Toggle the visibility of the snow ground effect together with Plot View (B) - (Snow is still awesome)

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The community is split over the snow ground effect because you can’t see the block colors properly while building.
I always loved the effect, it’s super pretty.
But I recently started to build in a snow biome and now i got to feel the pain.
I went there deliberately, because I want the effect on my finished build.
But it breaks building to the point that I just have to walk away from the pc and do something else while it’s snowing.

To come straight to the point, my suggestion is:
Toggle the visibility of the snow ground effect together with the Plot View (B key on pc).
That way you have more control over your building experience without changing the effect itself.

What do you think?

  • That would solve it for me.
  • I still hate snow.
  • I don’t mind snow while building.

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This is just me but snow havent ever bothered me.
Im atm building on arie and there is snow too time to time. Im ok with it.
It actually makes my build look better and adds some cool colours.

I also love snow, but while building floors it’s a pain right now. Everything is just white and I have no clue what color I’m at.

If you have trouble . Open debug menu where you can see the color of the blocks etc.

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The game seems to know when I’m just about to lay some grass down, or change block types with a chisel,it will just seem to suddenly start blanketing blooming everything with snow. really uncanny sometimes…(started imagining devs, poised over the “let-it-snow” button, just waiting for me to start…:stuck_out_tongue: )
Otherwise snow is a great affect for builds.
Just not when I’m building it.

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Are you sure you didn’t accidentally add the whiteout quirk when forging the transform chisel?


The snow is great, but that much? Only in winter please… for that aspect I wish this game was more like animal crossing.
Seasonal effects during the seasons…

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I’d be fine if it was linked to another key and not PlotView. I also would be fine if it was a setting where you could just turn off if you didn’t want it.

I like it but it still seems to be way too frequent and I do like an idea on turning off while building.


It greatly depends on the planet and biome.
At The Ancient Gate in Biitula it rarely ever snows. Like 2 times a week at most.
But at my new project on Xa Frant which is right next to an ice biome it snows once every 10 minutes or so.


Ground cover during snow is broke. I cant see which brick to block change, cant see colors.

And apparently I moved to a weird spot. It will literally snow for 10-30 minutes, randomly start/stop every 3-5 minutes. I have even seen it flicker the snow on and off several times in a minute.

I like the snow. but the groundcover needs dialed back about 50%.

Edit: I am also on a lava planet…


Good solution to the problem. Most blocks have an orientation and snow makes it impossible to see the surface to gauge the orientation. If we are meant to build as easily in snow as anywhere else, using plot view for it is a good compromise.

If it is supposed to be harder to build in snow biomes, devs could reinforce their wish by giving a tutorial popup about it. “You are building in a snow biome! It may be difficult to build during snowstorms.” As well as a simple icon next to the region name saying what kind of biome it is. So new and old players alike make an informed decision


I agree it’s a good idea and a good compromise. It’s also good to reuse a button we already have because controllers don’t have many action unused.


Can we have a setting too… or something that links it. Some people do walk around with B enabled but maybe want to see snow.

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This is a great solution!
option in character menu: “link snow visibility to plot view”

or invisbility perhaps. whatever works :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea. I still hate snow :frowning:

In Xa Frant, it’s either snowing or raining, and why is it always night time?! Feels like days are short and nights really long.

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If I just started in the game there’s no way id build on Xa Frant. Too late for me now sadly.

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