Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!


Haha, you beat me to it! You knew what I was thinking, Again! lol. Get outta me head, stop reading my thoughts! Some of them are very private!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure thing! And if you set up s new exchange thingy I can drop 'm off there with a tax discount!


Yes I’ve seen those thoughts, you dirty little Oortian! :joy:


Personally I still hate the change, but I am happier with this than the alternative that was first proposed. I am still convinced they are going to be chasing the other quick methods to level until they identify and address the source. So my fear is that this is just the first nerf and they will continue to nerf xp every few months as the players move on to other ways to “exploit” the system.


No, no, buy them waves hands, buy them :smiley:


On the pie topic.

I never used them until this change was announced. I am using them now to level my alts and when the nerf is introduced to live, I do not expect to use the teaching pies again. I find them worth the price now, but at a higher price for limited xp value, nope. Not even sure yet how much xp they will really get you after the change.


Can you define the source? I know there’s the plots, and the incentive to level alts instead of skillpages, at least in the early game. Something else?

@AeneaGames Haha yes, I’ve bought many from you already during the sales you had :stuck_out_tongue: The future depends on the direction the prices go if I see it worth the time investment to start figuring out those 50-step pie crafting trees :smiley:


Perhaps it’ll get to a point one day where XP will be ditched all together and they adopt a tier system like in Satisfactory and implement other ways of gaining cubits/plots? If it happens, it might not be a bad thing. But if exploits keep being found and, well, exploited, then I can’t see any other course of action that they could take. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it though. Don’t wanna go too off topic.

Oooh… You saw “those” ones, huh? Oh dear. :flushed:


OK I understand what you are asking me. I think the source is our ability to gather so many resources as quickly as we can. As long as we can get tens of thousands of blocks in a hour, plus other resources, players will find ways to leverage the abundance of resources to gain xp faster then the developers might have envisioned.


There are and there will be. The fear isn’t unfounded I don’t think, but those holes need to be plugged across the board. My issue with the whole thing is that they’re going to be playing whack a mole with this kind of thing because we players are a resourceful and crafty bunch and we’ll always find more efficient ways of using the tools the devs give us than the devs will ever imagine because as a developer they are singularly focused on a vision. That’s the great thing about sandbox games. All the devs are really capable of doing is creating tools. It’s us, the players, that decide how those tools get used, abused, and enjoyed. That’s the one allure to sandbox games that keeps me playing in the genre for over 20 years.

Edit: one of the ways that will be nerfed eventually if passing exp to an alt was ever the real concern, is making glue. A bunch of furnaces set up and a few thousand stacks of bones and sap and you’ll net a ton of exp very quickly and have a resource to use to further other crafting chains.

You can use those crafts to sell and buy more bone/sap if you don’t want to farm it. So depending on how you look at it, it will cause inflation on specific items until the market normalizes and people decided there is a cap as to what they’re willing to pay for their power leveling of alts.


Right, yes. I was thinking of the reason people want to get a load of xp as quickly as possible in the first place, as the source of the problem. But fixing/changing that requires the overhaul of many systems. I wonder what the devs will do, chase these “exploits” one by one, change resource acquisition or remove the “need” to do it in the first place.


Removing the need or want to do it would be best
Tho I think more skillpages means less need.for fast early game levelling at least.


Yes, they are smaller. 192 chunks on exoworld and permanent planet are 288.(A chunk is 16 x 16 blocks.)


I think this nails it on the head tbh.


Well for me at least since I never really used them I know the change will keep me from using them. Only time I ever did use the few I have was when I went mining. And I for one won’t buy 5 to do what 1 did. But hopefully those that sell the pies can make a profit off of the change.


So no instant craft from rocks to stone???


I don’t think this would work because there would be no reason to make pies.
just spam porridge one after another rather than eating a pie once in a while.

most likely this.

certainly not. I think we need a huge cash injection or more (or better) ways to make money.
that economy machine sounds like a grinding machine. with <1c values :unamused:

interesting, I have heard the opposite.
I guess we will see!
the crafting cost is still ridiculously high though…

but there have been no exploits in this game… except only one that I recall, which was duping items.
now THAT was an exploit.
what we have been doing was taking advantage of the systems in place.
the rampant misuse of this word is making my head spin… (not an attack at you red, I agree with your points)


Loving all the changes, including the pie change. Especially the 5 skill pages. The only thing I am concerned about is the economy machine. I prefer the completely free, player-driven economy. Nothing wrong with unpredictability and fluidity.


Just making sure. I didn’t think anyone should ever feel “rushed” when they can just eat a cheat loaf for 10 levels. Ha


Not sure who is thinking the prices of pies will go down. Right now exp pies are widely used as an offline means to power level alts because it is the best/most efficient way to make use of time when you are not in game.

With the changes to pies (something that should have been done to begin with if you ask me), pies are more universal so that all activities will reward in a similar manner. No longer is stone grinding the default best way to use these for offline leveling. You can still do it of course, but it will require far more steps to do.

Now everyone can use an exp food and not feel rushed to use it up to completion and worry about having to go afk and wasting the buff/cost/etc. Exp foods are going to be used more now. I put my money where my mouth is and bought a mess up mats for crafting pies and bought many cheap pies in anticipation of making a good return in a little while. I could have just wasted a lot of money but I strongly doubt I have, but that’s how speculation and commodities works :wink: You win big or you lose big and you have to trust your gut.