Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Can’t find any mention of it anymore, maybe it was just a rumor. Although the server costs shouldn’t be thousands in a month, so I wouldn’t say it’s implausible to think gc covers the hosting. But we don’t know the actual bill they’re footing or gc numbers so :woman_shrugging:

I don’t think I said it should cover the salaries either, but that doesn’t dismiss the feeling that after paying a sizeable sum to play the game we should pay more after this nerf, hopefully something similar is figured out and not patched out quickly. Otherwise I’m starting to get star citizen vibes here if the solution to nerfs is just throwing money at them. And that’s just the cubit side, there are other problems with xp gains that this loophole made bearable.


No I don’t think that you did. Didn’t mean to imply it.

I’m just trying to point out that the company has a cost to operate. While it’s easy to light heartedly compare it to hosting costs or any specific line item, it seems unlikely to me that gleam club is covering any significant portion of wonderstruck’s operating costs with the current player base.


Yup, can’t imagine it would cover a significant portion either. And the devs have made it clear this isn’t intended to be a cubit purchase push. The reality is just harsh and that is what the change would do, slow down the in-game way of earning cubits aka plots. Just wanted to voice my concerns when the solution you presented was to just buy the xp this will take away.


I never said you should leave or that your opinion was wrong or that you should not share your opinion.

I would never tell a person to leave the game unless the pain they feel in the game or the disappointment they have with the game was affecting them too much. What I would do is exactly what I did in my post… list out some options for the person to consider and some advice on how to approach the situation.

You or anyone could a) consider to leave the game b) consider to play the parts of the game that you enjoy and ignore the parts you don’t

You can always voice your opinion. Nothing in my points or anything in and of the context of what we are talking about is about “people not being allowed to voice opinions.” So stop adding context to my comments that was not part of my comments. Especially considering that my “influence” comment could be seen as a person providing feedback and opinion to try to change the developers mind.

I see exactly what I am doing here. The issue is you are trying to “add” context and views to my statements in an attempt to push your narrative or who knows what other reason. This is exactly why I asked you not to speak for me. Instead of trying to “read into my comments” - just take them at face value:

There are issues with the game and things people don’t like.

  1. You influence change
  2. You play the parts of the game you like
  3. You don’t play the game
  4. You learn to cope with the changes if they are causing emotional or frustrations or whatever.
  5. You = can be anyone - me, you -Ingvar, Havok, Joe, whoever in the game.

That is pretty much the easiest way to move forward in the current climate of this game.


I’m gonna level with you - I think you’re completely out of your mind here. Please just ignore me, and I’ll agree to ignore you.


Me too, and I wouldn’t have alts if skill pages were viable as a newbie. In their current implementation you’re gimping yourself if you get pages before lvl 50. My approach was to use alts until I get to 50+ and then start converting alts to skillpages. I find it weird that xp transfer to alts is considered an exploit while power leveling skill pages isn’t. Is the alt xp transfer really the core problem or is there something more?


Content, and proper content is how you increase your player base thus your income to operate the game.

Its so hard to not compare it to NMS, constant updates and content for free, constant since launch. Now they are selling out hard copies in available stores and they are releasing another hard copy. Content and more of it.

Then once the vision is complete, reset the universe as NMS did mutliple times, while ur inventory stores in the cloud available to you at any time when you return, with all the new balance and fixes.

This game is no where near done just bring the vision to life, then fix it for everyone to start out equally. Proper mmo style.


Yeah you’re not stressing me, and it’s not my intent to cut off any conversation.

Right, and I’ve been accepting this at face value, and asking a little for clarification.

So far the best thing on the table is that players are bypassing the intended experience, roughly summarized. As near as I can translate.this means that there’s a vague notion of a time-gate on some aspect of the game content that ‘the developers’ prefer not to make explicit.

Another reasonable possibility is that rather than looking to speed up the purchase of cubits, they’re looking to slow down the pace of plotting, with the current user base not-so-slowly plotting up the known worlds using infinite cubits. If I understand the goal of the setup correctly, this is going to lead to the continuous spawning of new worlds.

With no corresponding expansion of the player base, this leads to an obvious end, IMO.

Maybe they just really, really want to make sure that you appreciate the full enjoyment of hand crushing an extra 100,000 rocks so that you really spend some time savoring how nice it is to have 1 power back on your level 51 avatar.

Someone mentioned “theorycrafting” in another post and I have to say, with only vague information that’s easily interpreted several different ways I’m afraid it’s what we’re left with.

Many people are questioning the intensity of this debate but honestly, i haven’t done anything productive in boundless for two days now. I log in now and then out of habit but I’m not motivated to invest additional time in creating things here if my fundamental expectations from a sandbox MMO are out of scope of the developers design philosophy.

I liked the game I WAS PLAYING. If the playstyle I was enjoying is considered exploitative and/or at odds with the developers’ design goals then me and my money may have been hanging out at the wrong club.

I’d appreciate some clarity, so that I can make a valid decision.

This can’t come from any other player, and I wouldn’t ask them to try. In the absence of any such thing, I don’t honestly give your thoughts on the matter any less weight than my own. It’s just that in the end we each have to make the same decision, according to our different wants and needs.

All we can do really is continue to share our ideas and views, aware that the developers are watching, and then see if an acceptable answer arrives before we give up waiting.

This is also going to happen at different times for different people. :shrug:


I clarified what I meant. I clarified why I was not attacking you or telling you to leave or anything. I clarified that I was providing options which you could have accepted or not.

If you felt you were not adding context or I took something you said wrong, then you should have clarified your points. Saying I am “out of my mind here” adds nothing to the conversation nor explains what you mean.

Ignoring someone solves nothing. In fact it is a childish response. It more likely just shows you were trying to cause problems between us or some drama or unwilling to see how your views might be off. If you have wanted to solve the issue or resolve any misunderstanding you would choose to not “ignore” me and clarified your views like I did mine.

I won’t ignore you because I, unlike others, try to communicate and solve problems and misunderstandings.


I am just curious why this is a bad thing?

In one case wouldn’t that cut down on open connections between servers? Why can portals just not be around for actual use and not required to be perm open?

We have people that like portals for hubs and are always open but there are those that would maybe like to just have them open when needed.


Probably has to do with the ratability of the serverload in a cloud tech context. If X amount of people can show up and issue new websocket requests at any time, it could be problematic for an individual server if the amount of traffic is not expected. You would want to discourage the willy nilly portal opening to smooth the curve


Doesn’t that happen when we look at a portal in the first place?


Couldn’t you just open a portal that you need and not fill it? Just have it filled for the hour or hours you want it open? For the people that don’t want them constantly open


Maybe but open portals create an issue as well. Additionally, looking at a portal creates the connection. I am not sure all the aspects. Ultimately it would be based on James comment on if this was a more technical reason or game play decision. His response to me was game play not technical.


Yes - there’s an order of magnitude difference in the yield between the boring way and the fun way for all of the activities I listed. No point in farming shimmering orbs one by one if an aoe tool gives hundreds per hour…

Will it be significant enough to make it at least be competitive with AoE tool farming?

That’s unfortunate - shop stands and request baskets then remain useless for these items. My shop can’t work at scale if I have to farm all sub-coin materials myself. And buying them forces you to pay 1c each (or do hand trades, ofc) - which makes your production cost higher than the prices many things are selling for. It’s a really broken dynamic.


James i did a test, maxed zeal, maxed out power dexeterity the usual suspects for mining.

Both energy epics, speed brew, teaching pie and a few forged titanium and quirky gem hammers, 3k to 4k each.

I did 11 to 12k xp every 29 seconds, on a t1 and a t2 world, in the last 4 hours i gained 7 levels.

James the map glitched out, all i could see was a flashing light, the effect when a hammer hits, the map disapeared and i could see all air and water pockets.

If we dont have a none distructive way to gain xp, what if 10 people did this on the same serve? 20?

I went from south to north and ziz zagged all over the map, there are two mountains missing for the next few hours.


If you would have dropped the rock and picked up the floating stuff the screen wouldn’t have done that. Course you’d slow down your xp yield slightly if you did that


At first it worked, and then it stopped working even after dropping the rock if i did not drop the rock once in a while i would miss out on the 12k copper i have including 8k coal, 1500 roughly tech, dont know why i had bone and meat, i think i hit some creatures on the way but I didn’t see them.

The main issue is the destruction, its massive, i could see the outlines of the mess i made behind me and just huge massive pockets missing right now.

Go try, its scary. 20 people doing this for xp, because they can, will tear every unplotted area apart. Because ur t4 hammer is one hit everything.


These will also be updated for sub coin value.


great news!