Testing 216: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!


Maybe they could take a page from Media Molecule. Maybe feature a few different beacons each across the galaxy each week. With big warnings for “offworld” beacons, of course. They could add a 50% transport discount to the featured beacons.


Is there a list of all of the colors with their in-game #'s? I’m in testing trying to spawn block and I need to specify the color number. Right now I am just trying every number sequentially and that is stupid.

EDIT: I just found out that the color codes are on the Colour Sheet google doc by clicking the “Index” tab at the bottom.


Color sample or at least color name next to the box where we put color id would go a long way. I was checking colors in outfit change as a workaround but it sucks to be true.


You’ll get arrested for that.


Eh? I don’t understand your reference.

I myself had Spongebob in mind for that bit.


If i may ask thinking process behind this one?
I dont see it being that much of a benefit for gatherers.
If this wouldve been like
-Heals Guild members when you kill a mob that would be nice

Thats pretty lame buff if you compare what you need for it to activate it.

As plant gatherer i would suggest following.

  • start making buffs that actually changes attributes! Like power,luck. Agility.

Those would thrive at least me to get the buffs.
Atm they are pretty MEH… comparing what they cost and how long they last.


Use your imagination !


muted for 24 hours… pffft!




Woh woh woh wait what?
Sanctum editor? That’s a feature that should be written in ultra super big above everything else.
We might get a prefab editor tool to build without the usual constraints of the actual game?
As someone who doesn’t care one bit about PvE, PvP, raids, creatures, ranks, prestige, guilds and all that, and is here only to build cool stuff, this… this is…

Gleefulness intensifies


Agree with your sentiments,
so, I know this game is for all ages but wow…and your written English is very advanced, for your age…well done.:wink:


Ga ga goo?


Thank you for posting the recipes.


I love it. Makes it far easier for gatherers to survive high tier worlds.


Updated OP of details of 216.1.


It’s the simple things that get me :slight_smile:

Can’t test the lock though - I’m Billy No-Mates.


Can you make this more prominent? I struggled to find it. I know I’m a lazy skim reader but … :wink:

Edit: I meant in the Release Notes - not in the game!


Anything else I can help you with?


Yeah color codes! :slight_smile: