Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


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I’m not sure if anyone has answered your question already, but to do this:

  • Right-click on the game from Steam.
  • Select Properties -> Betas and click on the drop down menu to select ‘testing - Unstable new feature development’.

So it shows nothing at all, not even asterisks?


I think you missed this:

Footfall payments will scale down based on how many players have visited a beacon of that player in the settlement in the last 24 hours.

  • ADDITIONAL : the purpose of this was to increase the reward all beacons get for their initial set of visitors. But for beacons that receive many many visitors the reward gradually diminishes. This could be perceived as a nerf for portal networks, but it’s actually the opposite. We’ve boosted the footfall for all beacons to help players who settle in quieter areas. This change was made to explicitly help distribute footfall income across all players


if you have Pioneer or higher. you should be able to reserver you guild name before others.
@james when will we be able to do that?


We are looking into this currently! Sorry about the delay on getting the info to backers :sweat:


Glad to hear :slight_smile: Maybe we could also get some information about already established guilds? Like Ultima, PURE and ofcourse Portal Seekers ?


It just shows the “…” icon as the screenshot shows. No asterisks. No indication of what the action was, no indication of who performed the action. The issue started when permanent chat color was introduced, so I assume it’s related to that.


Testing is going down for a few fixes. Should be back up in a few minutes.


Updated OP with details of Testing 210.1 patch.


So, do any of these guild settlement controls fix the problem for our “OMG! He stole our settlement!” players? I didn’t see anything that stands out. Maybe someone on testing messing with settlements knows?


I think you missed THAT.

They boosted footfall for everyone, so again, the top 1% remains the top 1%.

No, the settlement gets absorbed and renamed, but they can’t rename your Guild. It’s the compromise.


So it’s as if the guilds are more like devisions of a settlement?

Wonder if that makes it worth just turning your settlement into a guild, for the just in case, so you can keep your name.

Unless they get that protective barrier going? Or is this it?

Kinda feeling lost and confused here. =/


In other words, say your settlement is a giant square of plots. Before guilds someone could simply plot right outside of your settlement and take over and rename it whatever they wanted. With the guild system, all of those plots in your settlement cube can form one guild and retain whatever guild name you choose. You can also forbid the person who plotted right outside your settlement from joining your guild and they wont share your guild name

The guild system is mostly for people who really care about their settlement name and dont want a random troll to come change the settlement name to whatever they want. Plus the other perks that come with guilds…buffs, guild messaging, etc


All of these footfall changes are Krollbar approved! 24 hours is right where it should be, especially with this awesome new guild buff coin sink. Diminishing returns for mass-footfall locations like hubs is also a good way to keep the rich from being obscenely rich, and the 10k minimum prestige makes it take more effort to ninja a plot for footfall in the middle of a settlement. (Although I have no problem with the hub owners having tons of money)


The easiest way I’ve found to think about it is that settlements are the planet categorizing us and guilds are us categorizing us.

The planet doesn’t care who gets along with who or who owns what, it just wants to be like “hey some players are here.” So you can tell the civilized parts of the planet from the wilderness parts.

The guilds are for us to describe the player territories in the game.


I’m cautiously optimistic. But I’m worried about the effect of guild buffs on the economy. It’s already hard enough as is to find coined request baskets, now that the guilds actually care about coin again I’m thinking it’ll be even harder.


Yes single or small players can create a guild and have their own Settlement Name. This creates a larger city and small city design.

Additionally, I am pretty sure they will be adding the “buffer” as talked to help as well. At least that was what they were seriously considering the last time I talked with James and Ollie.


So, when you walk into a city, it does this?:

“Now Entering City on the Lakes”
“Warden Lakeface”
“Guild: The Lakewatchers”

I dunno if that’s going to be good enough for some people who get mad when their village is absorbed. I think they will still see the city name, and feel taken over.


It’s mostly the bad names I have a problem with. Just trashy, no-thought names.
Put some thought into a name or at least make it semi-neutral and when I notice the absorption I may pause and think it over, but then I’ll shrug and move on.
Though if my hovel is gonna get absorbed, I wanna become the shady side of town, like the assassin’s or thieves guild, bc that’s where the cool kids are at. :sunglasses:

“Oh, what a fantastic city! I love Metropolis! So lively! So beautiful! And-… Hey, what’s that shadowy place over there? Should I… should I check it out?”
“No way, man! That’s Splinterwood–they bad people . I heard the last guy that went there never returned.”
Me, crouched in the shadowy corner, rubbing my hands together, “Yess precioussses… Give me your footfall.”