Testing 216: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!





Wait, can we not use advanced locks on doors? Seems like something that could be useful, have a room that’s accessible only to certain people…

Do they count as a single mesh toward the mesh limit? Because that would be awesome…

I noticed that similarity. Gee, mail can sure be a problem sometimes :wink:




Hopefully this is nice.

Depending on the fix maybe this will stop some of the other glitches that happen when you equip two items from the same smart stack too.

For some reason it seems to have started swapping hand and/or dequipping all but one item after a trip through the sanctum now, in this case.


Is there an option for the Advanced Lock to make make it public, as in everyone can have access? There have been numerous request for a geo-caching-like-chest and I think being able to make a storage chest public would allow for a fun geo-caching minigame that is player driven.


If you just hit the lock 4 times with a hammer it will have the same effect.


lol hardly :wink:

That will just revert it to having the permissions of the beacon…which again can’t be public.

And if you have it placed and remove the beacon, which will make it public, then it will regen with the world regen.

A public option would be great :wink:

  • @james Portals can be locked. Characters given access to the portal will have full access so can fuel it (they can also take all of the fuel out so be careful!)

Will this restrict people from going through the portals that do not have permissions? like a locked door?


Yes please elaborate on this


Not sure if this is sarcastic or not. But no, that would not work.

I want to build a small, single plot monument, have a storage block in the center. I don’t want the world to regen inside this plot. I want anyone to be able to access the storage block to put in or take out any item they want. I don’t want people to be able to modify the land.


As described: Characters given access to the portal will have full access so can fuel it (they can also take all of the fuel out so be careful!)

It doesn’t lock transitioning through the portal. If you want this, then put doors in front of it and lock these.


Portals can be locked was also in the description. Doors can be locked also which keep them from opening. This is why I asked. Thank you for elaborating.


finally!! great addition for beginners :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


This is mad :slight_smile: Talk about responding to your community! I feel more involved with Boundless than I do my real job! LMFAO


can set a shop stand selling at 0c. would make the item inside free.


@james you know the unequip thing happens on ps4 as well. Is this going to be fixed with the same thing or you have to investigate that as well?


What is this?


Yes, but the player who finds it wouldn’t be able to place their own item in for the next person.


When items randomly drop off your equip bar. Happens a lot when moving smart stacks on to a shop stand or into a shelf.

Just the other day my hammers got unequipped when i put a smart stack of oortshards into a portal. Traveling thru portals will remove food from your bar if it’s not the first one in the smart stack as well sometimes


The one that drives me nuts it having my grapples unequip.