Updated OP for details of Testing 210.3.


Why not just add a cool down between changing primary? New members coming in will have to wait until the buff is repurchase?


I agree, cant the buff duration be applied after switching primairy guild?


I am happy to see this because it would seem that if a person was not part of the guild at the time of a buff enablement that they should not get it. They didn’t put that effort in for it, etc… This will help people from bouncing around to try to use buffs for different reasons and cycling through them.