Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


Thank you for the clarification.


Well that’s good to know. Thanks for the info.


This is why y’all rock!


people can wear 3 sets of pants? I would love to have just 1…


The rash won’t be as severe if you just turn them inside-out every month or so. And don’t wear them while swimming. The water just irritates the rash and wet canvas chafes twice as much as dry canvas.

Who needs pants or a second loincloth with advice like this huh? :nerd_face:


Steps into thread…


… Slowly backs out of thread.


Since it’s a forging update, could you consider disabling Effect Adjacent for Fists and Spanners while it isn’t doing anything on them?

I also think Regenerate World should exclude Damage for Bombs, it’s not a big issue since by then we generally let them set anyway, but seems like a small oversight.

And I’m also wondering if Knockback on Bombs is something people are generally even interested in, I almost feel like it should also be excluded after one of the Special or new Venerable traits is discovered. I can see some niche where it’s cool to push away creatures while healing or buffing yourself and allies, but that’s such a limited use for an up-to-level-10 boon point sink and can often result in more harm than good in practice.


We’re doing some testing with knockback bombs, and it actually seems to be a huge thing, at least until some certain other things get fixed…


Make the wildstock eat their own medicine? :smiley:


You caught us :wink:

Seems to be quite effective lol.


Keeping it interesting.


Update OP for final fix before update.


What was the 1.52 update on ps4?


There was a PS4 update I had this morning, not sure if that’s the same one?


There was an update on steam too, curious what it fixed


Well this is the testing topic of release 222 so the notes won’t be updated here but they were a lil late on updating them anyway.


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