Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


For all the people saying they dont want to be in a guild and feel that people who do want to be in a guild will receive an unfair advantage…i’ve seen a few people say they plan to make a guild just for you. No obligations, no expectations from you, but you still receive guild rewards. I’d suggest you look into those.


For this part i have slightly different opinion.
Firstly, i am one of the guild management team in our guild.
As our guild’s style, we never ask our member do anything they don’t want including any type of help or asking them to settle as our town …etc. What we want for our members is the environment happy to play and for someone who loves play with group can join us. We always have a project if any of our member would love to involve. Also this why i always tell our new player members don’t rush to involve to the guild things, just finish their personal things first. (level, building, machines…etc) This is the way how we manage the guild.

In ur case, i believe there are some guild has similar setup as us. We won’t ask you to help us to do anything (since we can get all the guild needs done by our manage team)
Just have fun and play the game, and more active members are already big help to us due to current population. I believe a lot of guild’s discord have a lot of name now always black (offline) and maybe won’t come back in future. So this kind of seup is already benefit both from your side and guild’s side.

But i won’t tell you that every guild running the same seup like us. But if you wish to spend some time to ask on forum, i believe you will find one fit your requirement.


Putting recipes in spoiler tags in case ppl don’t want to see them.

Grabbed these from the data file.

Guild base control (outputs 1/20/100)
any stones 1/16/72
any base alloy 3/48/216
ancient tech fragment 2/32/144
ancient tech component 6/96/432

Guild buff death insurance (outputs 5/20/100)
any stones 10/32/144
refined titanium 3/10/44
refined amethyst 16/52/231
ancient tech device 20/64/288
reactive lamella 40/128/576
spark 2000/8000/40000
3000 power

Guild buff builders buff (outputs 5/20/100)
any stones 10/32/144
refined iron 16/52/231
ancient tech fragment 20/64/288
milk gland 12/39/173
spark 1000/4000/20000

Guild buff grapple and run (outputs 5/20/100)
any stones 10/32/144
refined gold 16/52/231
ancient tech component 20/64/288
hopper eye 16/52/231
spark 1600/6400/32000
2000 power

Guild buff lava protection (outputs 5/20/100)
any stones 10/32/144
refined iron 16/52/231
ancient tech fragment 20/64/288
volatile blood 16/52/231
spark 1000/4000/20000


Thank you very much.


… ./sigh.

And this is why I don’t tend to engage with the community much. In my last post I literally said that understand how it works and if things stay as they are, I will find a guild with the least social / effort requirements and abuse the system that way to get the buffs if I want them. That means no discord if I can help it, and no community interaction if I can help it.

All I’m saying is that I prefer my socialising to be done when it suits me. The system currently under testing seems like a great first step towards people management, but also pushes players to join guild they didn’t want to have to, and then proceed to ignore all the work that’s gone into guild development and use them just to get the buffs. When there are ways to make a system that doesn’t have that flaw, I’m going to point them out.

Still, that concludes my presence in this thread. If that still doesn’t adequately deliver my point of view, I don’t have the patience for any more attempts.


Hey, i got some questions about this whole thing :slight_smile:
since i cant get it from the text i would like to ask, maybe some ppl figured this out.

what happens when i algin a beacon to a guild, can then the guildmaster if he got a bad day take all my stuff? =D
can i also decide wich permissions i give to the guild?

would it be possible to be in a guild, have a guild settlement, have a private home that is aligned to the guild settlement but not give any permissions to the guild or guild leader?

if this is not possible (align home to guild, but dont give rights) than it will be very hard to put a bigger town togheter when the ppl dont want to align theyr beacons to guild because they maybe dont thrust the ppl in the guild so much…


How I understood these beacon options when checking it on test server there were two options on owned beacon

  1. You align your beacon to guild but keep managing rights
  2. You give full control of beacon to guild, permissions are related by guild settings.


you are just who we are looking for! =D


cool thnakies
that helps =)


Sound conflicting tho, can a builder from the guild build on your guild alligned plot (without permission from you)?


Yes, because when you give full permissions to guild you lose use of beacon permission list. I see it as donating plotted area for guild.
But keeping personal beacons on aligned state is enough to keep it counting prestige to guild on same settlement. (You keep managing permissions list yourself)
This is how I understood system so if I misunderstood current system please someone correct me :slight_smile:


You got it, perfect :+1:


ye @Jiivita :frowning:


Lol my game crashes everytime I join the test servers… I think it has something to do with the guild machines =/

I might have to make do on a different account and hope the same doesn’t happen to it.


And is it possible to be one guild but have multiple settlements and be spread out on either the same planet or many planets?

Can then each settlement have their own copy of the machines?

Do you need 4 blocks of the same machine to form one working one like with the other machines in the game? If so why do the crafts make such weird number of blocks? 5/20/100, why 5? Why not 4?


I can’t remember if this was brought up already:

Can you align a beacon to a guild that’s on another planet/location, or does it have to be within “settlement range.”

If a player aligns their beacon, then decides to leave for whatever reason, can they take their beacon and plots back?


Helixes are 5 multiblocks high.


You can align any of your Beacons, no matter the location, to any Guild you are a member of.

The owner of the Beacon is always the owner of the Beacon. The plots are still owned by the player. You can un-align your Beacon at anytime.


Sounds awesome! Def relieves some worries. Thanks!


Its bloody maddening sometimes.

@james Can we get some confirmation about reserving guild names. I cannot seem to find a list of perks associated with founder packs any more. But I seem to recall founders getting to reserve their guild names before the general playerbase? Is this true and if so, how is this happening?

I don’t really want to have to experience wars over guild names and trading guild names.