🔁 The Guild of the Infinite wants YOU!

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In preparation for the upcoming Guilds update, we are going to start taking down in-game names for members and hopefully get a jump start when it hits!

How do I join? Easy! Just go to the Guild of the Infinite discord @ https://discord.gg/usjcGaG , and leave your in-game name! As soon as the update drops, you’ll be invited! (If you don’t have discord, just leave your name here, or PM me)

What do I have to do in the Guild? We of The Infinite Infinity believe that choices are infinite. So, do whatever you want to do! As long as it is one of the infinite choices of things you could be doing at any point in time or space, it is OK with us! If it is outside of the infinite possibilities or existences, we are strongly opposed…

Will there be a Guild House? There will be! In the middle of Infinity City on Raxxa is where the Guild House, and Guild Buff Machine are slated to be built.

What are the Guild Rules There are none! We of the Infinite believe that Infinity is too big to be held back by rules/laws. Stemming from the popular “Build Whatever You Want” rules of Infinity City, you may “Build your own rules”… or none at all.

The idea is to get a large pool of players together, and hopefully make the best of the upcoming updates and get some sweet guild buff action as soon as it hits, without any strings attached (guild meetings or mandatory stuff). Basically, this is a chance for casual and solo players to get in on some sweet sweet guild content, without actually having to do anything.

Of course, with enough people we will start hosting Hunts and any other Guild content available!

You have nothing to lose! But Infinite things to gain! =D


Did they ever say if you need to live by the guild house/machine?

Or do you need to swing by to receive the buff daily?

They didn’t, but common consensus is that you’ll have to walk up and touch it to get the buff for a period of time.

Imma talk to the Hubs and get his input.

I definitely do prefer guilds that don’t punish you for not being hardcore. “Must play 6 hrs a day” “must participate in at least 5 weekly events” “blahblahblah rules,” with the punishment of being kicked.


Hi Crete-

What differentiates you from all the other guilds?

I’ve seen alot of guilds come and go. As a former guild leader myself, I used to think it it was bad guild management. But upon closer inspection at some of the larger guilds, I realize there really aren’t alot of activities that truly encourages collaboration in this game. As such, everyone just kinda solos and does their own thing and resorts to text chats. Basically, it’s a solo MMO.

I’m interpreting the new guild buffs as mechanics but not really new content unto itself. As such, I don’t see a need to run a guild and recruit players since the activities themselves will still be the same. Do you see something different? Or is the guild simply a place for us to collect our “buffs”?

PS- Really genuine question and not meant to be hostile in any way.


infiniti def my style

love it wish you luck


For those that don’t know, that shape is called a “Moebius Strip” =P

Nothing from what I see, other than the no requirements or rules thing.

I can Imagine the Guild buff strength may be based on guild member numbers, or possibly Prestige of the City the Machine is placed in. Or maybe none of that, and it’s the same for each guild, depending on what you feed the machine.

Either way, we will have it covered. Just trying to share the wealth of the upcoming update, that way no players feel like they are locked out of a game feature.

A promise I can make, is that however the buff is calculated, we will make sure it is maximized as fast as possible. No matter the cost of time or coin. So anyone who wants to come along is free to hop on!

And so starts the meta of joining guilds for the wrong reason.

Noble, but I wish this wasn’t a problem that needed a solution in the 1st place

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Hey Crete the link says invite is invalid or expired

That’s a really great thought and echoes how I feel. I think this was what I was getting at with my question about how Crete (and others) intended to differentiate. But sadly, it feels like the devs want to head into a different direction :frowning:

Btw, not sure if limiting to one guild has the intended impact you want because everyone has alts that specialize. So a miner alt can go to a guild with a miner buff and a hunter alt can go to a hunter guild,etc…

My intent with the limitation of one guild is to try to force people to pick, they can either be in a guild that gives a bonus, along side everyone else as well as Monkeys and Muppets who they may or may not dislike having to see spewing off nonsense in guild chat… or they can be in a guild that contains people they want to play with. I think, most people if forced to pick one, will pick the guild that contains people they want to do stuff with, not the guild that contains obnoxious people.

It is also to create the situation where the guild leader can see if someone was in that guild for the right reason or not, if that person then picks to leave for a “buff” guild later on because they are not allowed to be in both. some one who is hopping from guild to guild, is alot less likely to be joining for the right reasons.

My solution would have the most impact if joining a guild was per account and not per character. that would show where someones loyally, if any, really is at. but I also understand that can create other problems, if for example, someone wants to play on an alt to get away from the eyes and drama of the guild.

weird, i changed it, try it now. It should be set to never expire

It’s working now

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Great input and thoughts, but severely off topic.

If you don’t want to join, It is surely one of the infinite choices available to you. If you have issues or worries about the upcoming Guild system, this is not the topic for it. I would point you toward the Suggestion section. I’m just rolling with what the information I’ve been given, and trying to make the best of it. Hopefully some other people feel the same! =D


Great idea!

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You mention the purpose of the guild to be about guild buffs.

Me mention how I feel about the guild buffs and how it is obviously impacting stuff. Your guild being a direct result of the impact. and a good example of the exact thing I predicted might happen in the post I gave a link to.

In my book this not off topic. It would be off topic if you had not mentioned/suggested your prime motive to be about guild buffs.

As for what to look for in a guild, or what one has to offer, as of right now there’s not much. It’s hard to promise anything bc what if that ends up being impossible? We don’t even know what the buff is.

This is just a baby step.

This is WS seeing if we can play nice together and what we might want after getting used to this step.

As of right now it’s mostly a way for ppl to connect with each other, which is something I wanted.
I enjoy talking to the ppl I’ve met and friended. But I don’t like staying in one place and I imagine they don’t either. I’d love to be able to sit comfortably in my base and talk to ppl who aren’t even on the same planet as me. Huge benefit right there.

Getting an early jump is also a good way of starting quality guilds instead of 200 3-person guilds scattered around.
When we start figuring out what guilds have to offer and what they could potentionally offer, I’m sure we’ll see more specialty guilds.

Me, I’m looking at casual. Husband was a high ranking officer in a popular WoW guild and it was like a second job and although he had fun, it also caused so many problems. And bc he still had fun he was blind to those problems until it got really, really bad.

Crete, even though you were light on the rules, I would still suggest adding common civil behavior rules. Like “don’t be bringing your drama llama in.”
Might get kinda craycray otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ya. I had thought about adding something like that. In Infinity City, we have no build rules, but it is commonly known that we will help each other out as best we can when we can. Like giving free road mats, or unplotting a plot needed by someone. That idea would carry over to the Guild. If there is a MotD feature, it was going to say something to that effect. Or a recommended Guild Guidelines sign near the buff.

Most people in the city know my mannerism, and the “no rules” goes both ways… if someone is causing trouble in chat, there are no rules barring me from giving them the boot! =D

@debstep of course! You could join both!!! =P

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I’m intentionally being a nitpicky annoying jerk lol, but if there were no rules then it shouldn’t matter what anyone says or does…

Listen… this is NOT a grey area.

If you come into the Guild chat and start trashing the guild “This guild sucks, and I hate everyone in it” and asking everyone who chats “Why are you even in this guild, you should uninstall the game. Cause your builds are bad. And you are stupid”

That type of stuff defies the laws of basic human decency. And that kind of nonsense won’t be mucking up my chat.

“Act like a decent human” is not a rule. “Don’t spam bot the guild chat” is not a rule. Do you see what I am saying here? We have a “Build anything you want!” mentality in Infinity City. If someone built a huge phallus in the middle of town, I would suggest they take it down. Same idea.