Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Although it’s not going to happen I would say the game is due a wipe. If the game development had progressed naturally we would still be in Early Access right now while these features and all we have had since launch were being implemented. Some things worked others not so much, ie. The first batch of planets not spawning caves properly, bomb balance etc…

As we all know the games release was moved up so therefore we were bound to get to a point t where a wipe would be needed down the line as features were added that should have been done in EA. Almost a shame it won’t tbh.


Not sure what people are hoping to get from a wipe. There is plenty space left to build on, you have free planet choice, resources are freely accessible and there is good infrastructure to make the game more enjoyable. Also if another player is lvl 50 or 250 does not have a big impact on others.

If it is about being a pioneer to build up a fresh world then there will be calls for wipes again once everything is established again. In this case it would be better to have a second universe with regular scheduled wipes.

A lot would be lost wiping the current universe: nice builds, the whole portal infrastructure, everything collected during events and likely a lot of players that spent much time ingame. I have seen complete wipes in other games and on some half the community was gone afterwards.


Don’t get me wrong I’m under no illusion that it’s going to be happening, just pointing out that there are merits for one as there is a lot that should have been done pre launch that is still being added. The centraforge for example, I don’t think we had it long enough in early access to truly understand the impact it would have on the economy and gameplay. If we had maybe it would have been balanced better.


There some that think some city’s have more people and networks cuase they been around longtime thets one I see reappearing all it would do is make people rebuild it even better it used to work on my nerves if they said our succes is linked to being around on release now isay meh


If the developers ever wanted to do a wipe, then they might have to allow a one time blueprinting and moving of existing player builds. If players could blueprint and store their builds with all the resources in them, then they might find a wipe palatable.

I would agree with Nevioni, it would let the developers make changes to the planets that they cannot make while players live on them such as the distribution of resources and some other issues that have been brought up from time to time. Would the player base be better of with more consistency between planets or with some of the older planets not being ass resource rich as the newer ones?

I also do agree that it feels like the game was rushed to launch and maybe a do over would allow for a change in mechanics that would be better off for the game long-term. I will also acknowledge that I agree with the statement that if this did happen we will lose players. How many, I would not even guess.


There wont be a wipe. There will be changes in the future. Forging tools was OP so thats why the new tools have such a low effectivity. A wipe at this point wouldnt do anything but drive a large portion of the playerbase away. They can change/nerf whatever they want and i’m fine with it because that’s how MMOs work, but if the servers wipe I’d most likely be done with this game.


Updated OP with details of Testing 218.1.


And this patch just became even more awesome!

Edit: <3 the additional skillsets!


yay! muh rock xp!


Thank you for meeting us in the middle with stone crafting and buffing gatherer xp! Not mad at the teaching pie change either :smile:

Also time to complete my atlases :thinking:


Credit to you for listening James.
I feel this is balanced fairly now.

Reading further…
Teaching pie changes are genius.
5 skill pages are fabulous

Thank you :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:




Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about! (<< excited figure of speech!)

Not being hit so hard with stone xp and major boosts to exploration and harvesting xp! I Love it!

I also really like the new way the teaching pies work. I’ve just started using them while crafting all the refined silver I’m needing for the new build and I feels rushed. It’s not really fun lol. This new way they’ll be working sounds great! Yea ok, perhaps there’s not the same amount of xp that could be potentially gained but I’m happy to sacrifice that for having the ability to take my time.

And extra skill pages??? Sweet bonus right there!

All in all, fantastic amendments to the original notes, James & Team. Thank you! :smiley:


The only thing missing is an “I Survived the Rock XP Debate 2019” wearable pin for 500 cubits, which I would buy to thank the devs for such an awesome update!


want to make sure I understand how the teaching food works

Teaching Pie. . on the 70,000xp I earn after eating it I actually get 70,000 + 70,000 = 140,000xp

Teaching Loaf…on the 70,000xp I earn after eating it I actually get 70,000 + 35,000 = 105,000xp

I am probably not doing this right, just want to know


Now I can’t wait for the update


I read it as, pie = earn up to 70k at double rate


I am not sure it is an “up to” since the pie no longer has a timer.

So I would think for each food you will get a very specific amount of xp as long as you do not replace the teaching buff with another buff
I could very very easily not be reading this correctly

Edit: Might just have to test it… . is this live in test?


It’s the first 70k XP at double rate and then pie expires.

I think.


^^ This is how I understand it will work. Like, James said, like a reverse Death Penalty. With the death penalty, you earn 2xp but it takes away 1xp from you. The Pie etc. Will give you 2xp for every 2xp you earn until you’ve earned a total of 70k + the multiplier of the food. Totaling, up to 140k.