Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Out of curiosity, if you’ve officially defined deliberate over-use of rock crafting xp to level alts as an exploit, does that mean that you’re just quietly gathering metrics and will be removing the xp, levels, cubits etc gained by doing this since the thread started and you officially stated as much?

Because however much I don’t agree with the change, that would be absolutely hilarious.


And take away all the time people spent using that method? I highly doubt it.


Any indication of when this is going live?


If of interest to the devs, had something like this happen when I was tearing through Serp awhile back. I’m pretty sure I saved a clip of it on my PS4, thinking I might make a joke topic of it, that I broke a planet, so if any are really interested I could try to upload it later. Basically everything disappeared around me and I was standing in space with planets around me.


I wouldn’t expect this to happen. It would be a bad precedent to set and I don’t remember any case where stuff was removed. Something like this should only happen if someone literally hacked the game to benefit.

I still believe he sees this as an exploit in the general way - gaining benefit from something. Not “hacked the program to exploit it.”


Would love to test one out too!

Also good to see you back online major vex!


this beard has been confiscated :smile:


This happens basically anytime I go mining and I’m not stopped by lava constantly.


Thanks a lot for sharing! The promise of economy fixes is enough to get me back into the game.


Maybe you haven’t played a lot of MMO’s, because I’d say it’s fairly standard practice that if a certain set of circumstances, when combined, unexpectedly provide users with rewards or capabilities that developers find unacceptable (to the point that they feel the need to make changes to right the issue), then the developers deem it as an exploit. When then follows is either them remaining quiet so as few people find out about it as possible before it’s fixed, or they officially define it as an exploit. They typically then remove the gains of people who persist in abusing it (beyond any reasonable doubt that it was an accident). It definitely isn’t something that is limited to use with literal hacking.

I’m not necessarily saying they should. I’m not sure Boundless can even afford to lose the number of people that have said on the forums they will be doing it right up until the fix, let alone the number who do it will but haven’t said as much and will all storm out being angry claiming (pretending) they didn’t know any better.

I’m just saying it would be hilarious (and not entirely unwarranted) if they did.


Stone xp thing was not an exploit.
The problem i see is how @james responded

If the fastest way to get xp is stones.

Next time its something else. Like smashing plants (lol)

You gonna keep nerfing everything just cause community found a way to level? This is not the way to go in my opinion.


Amen brother.


I think if players were using a cheat like the one available in the testing servers to give you anything then the developers should remove anything gotten from the cheat and do so aggressively. I think with a mechanic that has been around for a while (since launch) and certainly has not been a secret on the forums or in game, it would not be the same to try and remove it. On top of which, ultimately it is not like players were getting better weapons or taking material from other players so who did it really damage in the end.

And lets play out them doing this. Lets say I bought plots and I used the game mechanics to gain some additional plots. They remove the xp which means I lose levels, which means I did not have the cubits to get some of the plots. Which plots do they remove if I have none unused? If they just give me a negative plot balance to work off, then I just kill the character and start a new one, or quit the game. Also do they remove all the xp ever gained through crafting stone? Then you affect the entire player base.


I’ve played a variety of games since 1983. So I am pretty well versed in the space.

I just think precedents like this in this game could be dangerous because the line of “when you remove stuff” could be easily adjusted in many arguments. So I just tread carefully in those decisions.

I just have a different line when it comes towards exploits and I guess am at odds with some on defining this as such. I believe it wasn’t a true exploit in the manipulate way or negative taking advantage of and more of just an exploit in using a viable game dynamic for gain.

We allow Alts to interact so of course you’re going to interact… but how is that ANY different if I paid Gorrillastomp 50,000 coin to mine me a 500k rock so I could convert it to something for XP beyond obviously “paying him”… but maybe he likes me enough to just do it as a favor and to help me out just like many people help other players with giving them stuff. So is that an exploit? Nah… just using something to get the most benefit from it.

That would have probably been my argument to James has I talked about this on my last call or had known about it coming before hand. I certainly would have argued strongly against it and the need to change core game systems or at worst make it 1xp.

I think now that it has been defined as “not allowed” that anyone doing it before test goes into production should have all gains removed. In fact I think core game changes like this should not be communicated to the community if the developers have no plan to change it. If they had put it on testing to evaluate the decision to remove it or see how it affects game play - then they should communicate it. But, if it is a set decision then they shouldn’t unless they either block it on production or remove those that are using it now.

I could see how it would be funny… but I am the kind of person that would find a fully wipe funny.


It was my exact though when I saw this news: I don’t care I will keep playing like I was, but players will find another ways if they just want to make XP.
Like update for prestige someone writes : if gleam loose 50% prestige, they will just made bigger tower to compensate.
And no, people don’t feel like they HAS to use this method (not exploit, method) but they can if it’s easier and they want to (what would you spend hours to do this annoying mass-clicking just to get XP).


It don’t know about funny, but I definitely think there could be benefits to it.

That being said, some players would hate it and they would basically have to be set up as either a confusing separation of worlds that are or aren’t periodically wiped, or an entirely separate universe that has periodic wipes. And that would dilute the player-base even more and etc etc until you reach the point of “It could be good… somewhere down the line”


Reset the universe? And you add that you would find a full wipe funny? Seriously dude… you trying to kill this game with your posts? Ignoring you


No reason for there ever to be a wipe, the devs set the world up so everything eventually returns to the server. The game is set up to never need a complete redo. Its honestly pretty incredible to watch things change over a long period of time.

Edit: Wait three months and look at the game after this prestige redo. It should be interesting.


Wipes in EA were pretty fun though to be honest. I wouldn’t believe displeased with a wipe. Though, yes, it won’t happen now that the game has gone live. It would be pretty interesting though if it did happen, especially with the knowledge people have now and that guilds have be implemented.


I wouldn’t mind a wipe of the planets and my inventory. But I’d rather keep my plots n character(lvl too)