Testing 216: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!


But can the advanced locks be used on doors?

Because that’s the function I’ve been wanting advanced locks for the most!


I assume they do


Yes - advanced locks work on doors.


I ran out of jaws to drop while reading these patch notes. Great update! This game becomes easier to recommend to people with each patch.

For the unequip bug, this is specifically the bug that makes you put away the tool you’re holding when you open your radial menus. You may know it as the “let me switch from my hammer to my shovel oh look my grapple in the other hand just unequipped and now I’m in lava” bug.

It’s not related to the items getting removed from your radial slot when smart stacks update. That one is probably still at large. Also I think I got mentioned cuz I had come up with repro steps for the bug


Ahh yea that one is not as often to happen on ps4 but it has


will this allow us build anything like in the world builder, only limited by what blocks we have crafted/bought through playing the game? will it be something along the line of blueprint suggestions in the past - build a prefab and then save it as blueprint and give/sell to others? will a building (house, castle etc.) be something we can save as a prefab as well?


Ahhh! Thank you!


As I understood it, prefabs are small builds for planet generation.

Those grave like things for instance are prefabs…


I hope it’s something like Mario Maker, where you can’t sell it unless you build it first yourself. (MM doesn’t let you publish until you beat your own level)


Oh …bummer.

Though they also hinted about blueprints in the Gleambow Sanctuary thread.


Yeah I think they did too, but, prefabs is what they call those smaller items for planets. There used to be a backer PC application with which you could make them too I think??

I am wondering tho how big they can be.

And, if it can work for prefabs while generating a planet, why not for player made blueprints? I dunno…


I hope they don’t go crazy with it. I don’t want premade structures in Boundless. That would stink.


I would love it for things like windows! that sorta smaller elements of a larger build. Or lamps, pieces of a road, etc. Perhaps max 8x8x8 blocks…


I know what prefabs are - I have used the world builder.
Trees are prefabs for example - ready to use shapes made of blocks of chosen type; world generator creates terrain and populates it with prefabs be it trees or gigantic sunflowers or rock formations, gleam altars etc.

The questions were about what will count as a prefab when the in-game feature comes in. Will there be a size limit? If not then I suppose whenever you start to create a prefab - pretty much everything you build will do. then I Wanted to know if we will be able to save prefabs and craft them in form of an item for giving/selling.


Okay, but what you describe could very well be given a totally different name to not confuse people of what prefabs are. Until now they’ve used it only for the world building so I am assuming they only mean those pre-made items for planet generation and not use the same word for something else. I could be wrong tho…


thats why I asked the questions - is it a blueprint thing or just world builder prefab function moved to the game to make it easier and allow people create prefabs for devs to use (take part in competitions maybe)

would it made sense though to have pre-fab builder in the game if it was limited to that? there is potential here to allow more; if you make a sculpture and want to place it in a few places, it would come in handy to have it saved as a prefab and re-create a chosen object without remembering every single block and chisel hit (could be a single click placing that is allowed if you have needed materials in your inventory, or a transparent shape placement that you use to fill with blocks and follow all the chiseling then)


Alriiight sitting down at home here’s my extended response.

I foresee a new combat role forming: engineer. Someone who at the start of a big battle plops down a beacon, guild aligns it, now everyone in your guild has a place to heal during the battle. You can also use the building safety helix to reduce all fall damage and wildstock knockback damage (which is fall damage). And brew extender. Once the beacon is set up they can build a safe area for players to rest, a perch to hang from, etc.

All the devs need to do to encourage this is to create longer group fights, but ideally some new monsters too. Meteors last maybe 5 minutes if that. If there was a battle to defend something from waves of monsters and it took 15 minutes, that would make it worthwhile for people to invest in battle infrastructure. Something to try out on an event planet??

P.S. If it heals you is it a healix?

Advanced locks could be groundwork for interactive builds. We could combine the locks with gems to make gem colored locks. How do you get permissions to a gem colored lock? Step on the same gem colored switch in the same beacon. (You get removed from the list when you leave the beacon.) With six different color switches and all of advanced locks’ existing interactivity, there’s a lot of emergent opportunities.

People are already asking for ways to grant “the public” permission to advanced locks. I say give them gem colored switches and locks instead. Step on the switch for temporary public access!

I’m honored but incredibly worried about the moderation system for the chat rooms. I will post to the forum for regulars.

I love the world Capital always appearing as a warp destination. Please flesh this system out. I would love to have a UI on each planet telling me the coolest builds to check out. Have fun figuring out how to measure coolest! :stuck_out_tongue:

For now you could let Gleam Club members select exactly one and only one of their beacons to be globally highlighted. Globally highlighted beacons appear for every player on that world in the Locations tab. Maybe also give these a better color on the warp augment & atlas UI.

Still processing the implications of having this. It’s probably already got the parts for a dozen features. You can introduce the prefab builder’s behaviors bit by bit to collect feedback and get them production quality without waiting to reveal the whole thing in one big scary release.







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