Testing 222: Unchisel seems to turn gold to titanium! [Resolved]

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My copper unchisel chisel seems to be turning gold to titanium 90% of the time… with no changer buff present (even though gold should only switch to silver).

Also trying to unchisel refined gleam in quick succession after unchiseling gold just crashed my pc - happened twice in the same place - crash logs sent!

Seems to be just 1 block that is causing a crash…
World: Phranorine VI
Coords: -2,125N -340E Alt:65



I tried reproducing this… I couldn’t get it to happen until i placed the gold on the side of another bock… when I unscheduled it gave the block the default rotation (as though i placed it on the ground) and turned it into Titanium


Confirmed. Any blocks which don’t have the glyph facing upwards will be turned to titanium when unchiseled. As Jiivita states, they then revert to facing “upwards” and change to titanium.

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The unchiseling Gleam crash also seems to be caused when the block is placed on the side of another block. Sometimes takes 2 hits to cause the crash.

As an aside, if the unchisel is effectively resetting the orientation of the block to a fixed state, it’s pretty useless in a lot of situations as having a specific block orientation is used when building a lot.

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For rock type blocks it starts off by rotating the texture :hearts: … .but then ends up changing the material all together

(ended up turning this metamorphic brick into igneous…)

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It’s already fixed locally


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This should be fixed on testing now.

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Checked the problem locations from before and can confirm it is now fixed!! Block orientation remains as originally placed as well, so all good :smiley:


That is nuts. Nice find!