Testing 22 - Report issues here

Thanks everyone. Keep on coming. We may ask more information about the issues you have encountered.

Okay, I can’t get into my inventory at all now. Crashes every time I press e, even on a crafting table or on nothing.

Does the I button work?

No :\

It happened when my inventory was full, wondering if that has something to do with it.

Also, can you try pushing Reset Controls to Default in Settings

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We will look into this right away.

Reset controls, and tried on OSX too, still happening! I was mid recording too :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a disaster movie now!! :dragon:


Did you have lots of items with inventory stacking?

Do you click “fullscreen” or are you pressing F11?
Cause pressing F11 fixed that for me.

Were you crafting something using the crafting table?If so what?

One of our engineers has reproduced this bug now so there is a high chance that we will be able to fix it. Thanks for reporting and sorry that this happened during your recording.


upon death you lose all your acquire coins, beacon plots and you respawn where you first spawned when you started the game. i hope this is bug and not feature.

Thanks. We are looking in to this now.

That’s okay! I’m glad I was able to help with a bug!

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As with the problem where you spawn back to where you first spawn, we have yet to finish implementing all the death rules. Sorry about that. You will be spawning where you died soon.


We are planning to fix the problem with loosing all the coins today.

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  1. We are fixing the direction of the arrow in the next update.
  2. Can you give us more detail on what is happening?
  3. You can warp conduit with iron hammer.

@Squidgy, the next patch (later today) should allow you to unblock your issue where you cannot access the inventory. Separately, we are fixing the root of the cause now.


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@yota, @Tobelawe maybe there is a bug because the new released worlds but i “respawned” on test us 2 today (after a new login). Yesterday i logged off on on test us 1. Is there a way to get back because my beacon and my crafting machines are there.

My current position.