Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


I get almost nothing from football and I love the mechanic.

I, too, would like additional ways to make coin, but not at the expense of footfall.


Quoted for emphasis.


No, we wanted to ditch the mechanic because it’s flawed and encourages griefing.

People establish set routes they travel, set portal routes, farming routes, etc.

How often do you think they travel elsewhere, to some random new build to give it footfall? Not very often.

So unless these changes build up over time, there’s simply no chance someone’s island oasis is going to make anywhere near as much footfall as the thousands of roads all over the world.

You’re still wrong.

We did read the notes. The boost was for everyone, so the end result is the same, the top 1% get most of the footfall because they happened to set up shop first or place roads.

We haven’t even begun to talk about how a Guild Boost system encourages monopolies. All design decisions in this game keep promoting amorphous blobs of communities instead of tribes and factions. This feels less like a community game, and more like a lesson in entropy.


Gold fists, 500c at High Ridge Market.
PS Grov Te>PS Storis II>straight ahead and slightly left to High Ridge Market.


Right. Exactly.

The mechanic encourages cooperation…or at least a portal. Anyone can afford their own portal.

I even volunteer to open one for any new players who have the mats.


The main issue is how hard is it to get to the new area?

Placing a random building out by itself with no portals to any other busy locations should mean a lot less traffic from players obviously and you cannot compare that to those that encourage people to come to their location with portals and advertising / updated stores as that costs resources and time.

If certain locations are busier, portal hubs, then you need to link to them until your area gets more population as people could start building near it and it helps your place grow.

Or create your own hubs and while yes it will mean you need to encourage people to use it over the other ones then you need to offer a reason to use it.

Either your builds have the population around the area to support them or offer a reason to use them such as we have seen with the pure network for hunts the past few weeks for example as they are really not used that much except for that usually and that’s a good example of a specialized reason to use them.


Miner didn’t you say you don’t play anymore and are waiting for private servers? In that case, just mod your servers right?

In the general sense, this should introduce more coin into the economy. Maybe there will be further updates, but I’m struggling to understand why a build in the middle of no where that no one sees should get coin… And I say this as a builder of a massive project in the middle of nowhere that only 3 people have ever seen so far.

I’m also personally very glad they didn’t introduce dailys (digital chores). At least in this update it’s based (loosely) on building.

Builders should be the consumers of resources. Gatherers should be able to sell to builders or shop owners. Shop owners can now sell to consumers who actually have coin. It should at least spark the economy and allow the devs to analyze additional ways the economy can be improved.

Hunters - already get coin from selling drops like cores and eyes and feathers to forgers
Builders - get nothing right now, but will with this patch, get money from visitors
Shop Owners - Right now customers don’t have money, but in this patch hopefully builders (consumers) will have coin from footfall.
Gatherers - no shops to sell to today, because shops don’t have coin, because shop customers don’t have coin. With this patch, shop owners should get coin from footfall and builders, so hopefully they can afford to buy from gatherers.

That’s my take. Hoping it works out, and they did mention they can tweak it.

Anything will be better than today. I run a very popular store, and after not taking coin out of my beacon over 1.5 months I have like 9k coin in there. I usually spend about 150k per day on request baskets, so that 1.5 months worth of footfall is enough to fund my request baskets for 1 hour and 27 minutes. I’m hoping the changes make it so that I have more coin from footfall to buy things from gatherers and hunters.


What a display of entitlement (and I usually hate that word). Shop owners should not get free coin to buy their inventory with, which they in turn sell for 2x - 10x. With 150k coin daily outflow you’re perfectly capable of growing your store without being the primary benefactor of handouts from the only coin faucet in the game.


I’m not sure if you run a shop or not, but right now, the popular ones that I know of certainly don’t markup 2x-10x. You see a lot of those shops but no one shops at them.

Heck the only things that move in my store are things in the 2-10c range. Everything else I have to offer 30-50% below average to move. It sounds like you may have seen you fair share of shop owners trying to buy wildstock eyes for 5c or something. Just know there are some of us selling at reasonable prices. It takes me personally about 3 hours a day of farming just to be able to run at the margins I do.

Today, I can’t even afford to buy my inventory, or even pay someone to get it for me. The small profit I actually pull in is dedicated to building my personal projects. On top of that, I have to gather everything myself, maintain stock, attract customers ect ect. All of these things I don’t mind doing, but the most common complaint about the economy, if you follow the forums, is that people don’t want 1 person to feel like they HAVE to do everything (like I am today).

I’m not looking for pity, I just want the system to work better. I want people not to have to do the things they don’t care about. To do that coin needs to enter the economy somewhere. In real life (in the US), the treasury literally just buys debt to create money, which means you, me and every company in the country gets a free “handout” in the form of cheaper debt. No one complains about that, mostly cause the process is so complicated that they don’t understand how it works. But I digress…

And we don’t even need to speculate… we had a time when footfall worked (due to servers crashing all the time). We remember what it was like to have a real economy. This sounds like version 2.0 with a lot of the bugs worked out (like portal owners getting the lions share).


its the same as the beacon permission atm but with 3 new onces that control money -.-’’ had hoped for something like: Add to (Item in selling basket) and (oort sharts to portal) but where they cant take it.

and same goes for machines only add and take crafted items not take the storage


Nonsense, if you see what most of us New players did after release we could not have done that in two weeks. Even if they had had no two week head start they would’ve beaten us because they knew the game already.


Not to mentioned programs, bots, groups, plugins, websites the community has been developing for the game. Is an impressive bunch of folks I have the pleasure to playing with honestly.


I want to be able to craft them myself, any news on a Deluxe upgrade would be nice…


This has pushed my allready zealous belief in the devs even higher!!

Oh praise the oort!


New plan! Everyone gets footfall for someone entering a planet! Mehehehe… yea right. Deal with it bruv



**spooky fingers ** Okay I forgot the buffs ever existed.


What’s happening with the backer perk for being able to reserve a guild name? I would expect to be given the chance to reserve the name I want prior to non backers.


Noooo… My 3c! I was gonna retire soon! :joy::rofl:

But super excited for guilds and can’t wait till ppl figure out all the bugs and how it works.
Too many things for my goldfish memory to remember to comment on. Good stuff though. Oh yeah, beacon colors. Was reeeally happy about that one. :blush:


That looks like a pretty nice set improvements to the core game, and it even encouraged me to get on testing and give it a look. It does leave me with one question though. What exactly is the motivation behind introducing guild buffs?

As someone who isn’t particularly inclined to participate in the community after seeing what it’s comprised of, I already see Guilds, their infrastructure and their capacity to get ahead through co-operation and teamwork as a significant buff for those that do enjoy it. Do people in guilds really need a tangible in-game advantage over solo players as well as that?

If the answer to that is that “Without buffs, why would people want to be in guilds?”, then their idea (or your implementation) of guilds is massively flawed to begin with. Guild buffs will just end up collecting people together to get the buff, but not to actually bring them together as players/a community. It’s… disappointing.

Though it is great to see more functional placeables coming to the game soon.


It can be used as a resource drain, selling them for coins now as one of the requirements to get them, and to encourage cooperation in a multiplayer game as most have.

The buffs are minor from what we have seen, we will still have to see grapple / run speed as that’s the biggest for most, and they are a nice bonus.

The control of settlements / guild towns for most will be a much bigger reason for this.

If you want to play solo go for it but remember that multiplayer games often have ways to encourage it and you can benefit from it as long as it’s not forced on you and the guild buffs are really not from what we have seen yet.