Testing 216: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!


Question about the locks:
If 2 are affecting the same block, but they have different settings, which takes precedence? Or is it most granted or least granted permissions?

… d’oh just realised I can test with Alts brb


Only permissions set in both locks will work.

Any permission not set in both locks won’t work for the affected block.


So, basically, if ANY lock on a block denies you access, you are denied. A placed lock defaults to “No Access” to “Workers”

An observation, @James, there was a noticeable delay on clicking the grant access button, such that I clicked it several times to try to make it tick, then it did, then didn’t, then did … if ya know what i mean.


Update OP with details of Testing 216.2.


Any chance you could sneak a color (wheel/grid) picker in the next update for choosing tints for your body and outfits? That would make choosing colors so much easier.


If you could pick between a “colour picker” or an “icon view with filtering” which would be it?


Icon view with filtering. The ability to filter is critical, to me at least.


Yeah I agree Vetteq having something that I could see and filter would be nice when deciding colors. Any just easier then just cycling through all the colors.


Am I right to assume this “icon view with filter” would be like a “show all” color grid, with the option to filter out colors? So I want to look for blue, start typing in “bl” and I’ll get a grid of all colors with “bl” in them?
Because that sounds awesome, but if I’m being honest I’d really just be happy with even a simple grid if the filter is gonna take more time.
The grid is super important, because the color selection was a day one irk of mine and continues to be.
I’m a very visual person, but forget easy, so when I’m trying to decide between colors that are 50 numbers apart, I just stare at the color to imprint it, rapid click 50 times while not looking at it, then hope I counted right and look up to compare. Then do it 2 or 3 more times because I am indecisive. (There’s a reason my husband gives me an hour head start with character customization.)
So, yeah, I’d just take any sort of improvement to the color selection.
Prettyprettypleaseandthankyou. :grin:


Ah, a new, blue topic.That’s what I like to see.


I’m assuming the question is “which feature would we like to see in the next update, the icon view filter design in the recipe list (knowledge too please), or the color picker”.

My answer would be the icon view filter. It’s needed first since it would have a bigger impact on qol. The current color picker is a minor annoyance to me atm.


Why can’t we have both?


Developement time between expected updates is finite. They’ve probably estimated they can get only one or the other out in the next update?


I am not asking the question based on how much time they have before their hard deadline of releasing a patch. I am asking if we can have both of them in general. It’s a yes or no question.

I probably should have been more clear on that and that’s my fault. :thinking:


Right, I already went and assumed the answer to that is yes :thinking:


Special Worlds? Does say soon and has for 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: Was excited for today. Now just blah. But hey i can advance lock you out of something. Now people can even talk smack globally instead of using discord. I will stop the complaining right there because i am positive that i am the only one that feels this way. gg on the update



Too bad adv locks give full access to the shop stands. I’d love to have a few shop stands bro priced for guild members. Still good stuff tho, thanks


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