Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!

sounds like experiment 142 butt planet size
lol :joy: awesome stuff does this also means people can just come and destroy a portal they just used :rofl: i love it

That is a wonderful work around for the snow ‘problem’.
Many congrats to whomever came up with this simple fix!


Why, out of interest? This makes shards harder to get unless you’re at higher tier world level. Makes the paradoxical you-need-this-to-farm-this world-hopping even more difficult as far as I can see. Also puts yet more level gating to entry of the gleambow event?

Feels like this one needs a good run on testing and plenty of our feedback given the breadth of balance changes.


:man_shrugging:t4: I never used it. I’m actually glad it’s going to 0. In my book it’s been an exploit since day one.

I actually wish it would have been silent nerfed. Now a bunch of people are just going to spam it more now then before till it hits live.


If they were planning to level that way anyway, why does the timescale matter?

Credit goes here:


If it was silent nerfed those lvls wouldn’t get spammed. Thus the exploit would be used less. Cubits earned excessively from said exploit takes away from potential funds for this game. More complaints about dead areas due to people just plotting and not building because of all the plots they have from using said exploit.

I’m sure there will be people who will build even more tables to spam the exploit harder now. But hey guess it doesn’t really matter since it’s already been around for so long.

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Im fine with the nerf. I was actually expecting it sooner.

@james any chance it can be turned to instant craft now? Similar to trunks and timber


the reason it was posted cuz the last time something was silent nerfed the backlash over a no warning nerf was worse then the Nerf its self


I was around for that too. I also never used bombs to mine and thought it was kinda ridiculous how people reacted to it.

Also they could have easily made a hot fix post about it and gave it a day for release instead of at least a week.

yea and i think that was cuz people where blindsided by it so it made it more worse then it was kind of bad example getting warned that you will get punched in the face it hurts but no big deal…walking around a coner and getting sucker punched that will tick you off alot more then the punch its self

Why no xp for stones? :thinking:

it’s to encourage the purchase of cubits? … it was the best way to have cubits

personally i really do not agree with that


You can get 3 lvls a pie while mining tho. So still pretty easy to lvl and get cubits.

yes … but that I already did. That’s a lot of less cubits.

I like big construction

Stones XP from 2 to 0. Harsh.
How about we meet in the middle?


Seems like cool update :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what this means. Soils drop right now in placed blocks stuff, we can finally plant on more chiselled forms soils grass or something else?

I guess I have to go reserve gleam ball from Serpensarindi for xp purposes now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably means mud will no longer drop yams


Looks like I need to process my rock into stone before the update

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Is this really the best solution?

From my perspective, this serves to fix what is essentially a symptom (easy xp gain from mass-stone crafting) of a larger problem whereby it’s too easy to chew through mountains and gather stone with 3x3 power hammers as a by-product of another activity (mining for resources), and in doing so are completely taking away a reasonable route of XP gain for low to mid level players?


Time to spend the next week mining 24/7, then masscraft it all before the fun runs out. Otherwise I am very excited for this. My base is gonna sky rocket in prestige as it is mostly made out of trunks, rock and ice :+1::+1:

I would still say 1 xp per stone seems more fair than 0. Otherwise we’re gonna have sooooo much rock for no use whatsoever