Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!

Although it was a figure of speech, good one. :beers:


The one thing I can perceive clearly from this thread is that the devs have failed to correctly judge the outcome of certain small details of an upcoming patch note, and not for the first time.

A lot of good stuff in upcoming patch but getting bogged down in drama from various sides over something that should have been known would cause an upset.

Would be nice to have a big patch (exo worlds!!) without maybe adding stuff that will upset the community.

I understand the need for refinement of game mechanics but I also see that we desperately need to retain as many players we can.
Which one is more important?


James mentioned a coin machine, why not a plot machine, and i will definetly stick around, even by a membership again. Recycling x amount of rock for a plot would work for me.


I’ll just leave this here. Speaks for itself. Although, I say the limits this nerf places on a legitimate, casual player is significant, indeed.


I really like this idea!


Well, I now stand officially corrected.
I say we take it one step further and burn all the witches that exploited this exploit, myself included. I am retiring from this discussion, my friends.

Shine on you crazy diamonds; see you in-game. :sparkles:



Probably my favorite group build ever, and I would say, probably the closest thing to the realization of this dream that you’re talking about…

… Except, it came into being back when changes were made to the plot system, and a bunch of people basically got “grandfathered” in and were given bonus plots because they had too many according to the new system. And nothing had a Spark cost, because Spark didn’t exist… and neither did Power… and let’s just say that the brick recipe wasn’t always this complicated…


Wow. That’s like telling a kid they’ll never achieve their dreams and to just give up now and look at more mundane activities.
A single person can do great things. Never, ever squander someone’s dreams because the only person who can limit them is themself.


Exhibit A:

Edit: Wrong point in the thread

Who said this? It wasn’t anyone in the dev team.

I hope the implication here isn’t that the devs said this.

Your good friends @Havok40k and @Xaldafax

But I didn’t come here to indict them. Their diagnosis was unfortunate but not entirely untrue.


Crafting something isn’t an exploit. If it is, then remove XP from all crafting because anyone that can acquire a large amount of anything that can be crafted into something else will just switch from rocks to that something else. All you’re doing is moving the goal post to the right or left more for someone.


I have over 3k plots on my main character.

I have a large build that I did solo. It is over 15x15 plots and growing. I think that the rocks update is fine. There are plenty of other ways to gain massive amounts of exp. I gain at least 1 - 2 levels each time I log on.

This was an exploit and needs to be nerfed.


I can tell by your “Wayfarer” title that you’re an early backer of the game. Therefore, you have a much larger plot bonus than most of us here. It’s also obvious that you’ve been playing the game a lot longer than most of us have. Therefore, you have plots at your disposal and you’re in a position to be okay with it.

Not all of us exploited it. But all of us are being punished.


There needs to be some background on that pic. That’s incitement.

To be clear, since this thread I for the first time filled all of my 108 table setup and ran it with a pie.

It took me 25 minutes just to fill the queues, and I received just over 500k experience from it. At this rate it would not be possible to fill more than 400 - 500 tables in the duration of a pie, and you wouldn’t get all of the resulting ~2m XP at once like that.

That pic is not from crafting stones only on a live server. I’m probably not even going to bother doing it another 4 times to push him to level 50 if this comes out on tuesday.

There is a lot of BS hype going on right now and it seems like a bunch of people being made to feel like they’ve been missing out on something that wasn’t happening.

108 tables, full queue, 5 levels for a level 30 toon. A table crafting feat coffer pushed it to barely 6 levels.

There’s cost associated with this, with keeping the rocks as well. Additional buffs, teleports, etc…

The sorting and handling of them.

The straight up RSI.

This is easy XP, but it’s not an exploit of this magnitude that a some are suddenly trying to make out…


you ahve to use your pie after filling up the tables

I still want a developer to explain to me how crafting rocks into stones is an exploit when you can do this with literately any other item in the game that can be acquired in stupid large amounts.

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If you are filling a mass amount of tables you need to eat one before because the time it takes to queue all the stones the first tables are 5-6 batches deep before you log out.

I used a loaf to fill the tables, and a pie to wait. Just more cost.

edit I acctually used a loaf for the first part because I had one on me

you wont lose much

First off, why are the new planets bouncing around in the sky? That looks very silly to me and doesn’t make sense.

As for the stone XP nerf: I disagree with it. With $8 masks and $12 paints that are only usable on the character you purchase it on this was the only way I could justify getting new cosmetics for my characters. (Maybe Gleam Club could allow you to use any cosmetics bought on any character on any other character of yours)

This also felt like one of the only ways to get plots at a rate that didn’t feel super slow besides spending money.

Should all crafting stop giving XP at this point? If the rocks are going to stop giving tiny amounts of XP, why are we still learning from crafting other items?

Can we stop getting XP from rocks at lvl 50? That would make sense since at that point we would have crafted enough to know all there is to know about rocks.

It just seems like it is about money. This exploit is slowing people down from potentially buying Cubits which is a problem for sure if it is one of the ways to make money off of the game. To be fair, this game was not made as a work of charity, it was made to bring in profits. If this was being changed as a balance issue, the crafting time would of been balanced as well but it wasn’t. That makes it seem like its a reaction to seeing money flying out the window.

Regardless of the intent behind the change, the way it is being handled makes it seem like it is about money and not balance.

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Except allowing a compacted oort or something similar could work like long term beacon fuel that requires far more resources. I’m guessing that’s where this is heading and based on your previous comments you should be more happy with this solution than the one quotes here. We’d burn less oort/hour to power a portal for 1 week, but possibly double or triple that rate to power the portal for longer.