Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


As far as I knew we had 1 loincloth.
Hmmmmmmm… interesting wording there…


Is it possible to get more information on this when/if you have time?

This could effectively be a nice quality of life boost for those who max out control and have fully maxed magnet boon, as before you had to inch up a bit to pick things up if I recall. Not an issue when speeding ahead but definitely a chore when chopping trees and things fall to the ground and disappear before you get back down or you straight forget it.


It’s likely a fix for this


Yes, there are other threads when mining/gathering in the same vein as well. You had to be on the block to collect the bark/sap. It’s the same as that thread you linked


Yes fix is coming. (or so i hope)


It is, at least according to the patch notes above.

@Vetteq I missed the new are being larger, does sound nice! Even if it’s not a big buff.


Think we’re the only ones who actually registered that


Lol right!?! It stuck out like a sore thumb to me hahaha


Sadly it is probably a typo for paints :frowning:


Well 3 pants are better then non!
Now if we would get bra^s and could wear 3…


You are probably right but hey … one can wish and dream. Lol

Announcements, Dev Logs, Dev Art, Aaanything 🤠

Pants doesn’t mean trousers in the UK, it means underpants, which I guess also includes loincloth. Unfortunately there is no auto-localisation for the forums :laughing:


Added release notes for Testing 222.4.


Man I would just be happy with a couple different options at this point. Even if it was just various butt cloths and loincloths…
I know I personally don’t like wearing the same thing for more than a day myself hahahaha


What?? You don’t have two loincloths? I just wash one every evening so I’m always fresh the next day!


I havent changed mine since september. The rash is setting in pretty heavily now


I just checked and you can’t wear more than one paint at a time… and you can’t currently buy pants/trousers (meaning you can’t wear 3 at a time)… and the original texts said that you could equip up to 3 outfits… so maybe… just maybe… :scream:

Edit: Ok, maybe not… (yet)


The only thing I didn’t do yesterday that you did was check about paints since I’m not on testing lol.

Also the fact that “typo” was never corrected after conversation started is interesting as well.


Before anyone gets overexcited, the fix in question just refers to the loincloth that all characters wear. Changing the wearable system to support wearing up to three masks at a time had a weird knock-on effect that should now be fixed.


Ah well, at least we know now :wink: