Testing 222 Feedback


Greetings all!

Not sure if I should write my feedback in the announcement or here but I guess it’ll get lost there so here we go.
First time doing this so chill yall :smiley:

1- I realized if you hit an open door with the auto-close spanner, it becomes auto-open. Is this intended?

2- Using a sling forged with the new armor buff, I kept getting this quirk aura every time i killed a mob. Kinda annoying if intended.

3- Regarding the durability usage every time you get hit by a mob (when holding a tool that has this new armor quirk), how much is it? I lost 1-2 constantly but does it scale up with bigger mobs or is it always like this?

4- I forged a fist with the auto grabber boon but it shows “hard as nails boon” when I open its description.

The good stuff:

1- Writing the type of the bomb under its name (fast bomb, armour bomb, etc).



I think it’s be awesome if we had testing feedback consolidated to 1 post or subject or whatever, and a forum category for testing so it’s easier to follow and dissect what is being said or tested.

Thanks for taking the time to post your findings.


I think this is in the description. It will auto return to the position it was in when you apply the effect.


Appreciate the support. Always went to test servers but never contributed a lot so i thought i’d give it a try.


Is it? Don’t remember reading the in-game description but based on James’ post, it said “auto-closer” so i thought it’s not always closing it so it might not be working as intended.


yes apparently it came up a little later in the thread, it’s not actually in the description:

I’m happy for this as I actually have doors to set for both directions.


Out of curiosity, how would you use a door that auto opens after you close it? Why close it in the first place if you want it to open?


Decorative uses.


If a visitor closes a door you would rather have open and do not want to lock.


To spare the filter, I’ll just call them “pranksters”.

I have a build with decorative doors I would like to stay open. Yet somehow I often find them closed. I’ve built some matching banisters and stair rails with them and some people like to open those too.


I don’t know why there’s not a full auto setting here.


I think it is intended.


Alright, so I tested the Venerable bombs with a friend, and the buff system still suffers from the same problem as the heal bombs. He can run so fast that the buffs won’t stick. Is it a fixable problem?


How about a slingbow that dishes out buffs instead of damage?


Yeah i dont know how i missed that. Even some shops like to keep their doors open so customers wont think theyre locked or something.


I have always closed doors on planets to keep critters out, especially on three and higher level planets. Who wants to walk into a shop and get attacked? yeah, the extra items might be nice, but I’d rather get it by hunting.

And habit from home, hubby insists that all doors be closes and locked, especially when he is gone. yeah, like furball wouldn’t rip their ankles off. Don’t mess with her, this is her kingdom and strangers are seen as a threat unless we point to them and tell her to leave them alone.

The monster, he loves people, he would pester to gat a bet or better, a scobby snack. Besides, come to get into my house at night and we keep loaded guns, not a good thing for the intruder.


The first paragraph, ok. I lost you after that hehe :grin:.


Sorry, when tired and hurting I tend to ramble and not realize it. Was going why it was a habit to close door, and thinking of hubby’s insistence on locking them and then how our little dog is more ferocious than the big one and why he worries when we keep loaded guns in the house anyhow. Someone goes to break in, furball barks and goes nuts, monster will bark and we would get the handgun out.


The game doesn’t know if a door is open or closed, how do you define a closed door? It depends on the design, more versatile too if they make it return to the state you yourself set, instead of making it analyse the surroundings and decide if it’s closed or open :slight_smile:


Thats exactly what it does :muscle:


Idk about the game’s design but i guess its possible. How does it know its not on the state it was set on? There must be a way for it to know.